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Oh, what a difference a year makes
Take note of the changes
Of what has stayed the same.
Tears threaten to unravel me
As I reflect…
We’ve made it farther than most
And still have a long way to go
You are the best companion
My heart has ever known.
The love and compassion you exude
Warm my soul
My spirit renews.
It is I who is in awe of you
You love me in my lowest moods
You help me find  the best way to move
And in my darkness I wish you knew
The depth of all my gratitude.
As we continue down the road of life
I will always choose to fight
For us
Our right to bask in the light
Of love and harmony
For joy and serenity.
Angel Fulford © 6/11/2018 for EHF
I will walk the scorched sands of the earth with you
Side by side
Hand in hand
Mesmerized by the flames as they dance around us
Covered in ash and surrounded by golden embers
Hell will come and go…
We will face our fears and emerge victorious
like a  phoenix rising from the ash.
We stand tall, unscathed and full of strength.
Come hell or high water, we will make it through
It won’t be an easy road, of this I am sure
But we won’t have to travel it alone.
We’ll get through the worst of it all
And look back with a smile
We’ll see the beauty in darkness
And we’ll keep on goin
Side by side
Hand in hand
Inch by inch
Mile by mile.
Angel Ann Fulford 3/2017
for EHF
When the sky begins to fall
When the waves of the sea rage against the wind
And the journey becomes rough
Trust in me
I will help us stay strong

When the clouds darken the sky
And the thunder roars,
The wind howls and the rain pours
Trust in me
I will help us stay dry

When the sun is high
And the sky is clear and blue;
The birds sing in harmony;
From our cozy home, we have the perfect view
We are in this together
And I have faith in you

My love is here,
It is yours to take.
I will never abandon you
Nor will I turn the other cheek.
On our best days and our worst days
I will be there, now and always
To be your peace of mind
When times are hard
And we need that little push,
If we trust in each other,
We will find our way home
Back to love
Back to hope
Side by side
With love in our hearts,
And your hand in mine.
Angel Ann Fulford 2/2017
The word that comes to mind when I think of you
And the way that you look at me
Echoes within each word you say
The sound resonating within my soul
An infatuation with the way you speak
Trails from your fingertips
As they glide across my skin
Taking me higher and higher
And bringing me down again
Wrapped in the warmth of your arms
Peaceful and free
I am home
In your arms
I am home
You and all the things that make you wonderful
Your mind and the wisdom you share
Your heart and the strength you project
All the ways you show that you care
Your ambition and your drive
To create and nurture a better life
The contagiousness of your hope
Those sweet little things that you do
that reassure and support me
The tenderness you aren’t afraid to show
The emotions that pass between us
Like electricity flying through the air
Your eyes tell me you love me
And I feel it with every touch
You know just how to love me
And make my poor heart gush.
Angel Ann Fulford 2/2017
Through all of my faults
You’ve decided to love me
To cradle my heart in the safety of your hands
Your love revives
Your love restores my faith
And belief that love conquers all.
And though I am a wounded animal,
Traumatized by the abuse of others,
Your patience with me
And the extraordinary care you take
Lessens my fear
And causes my love for you to blossom
Like the most beautiful and precious flower
Of your heart,
My sweet and humble love,
I vow to protect it
To nurture it
To calm the wounded animal behind your eyes
Whose pain reflects my own
And even as the words flow from my pen,
I find it difficult to describe exactly what I feel for you
No amount of words or love songs is equivalent
To my emotion in depth and strength
And for all my fears
I carry with me all of my hopes
For our love to always stand strong
For it to continue to grow and flourish
With passion, respect, compassion and faith.
I yearn for it with everything that I am.
Angel Ann Fulford 01/2017
I’m vulnerable beneath your gaze
Every part of me laid bare for you to see
My heart,
The most fragile of things
Sits delicately on my sleeve
Calling out to you
Reaching for you
We’ll hide away
In a safe place
Built from the loving foundation
That you and I create.
Angel Ann Fulford 01/2017
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