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S Smoothie Mar 2018
gay, bi, pan, trans, weird or queer..
see you on the other side when you've learned to love the precious skin you're in.
You are the perfect you as you are with all that you have been given, every hair, every freckle. You are all you need just as you are. Dont fall for the hype.
4.5k · Feb 2014
Whisky tears
S Smoothie Feb 2014
Folder: Soul mates
I have nothing
but the look in your eyes
To remind me
and these whisky tears
won't dry like they should
I can't hold you
except in a memory
I can't feel you
Except in my heart
I can't love you
Except with my soul
You're that piece
That's missing
A perfect fit
Only you puttied up
my space with creeps
And still I watch you fumble
Afraid you will fall again
Only not for me
As soon as I empty
This cup the whisky
Tears keep filling up.
They don't evaporate
Like they should.
2.5k · Apr 2014
Jokers and Aces
S Smoothie Apr 2014
I folded my cards
after I laid the last hand bare
And got ******* by a queen
and the sharpness of your aces
looking at jacks
a knave of hearts
and prince of diamonds
the choice is not easy
which to throw,
Which to keep
I dont fit in this deck
i'm in the wrong game
because the card closest to my chest is a joker
and it just doesnt figure Here.
2.5k · Nov 2013
Dickheads of the year
S Smoothie Nov 2013
Congratulations another consecutive win
******* central made it clear
You're the biggest family of ******* every year
There is no rival that can compare
Sponging off us and can't see
The burden we bare
Well the cost of your unbeaten record consumes us
while your respect is something refused us.
our dignity is intact never stooped as low to air the trash talk
We'd rather hold our heads high and walk.
But the ******* of the year can enjoy paying rent
because this finance bubble debt needs a good dent
dont worry I know youll all object,
with the usual ******* excuses  to that effect
but when we asked for assistance which you had the ease of doing
you said no, get someone else and audaciously bunked right in.
Go live in rip off ******* home theyve got a big roof.
I should know i paid for it
I expect more crap but I hear ******* of the year is up for grabs!
Go for it! I'm sure youll win
Regards from the newly crowned,
******* ***** of the year.
2.3k · Jan 2014
the truth of the matador
S Smoothie Jan 2014
Folder: Heart aesthetics


my tainted version or yours?

I cant find the reasons that I need to convince you

you cant find the words to make me understand.

I dont want to wallow in your misery, I am happy in my own

feed me more ******* and inspire me to write insipid vicious lines about you

i'll make them dance in pretty lines and force you to confess!

I will ****** you with lies and pull out my version of truth,

and you will hide from me all that you feel,

because you believe my lies are my truth revealed.

what a lovely tango!

our dance of fire and ice;

first passion and ***

cold disintrest next.

dance with me my beautiful liar

dance with the words of my song in your head

push through my curtains and find whats there

your truth or mine it seems we never care

it never mattered as much as our lovers dance

a careless tango brought to life with fierce exchanges

a slap in the face

a caress of redemption

our lies our seductions

our words are our weapons

our music is our emotion

our dance is our truth

our love, our curse.

this is our pain my fierce love,

let's dance our tango

and create our timeless verse

previous version below:

truth. my tainted version or yours?

I cant find the reasons that I need to convince you

you cant find the words to make me understand

I dont want to wallow in your misery I am happy in my own

feed me more ******* and inspire me to write insipid vicious lines about you

i'll make them dance in pretty lines and force you to confess

I  will ****** you with lies and pull out my version of truth

and you will hide from me all that you feel,

because you believe my lies are my truth.

what a lovely tango our fire and ice

passion and ***

cold disintrest next

dance with me my beautiful liar

dance with the words of my song in your head

push through my curtains and find whats there

your truth or mine it never mattered

as much as our lovers dance

a careless tango brought to life with fierce exchanges

a slap in the face

a caress of redemption

this is our seduction

our lies

this is our truth

our dance

these are our weapons

our words.

