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Dec 2020 · 546
I swear but...
S Smoothie Dec 2020
Hold up

Enough of this bird drip

Wipe your nose and look up

Pathetic blind mice play 2 wise sheep

The artificial heart beeps

While yours bleeds

Your blood is coin

A fools folly of *****

Your child sacrificed

Cut to pieces and torn

Yet for the afflictedbstrangers you mourn

For animals you weep

Some to **** some to keep

Scientific lies poison your mind

Call the message fear

Call the message hate

Call the message division

God does not exist

Re-call the message

Re-call the message

Re-call the message

Fall asleep zombie

Fall asleep sheep

The lion sleeps tonight

The red dragon stalks

Green eyed monster

Gives birth to the invisible beast

A burden

Gray matter feeding artificial martyrs

You can do it yourself only you can't

You can be free only youre not

Poked with incessant panic

Prodded with incessant fear

Switch off

Recall the message

Recall the message

Recall the message

We are not saved in this world but the next

For the wise
Not the intelligent.
Dec 2020 · 165
A living story
S Smoothie Dec 2020
We float over solvent crystals of life

Glistening in the all glory of our stars might

The wind winding round us

Sweeping up minute glitter

flicking the crystaline particles of life

As sparkles of radiance on our skin

A complement to sparkles in our eyes

A temporal tunnel borrowing the depths of faith

A moment hung in eternity

A transpiring of unspoken gifts and promises

Asilent understanding

A pledge of love in every realm promised

Agreement in the slow blink of an eye

sealed with polite fervour as a

Kiss over the salt waters

Cleansed and anointed by

The salt of the earth and holiness of the

Eternal presence the one who spoke existence

Consecrated by the eternal agapi in the struggle

Of the mystical meanings and the free will of our love.

A living story.
Blessings and love ss
Dec 2020 · 115
The Prayer
S Smoothie Dec 2020
Falling like stars

The pitterpattern of a melting heart

Warming and filling to bursting!

Unstoppable radiance

Unfathomable joy

Casting loving designs and new paths

On once dark velvet

The light show ends

But the embers

burn through the fabric of being

Tearing holes in the hopelessness

Pain of release

Fingers of light reach through


God is Love,

I told you!
You are more than what you were told you could be.
Oct 2020 · 220
Neither truth nor lie knew
S Smoothie Oct 2020
They blinked

A film of Mystery

Drawn up

glassy shields

Deflecting truth

A dazzlement of lights

Leaving faded whispers

Trails of left stars

Burned up in some atmosphere

Signalling the phoenix dive

A refusal to meet fact

A skipped beat over reality

Dreams split into prophesy

Lips hung in the air

Pregnant with pauses

Lost in denial

They blink

As if they'd never known

Their love before

The truth was hovering

But neither one

Reached out to touch it

And none could figure out why?
Sep 2020 · 168
S Smoothie Sep 2020
There aren't enough words to say

what would be drowned by senseless description

of words that will never reach.
the words weren't enough
Sep 2020 · 45
S Smoothie Sep 2020
eyes flash heart beats in tandem

a waiting game

a predilection given over

the tempo aligns

the dance begins

an orbit around atmospheres

the tasting of ether

a blend of intoxication

and indoctrination

the scent of temptation lingers

the supple notion takes form

twisting and winding of a breath

interchanged with promise

a heavy countenance of anticipation

yet, touch was refused

and together they imagined

a different existence

beyond the plane of reality

to a place in the future

where two souls merge

into one magnificent phoenix

where love is always revived

in the tiny hope conceived

in each other's eyes.
a million dreams down millions to go
Sep 2020 · 57
S Smoothie Sep 2020
The mechanics of your scheming
qualifies your genius.

A tool for destruction
an amalgam of evil prose.

A narrative of your choosing
A bastardisation of facts and excuses tantrums and lies

I see how you whimper and conive
your mark ****** into your hypnopsychosis,

control freak
Erasing my relativity

Desiring my spoils
gained despite your lifetime of torture

Careful analysis of my faults and corrections
My green grass,  the colour of your nightmares

Take your control,
I'll deposit my apathy as collaterol.

I'll tend my garden, you grow your pretty little weeds,
Line them all with cockle shells in a row

You may fool them,
But you dont fool  me.

