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Keiya Tasire Jan 22
1 year, 9 months, and 21 days
Since your spirit took off it's glove
Finally free and released from pain.
Today I can say
The times I cry for you have become fewer.
More are the days
I remember you sweetly
And love you fondly.
Your hugs
Your smiles
Your voice
Your questions
Your teasing
Your playful humor
Intelligence and keen wit.
Thank you
For the joy that fills my heart.
Thank you for the tears
Of sweet sorrow
that graced my cheeks
Thank you for
Opening the door of serenity.
Allowing and letting go,
I find myself full circle
Embracing our love with joy.
I loved you then
I love you now
I love you forever.
I am grateful
That you were in my life.
Thank you for being a part of my life.
I will always remember you
With a joyful & grateful heart.
I love you son,
When someone you love dies, it takes time to process the grief. It is possible to move from grief to mourning; from mourning to sweet sorrow; then on to a measure of serenity. Within serenity exists a measure of peace and joy that opens and unfolds the heart.
Caroline Apr 2018
If I could keep you safe
With only the strength of my love,
I know that you would be
i watch you
rockin' and noddin'

my heart swoons

rockin' and noddin'
that's all your body can do

blood inside your sleeves
puke and **** on the floor

my mama heart
my mama heart

your precious heart

this mama heart
can't take no more

Copyright © 2017.
Christi Michaels.
MoonFlower Fluer de Luna
All Rights Reserved.
My heart pumps out Love.
I cannot stop giving into it.
Motherhood is my Veil.

My heart pumps out Love.
It lands like pollen.
Sticks to everything.

I thought, that was as it should be,
that my love would leave it's mark.
Not easy to brush away.

But it's not that way.
My love, though beautiful,
need not latch on to be potent.

My heart pumps out Love.
Better as a gentle breeze.
To rise up as a cooling wave. 

Invisible and unconditional.*

Copyright © 2015 Christi Michaels.
All Rights Reserved.
Leti, my Leti
my beautiful little girl
your smile so big and happy
your hair dark and full of curls.
Leti, my Leti
my precious little girl
So full of life, so full of love
you're everything that's ever mattered
My entire world.
Leti, my Leti
Life, without you, has no meaning
The days never end.
But I push forward, waiting...
for that day in heaven...
Waiting for that day I will see you again.
Angel Ann Fulford May 2015 ©
KNOWER Apr 2014
Above, beside and way below
Who are we but men to know?
Of three quite strong yet treated wrong
By The Sisters Three and cruel was their song

The first, the second but not the third,
Mother's love finally bore hard
In solemn jest, she did what need be done
Lest all were lost, leaving her with none

Hædes the first entrée to Khronos
So was the *second of "The In-bred Foes"
Then came Zeus, the third and last
Favoured was he in the days that pass't

Mother Rhea quickly thought out a plan,
She fed a rock to the cruel Titan
In swaddling cloth she wrapped the stone
Then in it went, to Khronos, unknown

Of age came he with rage and wrath
Poor was Khronos, who fell in his path
In awe, he gasped, "How could it be???!"
Then Zeus replied, "Oh yes, 't is me!"

And as per the prophecy, triumphant was he
To then save his brothers and be all he was meant to be
And now we know of Zeus above, Hædes below,
Posseidon with us and together we'll grow
The classic tale of the three, infamous Olympian gods, whose origins hail from ancient Greece, retold as a poem.

I hope you enjoy(ed)!  :)

— The End —