let's dance our tango

and create our timeless verse.
S Smoothie Apr 2014
you might break off and run away,

but the sick stalker **** has the luck,

to find every bad thing that will cause life to ****,

you can run but never hide,

that drama **** has nothing but luck on their side!
1.9k · Dec 2016
Black hole cunt
S Smoothie Dec 2016
unmotherly love envelops you in all your childish ways
snickers and jealousy
emotional vampira
vacuous hole holding love at ransom
unmotherly mother
narcissim reigns over your sadistic ire
never satisfied
manipulation and cunning
pander them to exact perfect cuts of pain from me
but this is the last heart bleed
this the last compassionate faulter
I am no longer your prisoner
my babes are safe in bough of my loving arms
a million miles away from your strategic abandonment of me
your Radom spates of visitational cruelties
it spread a generation too far
you went too far
It will no longer reign
My humility is gone I am the best version of every dream you ever had
and I did it on my own
despite the cruelty of your cold
a lesson must be learned
now I'll show you a mother with a fierce love
the mother you choose not to be
a lioness crouched over her cubs guarded by claws
though capable as my other siblings seem to attest
you only have interests for their best
no more last
no more future
no more past
you don't hurt me anymore
my progeny will rise to all they aspire
challenged and sheltered  
all equally loved
a child can not be her own mother's mother
you are nothing I need, now nothing I want
my only regret is, that I didn't leave your black hole sooner.
1.7k · Dec 2015
Gargoyles and peaches
S Smoothie Dec 2015
It's a painful stretch to re-loving
Gargoyles in clusters clutch at my heart
Talons pierced and locked wings wrapped upon layers
Pulling each one away takes insufferable self violence
Just to clear a small space to let you through
Too many years of inequity
have placed needs burning in my heart  
you struggle to relinquish your control,
Your gift of consideration is noted.
Your changes have exceeded my expectations
Though we are nowhere near even.
Still, I play it peachy,
Your tenderness, your keeness to please me
Is unnerving,
too little,  too late
Your heart whispers squeal like whistles in the hunt
Unsettling the watchdog beasts
Growling and snarling
Clawing tighter at the leather pith of a stone heart
Your own needs are barking
Your expectations are going to be laid,
I'm letting blood Before your debt is even paid
It's going to be different this time...
Claws tighten, wings gripping tighter
Artehoke heart,
just another set up
I keep anticipating the fall.
I go on pretending in the hope It will become real
Your darkness permeates
your dark love kills
Still, there's something about you
I can't live without.
Folder the kind of pain love rubs in your face
1.7k · Dec 2016
S Smoothie Dec 2016
Kisses sent to the moon and beyond
blown with a breath on a heartbeat
Why do the stars drift so far?
why do you hide amongst them so well?
To you, wherever you are,
sitting atop my lucky star
the one with the Halo burning bright
can you feel my love tonight?
Do you hear my deepest wish
jump a little star or two closer,
If only just a while, to close the distance between you and I
to capure some small pulse of your resonance
So that I might respire,
In the absence of your burning touch and heavenly fires
That set alight the ache, of long held desires
a kiss on the breath of a heart beat,
hunts the space of time
for a flicker in the hopes
in some small way,
I still matter...

Kisses to the moon and beyond
blown with a breath on a heartbeat
Why do the stars drift so far?
1.7k · Nov 2013
S Smoothie Nov 2013
I wish so hard that uou would just turn around and
spark my heart
light the fuse that explodes the suns stars and moons
from out of my tempered heart,
to give a word spoken in that one way,
to touch with that delicate intent
to reach for me
and fight for me
and pull me away
from these empty phantasms
calling to my ***
release me.
Open me up to the universe
and let me explode with with mystical madness
let me paint with colours the endless sky
save me from this fortified heartened mess
My love, light me with your fire!
The one that she brings back alight.
1.7k · Oct 2018
Politics Manifesto
S Smoothie Oct 2018
People just don’t  get it do they?

PolitiX -

There are no good:

There is only DISTRACT and TAKE!

If it is bad, fake It good
if its fake, fake it real

if it’s obvious make it someone else’s fault
manipulate details and statistics too
lead the questions,
get the right answers for you
Mass Programmng Media
secret Not Saying Anything service
hide behind our own goods

Freedom these days is all about -


And the illusion you are in


Politics by its very nature can only exist by divide
the greater the divide
the easier to fraction
easier to fraction
eaier to incite aggression and violence
the resulting fear makes us seek peace
we legislate our freedom away putting hope in lies
the greater the distraction,
the easier the take

Peace is an illusion,
a God-like ideal
A frightened little bird hiding in the bough of a tree
barely out for a second
starving to death
and lonely
because the fear of fear is so great

Political Peace is submission and oppression while convincing you
that its in your best interests not to resist or persist.

