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Liv Dec 2018
You feel like
Soft music in the morning
Stroking my soul as I sip my coffee
And soak in the beauty of our life together.
Your steady tone and acoustics
Warming my insides
Before I walk into a brisk morning to start my day.
Your rhythm steadying my thoughts,
Bringing a prevailing smile to my lips.
Your lyrics reminding me of the wonder the day has to offer,
Knowing when the song ends, you’ll be wrapped in my arms where sleep will take us.
Only to wake to soft music again
in the morning.
Starchild88 Jun 2017
You are a walking symphony.

Feet, eagerly stepping on the strings of my heart to create the most beautiful arpeggio that I've ever heard. Arms, grazing the old red bricks that seem to structure this sad place. You screamed "I love you"  and these ragged walls shook as they carried the acoustics of your voice through this concert hall of a heart. I dare you to trust that this place wont collapse. Not with you in it. I refuse.

There have been way too many prior casualties for you to fall victim to the same disasters. I will guide you through. I will love you. Together we will reconstruct what is left and turn the debris into something beautiful.

— The End —