How you conspire,
the same eyes, same lies

Keep Narcisis in your prayers,
you and your symbiotic succubus relationship.

Fein saints and martyrs
I'll climb higher while you climb into despair

What really counts is the truth that we bate
And the truth that we bare

And I saw you clearly,
I saw you both  

Smiting everything not of your own making
Your jealust consumes

What I create is your next toxic dream
You cant trample on who I am.

Masters of manipulation
Bar one

Your greatest fear;
My success,
My joy,
My hope,
My power in defeat;
Freedom from all your ****** up
Sicophantic dramas.

May you one day achieve the impossible
And be like me,

Enjoy the irony
Jul 2020 · 129
Bare Naked
S Smoothie Jul 2020
The beats thrum home
Each rise and fall,  
A rhythmic calm
Breath Whispers
Warmth nuzzles,
Lips graze
Fingertips trace
Imersed in contentedness
Love has coalesced
stripped to the core
Jul 2020 · 75
Lust encrusted eyes
S Smoothie Jul 2020
Stars sparkle fourth pouring from your presence

I wish to drown in your atmosphere

Envelop me and wash me brighter,

Dancing lighter

Wafting higher

Set adrift on daydream's bliss from that almost kiss

Diamond lies washed with the tide

Cupids encrusted bow fell and the arrow twist

Now lives thoughts of midnight bliss

Never brought to fruition,

encrusting glittered remnants of impossible  dreams,

Littered along a blushed cheek and cherry lips that if ithey could;

would melt into an almost pefect kiss...
Jul 2020 · 93
Lust encrusted eyes
S Smoothie Jul 2020
Stars sparkle fourth pouring from your presence

I wish to drown in your atmosphere

Envelop me and wash me brighter,

Dancing lighter

Wafting higher

Set adrift on daydream's bliss from that almost kiss

Diamond lies washed with the tide

Cupids encrusted bow fell and the arrow twisted

Now lives thoughts of midnight bliss

Never brought to fruition,

encrusting glittered remnants of impossible  dreams,

Littered along a blushed cheek and cherry lips that if they could;

would melt into an almost pefect kiss...
S Smoothie Jul 2020
You call offensive speech hate speech

You believe in unnatural ideas and that they are infact natural and that you have been programmed to accept unnatural behaviour

You shut down debate and free speech -

Unless it is ideas you like and resonate with.

You believe everyone else is stupid because they don't have the same view as you

You believe what your idols say without question

You dont tolerate the beliefs of others

You believe that their propaganda is harmful and a programming tool for the sheep.

You believe everyone should think like you or else!

You hate people because of their culture or belief system does not match yours

You want to rewite or erase history

You preach people with the opposite views hate you, are insane and are to be feared and overcome.

You belive you are entitled to use extreme violence, hate speech, supression and abuse because your cause is just.
S Smoothie Jul 2020
You call offensive speech hate speech

You believe in unnatural ideas and that they are infact natural and that you have been programmed to accept unnatural behaviour

You shut down debate and free speech -

Unless it is ideas you like and resonate with.

You believe everyone else is stupid because they don't have the same view as you

You believe what your idols say without question

You dont tolerate the beliefs of others

You believe that their propaganda is harmful and a programming tool for the sheep.

You believe everyone should think like you or else!

You hate people because of their culture or belief system does not match yours

You want to rewite or erase history

You preach people with the opposite views hate you, are insane and are to be feared and overcome.

You belive you are entitled to use extreme violence, hate speech, supression and abuse because your cause is just.
Jun 2020 · 43
Fool's Gold
S Smoothie Jun 2020
Sifting through the foul garbage of my mind,
I caught a glimpse of shimmering light,
I dug deeper and found more still,
I scavenged and I raked overcome by
a desperate mood
suddenly despair hung over me
I start clawing like madness
The more I scraped the deeper it got buried
The deeper I searched,
The more I was emerged in rank,
Swallowed up once again by that glimmer of hope
That was once aptly named You.

I'm still digging myself out...
When will I learn?
Jun 2020 · 47
The Short List
S Smoothie Jun 2020
I have a right to discriminate


The selfish

The lazy

The malicious








And ******* in general

Whatever their race

- or as racists would define it, what ever their color.
you are what you listen to
You are what you don't question,
You are what you accept and reject. Speak up or be spoken over. There is no truth only perspectives.
May 2020 · 128
Eyes without grace
S Smoothie May 2020
Piercing molten holes through garded hearts

The causality of your fancies rip through innocence with effortless charm.