You are then provided with a guilded cage
distracted by how different the cage is next to you
or the fence that divides you but you are safe?

All policed by consent
the unmerry road to oppression
begins and ends with distraction and take
all selling illusions of peace and happiness
while selling you out

And YOU are too distracted to notice
YOU are killing your family and neighbors
One fear
One prejudice
One judgement
at a time...
Who polices the politix machine?
Who polices you?
Why gave them your unalienable right under *God
to legislate your freedom faith and happiness out of your life,
for you without your consent? Is that why they want to **** God?

Peace has nothing to do with governments
1.5k · Dec 2013
reverse suicide note*
S Smoothie Dec 2013
things don't happen to you uninvited.

stick around.

monsters come and go.

Change is hard

but like anything incredible,

its worth it.

maintaining it is useless.

any end of the emotional spectrum

turns us numb

and honestly,

who wants that?


the trick is

to keep the waves steady,

not too low,

not too high

and splash ourselves with each

more kindly.


and when the harsh waves threaten, dive.

dive deep and pull out that strength you hardly use.

it is no good to you wasted.


its okay.

you can do it.

it just takes a little getting used to

that's all.
1.5k · Nov 2013
S Smoothie Nov 2013

I just want to fall from the heavens into your heart

rush through you like a torrid river and wash you clean

I want to get lost amongst the dream stars in your eyes

seep into you and become one glorious love

and passionately explode our happiness upon the gamut

of all creation and lustily devour all that is in being.

Folder:  beauty in the tip of my inked tongue
1.4k · Oct 2015
Universal Poets' Prayer
S Smoothie Oct 2015
Dear Universe,

Bless the poet's and their pearls of pain,
Steel them, so they may return to write again.
Bless thier jewel encrusted crowns of thought.
that every delicate word of verse is caught.
Let them pour out their soulful words
to transfuse our bleeding hearts.
Scrolling pages to guide us
through our darkest dark.
Lighting our highest joys
and deepest passions,
May we always preserve
these sacred bastions
May the poets never truly heal or break,
nor stop thier cries;
lest their flowing rivers of verse run dry.
That we may ever bathe ourselves
in rivers of consolation and joy
sending empathy through thoughts
of comfort and care,
to knit us closer in understanding
through words
in universal prayer.
May you all ways have the will to write!
1.4k · Mar 2014
The sly swipe
S Smoothie Mar 2014
Folder: DEDICATIONS With Love or Otherwise.

when good friends recede,

they try to erase all evidence of the connection.


who knows.

people outgrow eachother all the time.

no hard feelings.

no biggie.

the dragon was slayed

were safe for now.

I guess I'll see you again

the next time we need to band together

in the mean time erase the traces

forgiveness lives only for the betrayal

till then.
1.4k · Jan 2014
inevitable nothing...
S Smoothie Jan 2014
if I could want you more I'd burst into droplets of pain
if one look wasn't enough to steal my soul Id have it back again
if you could just be another person in another time in another place
same heart, same soul, same love, same time, same beautiful face
if one touch was enough to steal your soul I'd have it without fear but inevitably it will always come to nothing
because of who we are.
1.4k · Oct 2013
Love notes on the wind
S Smoothie Oct 2013
If I could
tear him out
of my heart
and make this ok
I would
But I'm haunted
by the ghost of him
everywhere I go.
Never spending a minute
alone without the breeze
carrying a love note from him
and such a soul have I,
It cannot bare not to
respond in kind,
and so our love notes
float upon the wind
I breathe in deeply
such a comforting joy
and when the rain falls
And the wind wraps
its forceful hug around me
the scence of longing still lingers
An aching touch passed through
Rushing winds of desire,
Urgent and warm
or the winds
of a raging storm
passionate and avid
or as tender and loving
As a light caress.

A wistful brush of the cheek.

