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Jason Jan 2021
Standing outside looking in,
Running circles with the wind.

Lose the self I've never known,
Chasing light that's never shown.

Forever rise to no avail,
Rusted, bent, and brittle mail.

The rising sun breaks on eager round,
It's dying screams release no sound.

This sadness might pass me by,
If I was ever left alone to cry.
©1998 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved

Ok, last throwback, for now lol
Jason Oct 2020

To wallow in and under drown,

To shape a tear, to form a frown.

Exaggerations embracing pain,

They weave a spell to summon rain.

A heart to crush, a mind to flood,

And veins that throb with rivers blood.

Confusion swims where soft truth flies,

A cauldron to mix a concoction of lies.

These fires scar, yet sear no flesh,

While times slow healing turns souls to ash.
© 1998 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
Jason Oct 2020
It is ever-breaking fragile pain,
Thinly-strung lightning-flames.

It is stressing, tense, and pulsing life.
To force down grief, to strengthen strife.

It is flowing wonders' pouring heart,
A weathered, broken beggars' cart.

It is swimming through the sunlit air
On perfume-scented strands of hair.

It is sprouting springtimes luscious glade,
And lying down in burning shade.

It is a flashing trick of fading shadow,
In summer sunlights only meadow.

It is broken trust and spoken lies,
An angry haze in bleeding eyes.

It is sipping sweetness and pouting lips,
A flag of peace that snags and rips.
© 1998 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved

— The End —