Another pair of ******* drop to the floor

Another set of mounds

aching pinnacles begging

for the breath of a touch.

Sharp eyes survey endless pain,

but you don't want to heal

You want your name screamed in vain.

I'm good now and I'll be ******

If I let you in again

The flicker was enough

I know  you saw it

Walking on by as if it didn't mean a thing

And each time I ******* over

I know you'll hope I'll  steal away to cry

******* and those graceless eyes,

You played games

You told lies

You crush beauty

Like flies

Didn't we almost have it all?

Shouldn't of asked to see my love in measures of pain.

You played my crazy for sane

You shouldn't have said you loved me

When all I wanted was a ****,

I die again and again in those eyes

Each time in vain.
What the eyes can't see the heart can...
Apr 2020 · 94
Ode to Orwell...
S Smoothie Apr 2020
It seems they own us already... Well played... Well played... Thanks to all the fuckwits with out integrity or vision... **** all the dimwits placated with social justice bs and not on choices and moral values caring for life and living. We are all well and truly ******. Virus take me, this **** is laying out a painful future I don't want to be a part of. Stay safe. You're never safe.  It's immunity or strength. We're still part of a conspiracy we all didn't want to see coming...

Oh, where are you Orwell when we need you? What a prophet, wondrous genius labelled it fantasy so that those who could see may lead the blind...

War machine no1 mkultra on steroids social and cultural shift media. Blurry lines, smaller tribes are overcome much easier with global propaganda. Watching the sun's role in global warming. It is omnipotent and we are in its fancy, but as we destroy ourselves we lament and continue our diet of convienence truths and lies.

Where are you Orwell when we need you? What a prophet, wondrous genius labelled it fantasy so that those who could see may lead the blind...

Our youth dumber and more pandered and selfish than ever
The road to communism was never straight
Our identities once given now traded into the thin air of whimsy only to be handed them again.

As we destroy ourselves we lament and continue our diet of convienent truths and lies.

The Beast the bible foretold, is ourselves and what the elements we have created as the four horse men...

never a truer wiser book was there written than the humble of the humblessed... yeah I know you see what I did there... or do you? Best blessings SS **
Be who you want but don't destroy who you were and who loved you there in the beginning when you were helpless but no less devine.
Apr 2020 · 54
The weight of my stare
S Smoothie Apr 2020
Staring up at the universe

Looking for signs of you amongst the satellites

Sending thoughts, hoping you could read them

I flick a wish at a a falling star

Seems I missed again...

A sprawling wry smile marks the tone of disillusionment

Abandonment interlaced with hope

Choked with longing, and a fervent rage threatening to scrape through composure,

A quizzical furrow nudges the eyes up again

Watching intently as two satellites glide headlong into each other thier speed an exact mirror of the other and in a blink seamlessly cross over each other.

Oh what a soul wouldn't give to have that brief moment where we kiSs up high  amongst the stars in the sky.

Can you feel it?
Apr 2020 · 110
Best of it
S Smoothie Apr 2020
Another meaningless title

Another stab in  the dark

Grabbing for whispers of love

Smoke in the dark

Slipping through my fingers

Easy to see


Hard to capture in Word

The usual description won't fit

Comfortable madness

I'm bareft at the thought of thoughts with out it

stranger to say I'm happy with even the least of

The best of it

Could I even hope to capture

Just one look

One millisecond of recognition

In the eyes I'm too afraid to look in

I swear I know you so well

If only vacant eyes could see the power

Of what could be, yet couldn't fathom

The despair if what was made, was not...
What ever you find, make the best of it xo
Apr 2020 · 242
Kiss the sky
S Smoothie Apr 2020
Kiss the sky,