I sit intently, compelled to feel
your love notes on my skin
In some way I know
our love upon the wind
will lighten and warm our hearts
and thus I send my soul
to dance with you
my dearest ghost of love
on our ever loving winds.
1.3k · Jan 2014
Another year closed
S Smoothie Jan 2014
Another year closes
and the waves of pain invite themselves
for one last wash over me
a host of words and phrases un sugar coated
calling back the dire pain
duly survived and noted.
and as much as I walk that higher road
it never lets me forgive if I forget.
endless vengeance haunts me for its exaction.
And pain is a nasty ***** to comprehend
it's not who I am
or who I want To be
or what I want to send
but it is on its way.
I can't stop it.
I don't really want to anymore.
I want to feel the rush of satifaction
with the ramming of my metaphorical fist into your charmless faces
a barrage of covert assaults on my good character
well congratulations you win.
Jokers and aces
I'm the bad *** on all of your cases
ran myself into the ground
and not an ounce of gratitude was found
now karma won't listen to me
my great pain howled
and the injustice has been heard
the trade has subconsciously been made.
God help you all there's no way back from this
it is what it is...
a brand new year,
and with it comes resolution and how
the restitution I used to abhor
sits so **** comfortable with me now.
There's More pain ahead,
I'm so conditioned I wear it like a crown on my head.
Well done I applaude you
you intolerable *****!
let fate do its will
I ain't holding it back
let this tidal wave crush you
in your tracks
so you can feel my pain
and don't call for me
I wont remember your names
like the years torn from my soul,
my children, my love, my home;
I won't feel it all in vain.
im giving it all to you
the very deserving orchestrators
of my cruelly wrought tidal waves of ******* pain.

Yours sincerely,
Really ****** off.

.... Original write below:

Another year closes
and the waves of pain invite themselves
for one last wash over me
a host of words and phrases
calling back the dire pain
duly survived and noted.
and as much as I walk that higher road
it never lets me forgive if I forget.
endless vengeance haunts me for its exaction.
And pain is a nasty ***** to comprehend
it's not who I am
or who I want To be
but it is on its way.
I can't stop it.
I don't really want to anymore.
I want to feel the rush of satifaction
with the ramming of my metaphorical fist into your charmless faces
a barrage of covert assaults on my good character
well congratulations you win.
I'm the bad ***.
ran myself into the ground
and not an ounce of gratitude was found
now karma won't listen to me
my great pain howled
and the injustice has been heard
the trade has been subconsciously made.
God help you all there's no way back from this
it is what it is...
a brand new year,
and with it comes resolution.
the restitution I used to abhor
sits so **** we'll with me now.
More pain ahead.
I'm conditioned to wear it on my head like a crown.
Well done I applaude you
you intolerable *****!
let fate do its will
I ain't holding it back
let this tidal wave crush you
so you can feel my pain
and don't call for me
I wont remember your names
like the years torn from my soul,
my children, my home, my love;
I won't feel it all in vain.
im giving it all to you
the very deserving orchestrators
of my cruelly wrought tidal waves of pain.

Yours sincerely,
****** off.
1.3k · Jan 2014
S Smoothie Jan 2014
the foot treads lightly
the twig screams of injustice!
silence is broken.
S Smoothie Nov 2013
torn by the violence in your darkly silent heart
swallowed that bitterly taste of disappointment
and then some.

Nothing's a given
Nothing s a given

hung in for that toe to toe pound
made the bed and lay in it
tore the sheets looking for love
But your heart could not be found

Sometimes your best is wasted

I know the way I want to go
I'm not facing the same direction
my destruction my  insurrection

Nothing's a given
Yeah nothing's a given

smashed my heart on jagged rocks
wrung out of emotion just short of numb
Swallowed that bitterly taste and then some

Yeah Sometimes your best is wasted

clawed my way through crazy logic
stood up and took the beating
Darkly voilent eyes keep reliving
Nothing s a given
Yeah Nothing's a given

hung in for that toe to toe pound
made the bed and lay in it
tore the sheets looking for love
Yet your heart could not be found.

*nothing s a given
Nothings a given

Sometimes your best is wasted...
1.3k · Jan 2017
Haiku madness
S Smoothie Jan 2017

Love spins tangled webs
Truth sets free the unwilling
Trapping the blind ones


Voices unwelcome;
Torture rings through delusion-
Comfortably numb.


