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Logan Schaller Sep 2015
You were the light that got me through the darkest of times. I wanted your heart & soul, but you weren't willing to have mine.
Self Titled
Logan Schaller Sep 2015
My guess is that my lovers in London,
An entertainer of sorts
I bet she puts smiles on others faces & it brings her much joy.
Logan Schaller Sep 2015
Ancestors of ours fought for our freedom. So they believe.
Everyday free men are robbed of life for petty things that became criminalized somewhere on the timeline. I would like to believe that I am free, that my children will grow up with equal opportunities to do as they please. Care free. Worthless. Life should be bliss, some say it is, those we've welcomed ignorance. Failing to see the truth, think for themselves, not standing up for what they know is right, bowing their heads like dogs afraid of initiate the fight.
Logan Schaller Sep 2015
It sure is a nice night to make new life.
I'm the luckiest man alive with you by my side.

I love how passionate you are & I respect your drive.
Just the thought of the curve of your smile makes me wild.
I intended for this to be short but this may take a while, I could go on for hours on out talking about the Queen, the Goddess, the one, who without no doubt is an angel sent from heaven made straight from the hands of God.

Together we'll have little angels of our own. The blood of you & I.
Logan Schaller Aug 2015
I don't know.
I never did.
I'm sick from within..
I thought we had love & all you did was pretend.

My thoughts they just stutter, I loved you so much, wanted to make you a mother.

Life is more childish than timeless.
I guess it just has to be this way.

I wanna get us back to me & you everyday.

Your soul natures my whole, being.
Please don't take that away.
My body it yearns for you, in every way.

Your bodies my temple.
It trembles at the sight of my tongue & hardens your *******.

I'm short of words, girl.
You work my nerves, yeah.
You don't deserve me.

My heart will follow you through any loops. Such strange things love can do.

— The End —