Only don't

Touch the curves and edges,

Only don't

Share a breath on a heartbeat,

Only don't

Snuggle tight in the driving wind,

Only don't

Trace words of love on each others lips,

Only don't

Break my heart
Mar 2020 · 85
S Smoothie Mar 2020
She got them today

Sweet tiny collusion of love

Perfectly formed

Born and gone in a fleeting moment

Too young, too small

To be ripped from her mother's womb

The kinder cut they rationalized

But the of pain of kindness was too great to bear

Still, her wings outstretched with love

Wrapped & Consoled them

This wasn't her vessel,

This wasn't her time

And off she flew

Again to rise

Our Phoenix

Our precious

Tiny love

With her

For beautiful baby M xo
Jan 2020 · 596
S Smoothie Jan 2020
Fingers yearning, burning for touch

Cool skin warming under the heat of desiring eyes

Melded from memories of midnight places

And timeless glances

Welded eyes want to give all the clues to every secret longing, yet nothing away.

An inch spanning eternity a fragile bridge formed by the heat of breath swirling invitations of divine pleasures and intricate patterns for desires filled with aching, yet wanton abandon refrains

The rare heady warmth and enveloping depth of hearts intertwining in some mystic soul ritual, as if it had been too long and naught but for the savouring of such tension like the surface of clear glassy water before shattered by the shock wave of a projectile, just before chaos and expulsion ensue,

tip to tip shared breath, aching for the finite change of the slightest touch, not a hair arched forward, not a finger tip dared move, frozen in the complete confession of a love found unforced, not chosen, nor designed by day dreams. It just was as it had always been inextricably theirs yet not for this moment, this plane, or this existence, but love, never plays by the the rules
You're all on your own from here, do love like it matters most, do chances like they'll never come again, to life like it's the most wonderful thing of all!
Jan 2020 · 86
By You
S Smoothie Jan 2020
If I wrote for likes I wrote cheap. When I wrote for my soul to reach yours, I found joy and sincerity sending a hope of connecting with that one soul who needed to hear what I felt I should say.
Write because you need to, want to, love to!
Dec 2019 · 141
S Smoothie Dec 2019
That feeling again
Its been too long
I sense that our paths will again cross
I shut it down
But you're still on the radio,
In my Poetry
In my soul
hanging like a kiss in the air
The anticipation curls it's self around me
like a sleeping fox
one eye open

Hope rising like incense

Crushed by the inevitable promise of fate

But like a silk flower
released from a cruel grasp
I unfold blooming,
straightening out the wrinkles of love
begging to be crushed by the passion again

The hopeful fox gently nudges,
I pretend not to take note
and dance with the knowledge of your persistence

You're so **** bad for me

I can't believe you feel so good!

I can't...

Soul mates...
Not for this life but the next...
Dec 2019 · 173
The Silence
S Smoothie Dec 2019
His kiss was vacant

His stare drew ice from her veins

That no warmth pleaded could melt away

And she knew now how he felt

When she ****** him and walked away

Because love hurt more than she could say

Because his touch was where she wanted to stay

And when he asked her why she left

the tender words would not come  

She flit about like a bird with a broken wing

Too angry pecking eyes out to sing

To his tune, Because his love left her cold aeons ago

And she could not unremember it.

And while the fractures of his frozen heart  fell,

Hers had melted into a boiling *** of pain and despair

She found love

But the words would not come

Unanswered he left before she was done

He tried to say, but his words would not come

And the tragedy is, that if they were really listening...

Neither one needed to say anything at all.
Say it when you mean it!
Oct 2019 · 133
The Beat
S Smoothie Oct 2019
She recognized him by touch and heat
a sudden rise and wince,
a memory bitter sweet
When he played his beat upon her heart
her soul fell into pieces at her feet
called from her depths
pain washed through her as she wept
rising under feminine heat
the ghost of love remained
torture in vain, nothing to gain
the pieces of her soul fell to his beat
like the tapping of the sweet rain
only memories remain
Sometimes it’s just not over. Ever!
Aug 2019 · 142
And Sigh!
S Smoothie Aug 2019
You pushed me down

So I did the deed

I got out so you couldn't see me bleed

I left you a goodbye note

Something simple i wrote

Ambiguous but cool

The egg on your face like a fool

I left nothing but vacant space

But they read between the spaces

They looked in all the places

Their shock was mandatory

Bad news travels fast

And now I am the first pick

Where once I was the last

They miss me

And I miss them

But I sure as hell won't miss you ****.
Aug 2019 · 628
Kiss the quasars
S Smoothie Aug 2019
For me on your way,