The dark of sky falls
Stars struggle to shine through it
As hope does when lost


To find a sweet bird
To sing the sweetest soul song
But not to your soul


A passion called forth
So clawed in and smothering
The light left her eyes


Grim thoughts pull tightly
Red lines flow in a river  
The last cut, deepest.


Petals of thought fall
The wind scatters emotions
To the ends of earth
1.3k · Dec 2013
Ordinary pearls of love
S Smoothie Dec 2013
Flashing champagne pearls of desire
in your wanting grin,
A bed of roses fall on to the sheets
from your ordinary mouth,
I find romance laced in your rough discarding of
my fabric shrouds and insecurities.
understanding in delicate gestures of sentiments
in your wide sweeping ***** eyes
hoards of passion described
in your grasping of my soft flesh to hardening
deducing wondrous compliments
tangled with pert nuances in your hardness
Finding warmth and comfort wrapped
In your loving vice locked eye to eye
I find your soul sprouting words of ardorous poetry
in the soft languages of our making  love.
1.3k · Oct 2018
Starfalls and Shadow Love
S Smoothie Oct 2018
Another kiss,
sent where the rivers of our souls aether meet
underneath a starfall refracting crystalline rainbows
winding through the cosmos playing hide and seek
riding on asteroid belts,
dancing under the rain of shooting starss
remembering the feel of your touch
the night seems less lonely by much
even now when we are lifetimes apart
my day ends and sweet memories start
a shady breath of wind from above
on a hot stagnant journey
you are my shadow love
a sweet warmth,
glowing on dark cold winter‘s mourn  
a bright smile,
over a miserable sky
a shower of energy and sparks
on a nondescript day
my sane little hidey-hole in this crazy place
how I yearn for that time again
somewhere lost
in the deep shadows
of our space

everywhere I go
your shadow love
Just because I remembered
S Smoothie Feb 2018
Valentines, yeah, I've had a few

Secret admirers? dozens

Broken hearts? A couple of those too.

Crazy adventures? Oh, Plenty!

Blessings, too many to count,

Miracles certainly!

But, nothing, nothing compares to you

My love,

the best part of my best days

The highest of my highs

In my darkest days

And longest nights

You ******* alive!

I know implicitly,

You are the one

the title is yours
Happy valentines Hp crew !
S Smoothie Mar 2014
storms in your eyes brew,
sleeping comes no more to you
ashes as love grew.
1.2k · May 2014
Grudge match.
S Smoothie May 2014
**** this beast that haunts this cave

Im not ******* sharing it anymore

got my sharp stick and courage to waver

gonna stab that ******* right in the heart

Ill spill my blood in bowls full before i yield this fight

**** this monster that rises in my chest

gonna stomp it back into the mother ******* ground

got my high heel boots on to tread its dread

Ill break my legs in a thousand places before I quit this fight

**** the ****** HATERS who think that Ive got to stink before they shine

**** all the ******* that ***** with your mind

**** it all, forget the score

it never fucken mattered anyway

cause I was never approved to play

I play any way because

Im gonna **** that demon up

you know the one that blackend up my soul

the days are fucken numbered

it stops here cause I aint got no fucken time for that fucken **** anymore.
1.2k · Nov 2013
S Smoothie Nov 2013
I am an artist of the soul
who seeps into tangible form
some vague representation
of my true self's expression.
1.2k · Jan 2014
S Smoothie Jan 2014
the power of the sea,
dousing hills with moist sparkles;
death drowns, tears glisten.
1.2k · Dec 2013
S Smoothie Dec 2013
what am i but a collection of blunt truths

and searing love punctuated with a soft touch

an algorythym to your ultimate pain

there is no world like the heart

where the soul can be what it wants

my soul will forever tamper with yours

I will cherish the pull of one

and resent the protection of the other

nothing here but cold strength,

obedience and suffering

intollerable cruelty and a love to spite all loves

burning fires of quiet destruction

I crave the perfection I cant touch

I feel and hear as if it was my heartbeat

what am i but a collection of blunt truths,

searing love punctuated with a soft touch

and a desperate desire for oneness

in a heart designed for two

an algorythym beating out endless pain
because you wont unlove me
S Smoothie Jul 2014
Folder: Heart aesthetics

The two of us alone by the fire in this wild landscape, tumble weeds and dust. the endless dust.  surely there could be some sort of peace offering that might make the night a little more comfortable than that of the past days. a small truce? suddenly I noticed him watching me. it was in a strange and unguarded way. he almost seemed  likeable except for the fact he was the most arrogant, heddonistc man i had ever met. again I looked at him. I bated him a little.

