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A Simillacrum Sep 2018
Beside a full size bed,
full of destiny and dream,
a corpse dressed up
to fit among
the living, softly sleeps.

Carving sAl(i)vAtiOn in black
marker on the walls,
recounting upset memories,
I stick the landing.
I didn't plan to stay

In this depressive state,
but I'm fully equipped.
Adaptable to necessity,
without trying to fit.
I may be sad, reclusive,
virulent at my worst --

When will you
come to terms with this curse?
When will you learn
it's best
you be
who you

When will you
fall in love with this curse?

When will you learn,
there's plenty room
for the misfit?
the howto
             is a mighty force
             it tells us
                with authority
             how to
             best navigate the world
             appropriate to the occasion
             from love to cars to finances
             it guides us
                to the proper steps
             and yet
             it somehow fails
             to say  
                if we follow the directions
             we feel like children
             rather than adults
                when all wisdom
                has been eagerly applied
             we still don't know
                 our hands and feet
                 are tied

— The End —