Tell them I miss them

in every single way

Their glittering like gems

It aches more than words can say

The divets and patches across the stars

Are mirrored in my heart

As I dig my feet into the grass

Empty spaces pierced with Twinkles

Like lightning bugs in jars

Memories fade to dark

Ill sustained by lengthy time apart

May they not forget me

Collectively my spark

I'll pass on my memories

I'll strike a light so bright

it leaves a mark

not visible by so far

But caught up in solar whispers

May it carry from star to star

And tell you of news and how we are

Making a way back

To kiss you close

message from afar

A kiss on the solar wind

Travelling from quasar to quasar

With passion,

Your long lost love.
Never lose hope on love. It never ends it only transforms and always returns renewed
Aug 2019 · 249
Justice by a Higher Name
S Smoothie Aug 2019
How I laughed confident like

Founded upon nervous undertones

hoping you wouldn't hear it

I sure gave you a good kick in the guts!

It took my breath away

The way I took yours

Now I watch you as a curiosity ******* for air

Like fish gaping flipping and flopping in a dried up rock pool

How does it feel?

That sense of suffocation?

I know you think you won't survive

Don't worry, you will...

I can attest to that

Besides we both prescribe to the same idea

And my saviour will save you as your saviour

Will you choke when you have to say our saviour?

Don't worry the blade gets sharper tempered by fire

Trials are for survival and transformation

You'll flip flop and gasp for air but the tide will roll in

And I will drift away and leave you to find your way

But not before the first cut,

The deepest

Is replaced by a scar across my soul

May God have mercy

Because you certainly don't!
Author's Notes/Comments:
Sometimes grace just gets in the way of Justice.
Jul 2019 · 447
S Smoothie Jul 2019
As I step on to the precipice of the unknown

I don't dare look down;

instead I trusted that once that step was taken

I flew.

The whistling of doubt swirling around my ears

Drowned out by the scream of delight

Free falling to uncertainty

I never bothered to learn how to fly

I had too much faith

All broken wings are mended

control is nothing but a choice

And never have I ever run out of choices

The best choice I have ever made

Is to call a ***** a *****

Never to doubt my self in anything

That mistakes aren't real

A course of action is simply a choice

and a collection of reactions

That don't exist except in a memory

I am always in control of my reactions

And that's why I didn't flinch when you threw my dignity to the floor

I walk out and left it

Obviously you were in need of some.

Excuse me, but I have other choices to make

Get the **** out of my way

I'm gonna fly!
Come fly with me!
Jun 2019 · 382
Leave your poison here
S Smoothie Jun 2019
Spit it out in a spray of characters,
Shuffle those thoughts onto coherent lines
Share your pain
The ****** purge
The biting bile rising
The filthy **** of
Legs spread wide
Slippery wet ploys
Manipulative cuntery
The rotting festering ire
******* on the page
The purge
The last word
Leave it here, the rage
The injustice the disrespect
The insolence All left here
On this ******* page.
Therapeutic rave
Jun 2019 · 622
The Serpent Devours Itself
S Smoothie Jun 2019
A ring of futility

The patience game is not for the faint heart

Watching them tear your confidence apart,

Pulling the flesh from your backbone

Creaks give way to breaking

Shattering of nerves

Plucking away the feathers of hope

Bare naked and goosepimpled

The carvery lays waiting

An unceremonious carving

Beligerant twisted barbs of lies

They think they have power

They think the can destroy me

I almost thought they could too,

But as they say reputation is king

And mine speaks flesh to my bones

I pick the scales off one by one

Their pious deception no match

for my holy inception

A twisted fork tongue lays deep in its own rotted flesh

How the snakehole swallows it's own creator

Writhing in contorted panic as it's own truth flashes in its eyes

I may well be torn down every shred of pride

Only to rise a new and free from their serpentry

While they taste the bitter poison in their own sad tales

They never had real faith

And mine was never afraid of being tested

They forgot the sage old saying

Death trampling on death

Arise Tabitha and sin is no more

And nor is the serpent whom devours its self.
Apr 2019 · 214
S Smoothie Apr 2019
The flicker of last nights midnight memory rushed through my head
the heart gave an obligatory thump while it tried to double summersault
it was the slightest touch bare skin on bare skin but I felt it so deep
magnatised by the heat in your stare, hips arching to its target
lips parted hanging in the air sending out invitations without care
it was a moment locked in eternity and you bent your head everso slightly
I swore swore you leaned in just before your phone rang
and love had brought you back to your senses and left me with
sweet nothings and a ache gouged deep across my pelvis
that tore me unexpectedly all the way through my heart