"dont you know its impolite to stare at a lady?"

There was an instant glint in his eyes and I knew he was thinking of the bathing pool. I blushed thanking the fire it didnt have the air to flicker brigher.  I wasnt quite ready for a reply.

"Yes, and I sure would be in trouble if there was a lady here! cause what Im looking at would be the pride of any man who had the pleasure of meeting them!"

He caught my breath my heart paused for a second. He was oviously alluding to the invitation he so easily tossed at her by the waters edge as he handed her her towel looking away with a cheap grin trying to convey the model of a complete gentleman. I saw him at that moment, menacing and I met him eye to eye. something strange took over me as I watched him leering at me eyes moving from soft peaks to nape , to lips and challenging me with his eyes. He made no attempt to hide the fact that I was desirable in the conventional way. Just not in any other way. but strangely I didnt feel threatened but rather bolder. his hand clinched suddenly as he stood suddenly towering over me. I got up on my feet and walked back a bit to create some distance between us but I stopped unable to mover further than a few feet away. my legs were unwilling to move and his eyes were able to rove freely the peaks and vallies of my womanhood. **** the fabric for being the type to reveal my shape in the firelight,  and **** the hot air that made the moisture cling it tightly to me.

I searched for meaning in his eyes, it came in  the unfurling of his desire and manifested in the breath of my own heartbeat pulsing into a crevice long forgotten. its revival took me somewhat, by surprise. and in the instant you saw it flicker in my eyes I saw it flicker in your own under the brim of that old leather hat. panic! oh hell! not ready for this feeling! uncomfortable sweetness and lazy pulses. weakness dragging along with it a wanton desire crawling molten heat wilting and yet rising in it a will of its own. I reeled inside my mind now lost inside the sensation of my body! reactions everywhere! A deep blush and a nip of my lip  to constrain me. here we are standing face to face a few feet  from eachother and that flicker had started in me a whole revolution. my thighs grew weary of standing so tightly wound together and my hips fancied themselves drawn towards you and took thier liberties from me. here I was held in an uncomfortable contortion hips lunged forward, tightened rosettes lunging to ward you and my mind was now working against me. your jaw seemed so warm and welcomeing and I could see myself nuzzling in the craw... and your hardness proudly announcing its desire to serve. those eyes those lightning sweet flickers, glowed over you warmth and hardness so appealing so pertinently appropriate in its impropriety.

Oh what in tarnations, there goes that waffling **** joy, oh sensiblitily who the hell cares! My mind and body argue and the shakes start to take over and I am completely confounded by my senses. then just as suddenly as it came its forgotten as the realisation of why this is such an offensive state to me. All I can remember are the words he said reeling in my head!

"The invitation is revoked of its warmth on account of your inhospitiable and ungracious prudish manner, but the polite thing to do is keep the invitation open at least on a civil basis otherwise i might not be considered a gentleman."

that was his gentlemanly way of calling her a harlot! Gentleman my-  Hate suddenly crawled up my spine and to my surprise it only served to flame my passion. I wanted what I wanted and courage and boldness took hold. If its civil he wants civil he will  get! I picked up my vanity like a harlott and lunged forward stopping just as quickly hoping he hadnt noticed. Hardly worth hoping. He noticed everything and he would surely call me on it. but insted strangely intent, he stood silent, still and focused. His eyes on my eyes I had noticed once I met them. A rugged jaw clinched and fist tight beside him. but his breath was cheating him of his composure. it was at this moment I knew we were fighting the same wanton battle. Pride dancing with lust, any hopes of love torn from the bitterness of rivalry between us by the fact that he held me in such high disregard. and I only as a pure instinctual reaction, do reasonably as any reasonalbe person attributed  such unwarranted assignment of character failings would do the same.

