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Alicia De Smet Jun 2017
I'm not perfect,
I also know I never will be.
And finally, I'm okay with that.

I wear my flaws upon my skin,
Proudly, because they make me who I am.

I'm perfectly imperfect, I'm me
I had a hard time discovering who I really was. I was insecure, and doubted myself.
I realise that we change over the course of a lifetime, and we all have out flaws.
Nobody is perfect, we all have our doubts and insecurities. It's okay to have Them, but they cannot define your life.
Alicia De Smet Jun 2017
It's been a year and a half.
A year and a half trying to figure things out.

Who am I?
What do I want in life?
What does friendship REALLY mean?
What is love?
Am I ready for love?

I think I know who I am today,
What I believe in.
I don't know who I'll be in ten years,
But I will be proud of the person I am right now.

I have NO clue what I want in life.
I want to be surrounded by people I care for.
Those people would be my friends, I suppose.

Friendship to me is being able to be your flawed self.
We all have out flaws, and I wear mine upon my sleave.

I love my family and friends.
They're the people I would die for.
It's unconditional, never ending and free of judgement.

I'm ready for love.
But I will never give someone the power to ever hurt me again.

These answers can change.
And I'm okay with that.

I've accepted that the dynamics of life can change you,
They define you as a person.
Alicia De Smet Sep 2016
Little colorful pills
filled with happiness
And excitement
Brings you to that perfect place
Smiley faces
Sweaty bodies
Loud music
Deep conversations
Or sometimes the most ridiculous ones

The day after
Feels like crap
But in the end
we just want that one night
Filled with bliss
Alicia De Smet Jul 2016
Two people walking in the forest
Talking about the future
Two people standing close
Their lips fiercely connecting
Two people
Clothes weighing down nearby branches
Two people connecting
Before saying the last goodbye
Two people disturbed
By the storm that reflected their turmoil
Two people
Going in different directions
Alicia De Smet Jul 2016
I will never settle for less.
and less means everyone but you.
And you see, that's a problem

Because I know that we're not meant to be.
you helped me finding out who I was,
you guided me trough the darkness
And that should be enough

But I can't help to wonder
What would've happened
if we met a little later
After I found my way to the light

Would you've cared for this new me?
or did you only take advantage of the weakness you saw in my eyes, my body

I know I love you
And I know somewhere deep in that cold heart of yours
You must've loved me too
Alicia De Smet Jul 2016
I live in a ****** appartment, in a "****** and dangerous" neighbourhood, in the city that stole my heart.

And guess what?
I love going to that ****** place, because that place became my home.
And it doesn't matter that I don't even have place to do a pirouette, because this city gives me so much joy and I am gratefull to be living in a place like this.

I love how people randomly smile at each other and say hi, I love how easy it is to make friends, and I'm gratefull that this city accepted me the way I am, when I had a hard time accepting myself.
Alicia De Smet Jul 2016
I always thought I was the only one protecting my heart with these walls
But what I saw that thursday made me rethink everything I ever thought of you
For the very first time, you looked vulnurable
like you wanted to hold me
just one last time
knowing that it was the last chance for us to speak up
and simply being honest with each other
But guess what?
We didn't
You just let me walk away from you
knowing that I was moving so far away
I always thought you just used me
while I really felt something for you
It was hard in the beginning
pretending like I just wanted your body
But I was happy with everything you gave me
even if your heart was like a vault
I surrounded my heart with these thick walls
guarding it, protecting it
Because if I ever was to love like I still love you
My heart would be broken
not fixable with glue
I hope I'll ever be able to love someone as much as I loved him,
and that I eventually can get him of my mind.
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