because you texted to say hey.
S Smoothie Apr 2019
You’re a snake waiting in the grass to strike
fangs dripping with toxic anticipation
your false concern does not deceive me
you are exposed
your hightsned sense ominous
I watch your ears ***** as I enter the room
i anticipate your strike
again and again you will fall short of your target
underestimation is my calling card
the time has come to twist your neck into the mirror
before I rip it off
I am welded in truth, in Christendom
take your beedy eyes and small puppet mind out of the hive;
and what have you got?
The scales on your eyes
are firmly planted in
its time to scrape up all the grace
hold my head high

im giving your **** right back

return to sender is the email
and ******* is the reply.
Author's Notes/Comments:
so ****** you don’t deserve capitals
Apr 2019 · 81
S Smoothie Apr 2019
The missing seeps in through holes I never knew existed

The lack of warmth and the pinhole currents of icy wind
Winding its self like lashings inside an empty cavern

Why would you want to live here in this ribbed cage?

what good would your light do except expose the barren wastelands?

I tried love

it took everything I had

every new attempt draws blank.

and still you make me think I could try...
Mar 2019 · 102
A Time
S Smoothie Mar 2019
For healing,

For the scales of blind hate peeled off our eyes

We are all the sons and daughters of one humanity

One light that shines bright each day

And one light that shines cool by night

And as each one of us tries to claw through the obstacles

Of hate, fear and the unknown the truth is side by side

Without colour culture or religion

Our souls still speak and recognise eachother

And our eyes without the lens of corruption

See each others beauty and would long for company

And joy.

If only we could see...
Mar 2019 · 100
We Don't
S Smoothie Mar 2019
Do Magic Here

We Believe in Miracles

Place all darkness and negativity outside the door

It's not welcome, but you always are

Plenty of love and patience on offer

with a healthy helping of grace

All services free of charge

And your choice should you choose to accept it;

is completely free!

Blessings SS
Feb 2019 · 279
Slippage and time
S Smoothie Feb 2019
Another minute wasted, but savored
lets never leave from this place
it seems an eternity we Labored
To be here in this same space
together after chasing stars and comet tails
running rings around Saturns moons
under and through where the dark holes hail
over and under shifting desert dunes
Looking for me, looking for you
another minute wasted but savored
Now we dance along ultra violet tunes
but us, dastardly luck never favored
to the beat of our hearts croon
Once again We labored
looking for me, looking for you
the fabric of the universe once again tears
Nothing left but to rue
it seems it never cares
for me or for you
but hold tight love make this minute last
there’s nothing we can do
time seeps by so fast
loving me, loving you
Agape, we’ll find eachother again  
it’s what we were designed to do
I ache another minute through
kiss met love hold on
I promise I’ll find you
promise you’ll find me
lets take this one last breath
together in the same air
and as you’re torn away from me
know eventually I’ll be there
and now as you fade into another oblivion
I’m grateful for those minutes
wasted yet deeply savored
to sustain us
till we meet again.
Feb 2019 · 687
Going by
S Smoothie Feb 2019
The missing takes hold gripping like a noose

The words choked out of existence

A blink of thought

Like trying to catch words of thunder flashing through rolling clouds

Waiting for the deluge of word soaked verse only to watch it Roll by overhead

without a drop off  to nourish some other poets pen.

Life churns the seas of revelations

but the waves won't let me catch a breath for a beat.

Dry pen, parched paper and a world to soak in inches from the shore

A shipwreck smothered by the sand

I count the stars instead

An estimate in a glance

As I Think of the endless possibilities

And how insignificant I am

That the words that i have captured

Remain the legacy of what there is

When of words there is nothing to gain

But the release of joy and pain

Into the universe

and if not written will not remain.