What was I to him? I found myself wondering what it would be like to be taken under his person, his strong arms pulling me towards him pressed against him... more rushes spun in cirles around me trying to find expression tight rosettes and puckering crevices landscapes once barren and forgotten had suddenly sprung to life. alive and wanting aching craving touch and now suddenly my heart decided to pull away from me. Suddenly fear flooded my body and then anger twisted its self all over me again. What the hell is going on?? Is it in my head? to hell with it ! I peered deep into his eyes and marched into his arms and forced a kiss to push him into my headdiness. and he obliged and held it warmly and gently, though my voraciousness clearly fell away at my noticing of this sudden cordialness pushing humiliation down into my throat and deep into the core of me unleashing a viper

"Why did you let me kiss you? "

I hissed, pulling away. he replied without missing a beat,

"It was the civil thing to do."

here I am rosy as all hell with a chasm as wide as the grand canyon with the words **** etched on to my pride.

"**** you! **** you to hell!"

I rushed at him and my hand flying through the air. it had its own justice to serve and I went with it. Oh hell, i went with it! Rage flew me up to him and suddenly I felt immobilised. My hand stilled hanging in the air, less than an inch from its target. His eyes now burning into me burrowing into me with seering white heat and an intensity that made me want to look away if it hadnt been for my last shred of pride refusing and rather accepting full blindness rather than conceede. suddenly his shadow fell over me and leaning down his lips parted his eyes softened and i felt the tenderly regard he was capable of it made me weak in my knees! I fell  into it as he caught me and in that sweet kiss, so beautifully warm. velvet silkeness I clung to him pressed against himas his hardness proudly declaring his intensions. it was a fit so perfect, that had there not been silk , denim and leather chaps in the way I would have merged with him seemlessly! oh the glorious delight of such care in his ravishment of me! I was lost, I was found!  yet, I was not even aware of anything but a dire need for his impending intensions to come to light.  then I felt him pull away from my lips. confused eyes watched as they pleaded why? He pushed me away and held me back from him like some vile rat and declared

"That is what youre missing as per the original invitation."  

He let me go as pain and humiliation stung my cheeks. reeling once again. I dropped to the ground. I put my hands to my heart trying to cover what he had done.  He had breeched my sacred place my soul stained and forever darkened by this stranger, I had trusted who was entrusted to escort me to my new lodgings... now my closest enemy.  in three days. and to bare for three days more. I am lost. lost. so this is what it feels like when hell burns you to the ground? and to think I almost thought for a second I could have fallen in ? serves me right to think any man would be different.  Im an idiot. That is the exact reason I need to marry money. I regained an inchling of my composure. enought to speak well, ok hell, I spat it at him

"I trust you sir, will be gentlmanly enough not to mention this to Mr Bently?"

"As always ma'am"

he tipped his hat and walked away  from the fire and my ashes into the darkness.

I stood there for a while listening to the bushes rustle till I knew he had found a place spend the night. I walked around the carriage to enter, I waited just enough time for him to get comfortable.  then ever so politely, gave him a reason to rise.  

"Mr Jones, would you mind helping me up the footer? I'm too afraid to sleep on the ground alone."

I heard him muttering and hissing under his breath. I smiled inside. for some reason it made me feel better. He slammed the carriage door and walked off again into the dark. I sat there on the plush bench thinking of him and scolded myself just as quickly as I had thought it. it was a cycle reapeated the whole night and as I drifted off to sleep I even let myself slip a brief thought of myself on a porch cleaning potoates while looking out at Clancy wiping his brow and smiling back... Clancy, Clancy Jones. What kind of a stupid name was that anyways? No woman in her right mind would want to marry a man with a name like that!  Mrs. Clancy Jones...

Any copying or transfer of material whether part or in total is strictly prohibited unless granted permission and directly credited to the author.
this is a draft from an upcoming work.  I apologise for the lack of grammar and confused tenses etc. I will refine it soon. any appraisals or criticisms are welcome.