Then I am but a blink of ink that mearly left a smudge

Barely enough to stain.
Never enough time to capture the verses parading across my mind
S Smoothie Jan 2019
Hi I’m a forever puppy looking for my forever home
I dream of a special place to share
Full of love and great times with people who care
I’m smarter than your average dog
And a battle witts is definitely on
Laughing as we learn how to live with eachothers rules
And make sense of all your cues
I promise, my love will never roam  
I’ll always welcome you with excitement when you’re home
When I hear your cries,
I’ll lovingly lick the tears from your eyes
We’ll need long walks to talk things over with you
And do some great exploring too!
We’ll take eachother to places we’ve never been!
Together we’ll be something to be seen
Don’t worry I’ll keep you safe!
Teach me anything  I am really keen
I’ll be patient and never mean
I have some doctor and dietary requirements too
But there is nothing I won’t do for you
Just please don’t leave me home alone all the time
and just throw me a bone
I’m a very loyal character and I’ll forever be there for you
Can you promise me the same for you?
My love will never be lazy
Are you really be my special forever person and could you really be my forever home?
Dec 2018 · 223
A tree for the occasion
S Smoothie Dec 2018
The ground opened up and swalloed it whole
every bit of salvation poured out for every soul
and it was a day like the 25th that brought the hope
twas a tree that claimed a life and brought life
For you and me
hung on it beads of love
poured with decorations of red
each pattern a new joy
all because of the little boy
who trimmed the first tree
who colored the world happy
for you and me
the stars shone brighter
the rainbows stretched wider
and the joy of little children became the norm
for everywhere the story was told
suffer unto me little children
and I will bring you back glad tidings and joy
and a merriness for this day
and blessings always
for you and me
the best in all Of Christendom
even on the most silent night
the star of wonder still shines bright
for you and me

hugss xo
Nov 2018 · 289
Broken Sticks and Stones
S Smoothie Nov 2018
I lived hand to mouth
searching the occult mysteries for clues
hoping in Gods I never really believed in
evrytime I got close
i kept being turned away
the veneer truth seem so real
especially when I could see my own reflection.
Praying for deliverance
to Gods I thought I should believe in
the truth came under the shadow of darkness
and the shiny slick oiling of a false hope
desperation was each meal
each thought
each action
every breath
clinging to life
and the shadows closing in
muzzled and subdued
I called for help
i didn’t know from who
I didn’t know from where
and one shadow reached
I flinched waiting for more of the same
only I was held
lifted up
raised from the death I was living
and I was taken
and weary,
suspicious I waited for pain
but I was fed instead
and housed
educated and never did I think
the glimmer on his charm
hung from his neck
was the hope of all hopes
glory was mine and I hadn’t earned a thing
and so I walk the life dragging my own cross
walking lighter than my sorrows
prouder than my strain
and just like that
all I was made good again
I pay it forward daily
but you don’t know our love for you
look out,
here we come
our backs
holding broken sticks
and taking up all your stones
to save you
and let you know
that you are more than just mere flesh and bone
you are our everything
and we will come for you.
lay down your sticks and stones
and thickened skin
its time to Shine
and thrive.
S Smoothie Nov 2018

The love that helps a knight
traverse a mountain

well you don't have the words for that

the passion that curls toes
just doesn't sound the same when you describe it

is not a romantic word
niether is
'I wanna *******'

but the way you 'do it'
Nov 2018 · 94
Masters of our destiny
S Smoothie Nov 2018
yeah ******* right...
weve been conned
stuck in an illusion
thinking someone else knows better for us
you’re a slave to the money then you die
a bitter sweet symphony
pain wrapped in lies
taken off the plantation
taken back from strangers
given harbor from tyranny
freed from ideologies
you got back in it by choice
to scared to give it a chance
Incase you actually liked it
the illusion of choice
the devils greatest trick
to ***** up the sanity
One big
master plan
so we’ll fight eachother
instead of die for eachother
and such is the nature
of a godless life
void of goodness
a darkness laying excuses for everything
your self
as selfish as your own salvation
those who submit in the hopes of an after life
are missing the point,
there already is one
love was the message
the sacrifice the example
and none of us see through
the blind one’s eyes
yet none really see
living a good life
is subjective
but love is universally free
and choice never had a thing
to do with it.

Oct 2018 · 123
Heart spaces are limited
S Smoothie Oct 2018
holding on to love unknown
in a world of crashing hopes
and failing dreams
we are two souls
yearning for places in hearts we don't own.
S Smoothie Oct 2018
What use is love if it can't find its constant?
I'm tired of falling from the cliffs I climb
My identity eludes me trying on all the sizes to see where I fit

Can't go by feel
can't trust it
Can't go by logic
it doesn't apply
Can't go by intuition
It just keeps leading me to you
the space between us
cluttered by every Immovable barrier thought of
to destroy love
That no leap of faith
could ever hope to overcome

Yet love hasn't died-
And I keep taking the fall.
Oct 2018 · 126
Your love
S Smoothie Oct 2018
I waited
till I had to move

Against my better senses
I still believe you to be
all you were and more

My head says
you were only ever nearly in
my heart just refuses to listen

my soul, it goes by another story
spanning the tenements of time immortal
it takes no heed of blubbering flesh
it is merely a host for the tortures of love;

and I,
its conscious expression
S Smoothie Oct 2018
Heated tongues had no temperance to spare

Betrayal is a fickle master cloaked in innocence

Eyes held truths with no regards to context

Illusions were never more real than when piercing
The heart left to bleed pounding desperately on the floor
Under the foot of merciless pain

How do you explain the inexplicable?

Some things just end while others start

The resoning was perfectly logical
But ****** if anyone could see it

Off they went onto seperate trajectories
Only to find the truth revealed in years of wastedness

Because faith seemed a too bigger thing
To hold through this broken prism

It was only when they travelled around it in oposite motions
They could see they belonged together

Far too late,  as other sattlites they collected were now in the way
And faith seemed once again bigger to hope for

And not a thing was learnt.
Oct 2018 · 1.6k
Politics Manifesto
S Smoothie Oct 2018
People just don’t  get it do they?

PolitiX -

There are no good:

There is only DISTRACT and TAKE!

If it is bad, fake It good
if its fake, fake it real

if it’s obvious make it someone else’s fault
manipulate details and statistics too
lead the questions,
get the right answers for you
Mass Programmng Media
secret Not Saying Anything service
hide behind our own goods

Freedom these days is all about -


And the illusion you are in


Politics by its very nature can only exist by divide
the greater the divide
the easier to fraction
easier to fraction
eaier to incite aggression and violence
the resulting fear makes us seek peace
we legislate our freedom away putting hope in lies
the greater the distraction,
the easier the take

Peace is an illusion,
a God-like ideal
A frightened little bird hiding in the bough of a tree
barely out for a second
starving to death
and lonely
because the fear of fear is so great

Political Peace is submission and oppression while convincing you
that its in your best interests not to resist or persist.

You are then provided with a guilded cage
distracted by how different the cage is next to you
or the fence that divides you but you are safe?

All policed by consent
the unmerry road to oppression
begins and ends with distraction and take
all selling illusions of peace and happiness
while selling you out

And YOU are too distracted to notice
YOU are killing your family and neighbors
One fear
One prejudice
One judgement
at a time...
Who polices the politix machine?
Who polices you?
Why gave them your unalienable right under *God
to legislate your freedom faith and happiness out of your life,
for you without your consent? Is that why they want to **** God?

Peace has nothing to do with governments
Oct 2018 · 143
A sigh
S Smoothie Oct 2018
a kiss on the breath of a heart beat,
hunts the space of time
for a flicker in the hopes
That in some small way,
I still matter...
Oct 2018 · 1.2k
Starfalls and Shadow Love
S Smoothie Oct 2018
Another kiss,
sent where the rivers of our souls aether meet
underneath a starfall refracting crystalline rainbows
winding through the cosmos playing hide and seek
riding on asteroid belts,
dancing under the rain of shooting starss
remembering the feel of your touch
the night seems less lonely by much
even now when we are lifetimes apart
my day ends and sweet memories start
a shady breath of wind from above
on a hot stagnant journey
you are my shadow love
a sweet warmth,
glowing on dark cold winter‘s mourn  
a bright smile,
over a miserable sky
a shower of energy and sparks
on a nondescript day
my sane little hidey-hole in this crazy place
how I yearn for that time again
somewhere lost
in the deep shadows
of our space

everywhere I go
your shadow love
Just because I remembered
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