Any copying or transfer of material whether in part of in total  is strictly prohibited unless  granted permission and directly credited to the author. All rights reserved.
1.2k · Oct 2018
Pretentious Poetry
S Smoothie Oct 2018
Aiming high,
With big boots
Too big to drag across the poetic chess floor,

Never read the greats
Never loved and lost like the great lovers
Never forged the mind in tempered steel
No resolve,
No other inkling than pride for scorn

Yet it was this morn,
Eyes read with a fresh dawn
The braking newness of creation
Art as poetry
And fluked it no more than a precise preponderance
As each word chose itself its order
And a profound truth was embellished
With the love and care of a depth of many aeons
Pared back into a child’s innocent eyes
Reflecting providence, grace and wise
With a goodly turn of genius
That left the mind searching
And words begged of in hopes they would lay more
Yet none were needed

And never did a loving envy grow so warm in its light
Sometimes it just...
1.1k · Feb 2014
jelous bastard...
S Smoothie Feb 2014
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S Smoothie Jan 2014
Strong is a choice.
I believe that with all my soul.
but I guess if you don't believe it...  
you're stuck. What a shame.
I remember being there in that pain.
I will never go back there again.
It gave me nothing I ever needed.
Iwas all I had and all I needed.
I chose to be there for myself.
I chose to crave life and the simple things
I soaked it all up!
I made the world my new drug.
exercise and nature and living.
life is my new pain and its scars
decorate my heart as momentos of my strength.
the measure of my beautiful life.
S Smoothie Nov 2013
A darkness sprinkled with light
Are we sharing or are we thieves in the night?
Do we tread the same stars?
Do we tip toe on eachothers moon or
slide down the same comets?
Millions of scattered beacons floating in the dark
Do we perhaps unknowingly
cross paths leaping over black hole hearts?
or is this my sky, my infinity
and you a shadow thought escaped from my mind
just a figment a ghostly filament glowing
a beacon of hope amongst the endless stars?
no, I have felt the warmth of your foot prints
on countless shining stars,
perhaps Even only a step in front or a toe behind
chasing your ghostly memory
till we finally meet on the same
wishing star sharing infinite times
till then let the star dust fall
as our heavenly bodies stir
sharing the same darkness sprinkled with light
ever a step in front,
or a toe behind...
1.1k · Dec 2013
Living with Conscience
S Smoothie Dec 2013
Dare I confess the black stain on my soul?
No, rather, lets tuck it in conscience
No need to feel sickly an numb.*

Tuck it away my soulless one*

What if I could pull the hands back of time?

You can't sweety, it's done.

Can I make it fade?

I don't see how? It's a dark, dark stain,
And you've been trying so long now.

Even with all my good deeds?

There aren't enough good deeds
To wipe it clean, the lead in your soul
Forever drags your feet.

I don't deserve anything. Why do I go free?

Because you are destined.

Destined for what? A life of misery?

No dear, no, a life of greatness.
None of clear conscience strive
To erase me from their minds
As I would not exist,
and neither would the gift,
the necessity, the change.

But I don't understand?

Your stain is a gift,
The journey of the holy grail.
Where others strive and fail,
You have already failed now strive.

But I failed?

You have failed, but now is hope;
The ever charging fuel of your journey.

My soul is ****** isn't it?

You have nothing to lose,
this is the secret of life's journey

But what of hell? Surely it waits?
I hear it screaming my penance?

Hell? You're already here,
Perhaps one day, you'll make it out?

You think so?

It's possible but
I'm your conscience...
What do I know?
I only know why I exist
And I in turn, wish I loved my existence

So there's no hope?

There's always hope,
I'm still with you aren't I?

Yes, but I don't understand?

You don't need to.
Just keep hope, and in us,
Never forget where we've come from;
You are destined

But I am stained?

*No, you are marked for greatness.
1.1k · Jan 2014
that wise thought...
S Smoothie Jan 2014
feeling wise and centred.

should I share it or keep it close lest it bedestroyed

I am one to impart and share

but there are some who do not care

they tear apart your words for fear

that thier ideals should shatter and thier

true happiness may be visible and require of them much change

I am not a mirror.

I am a window.

I can show you a view  but your reflection can still in it be seen;

and thus, you may see yourself fit well in the scape I am offering.

if you trust me to be wise I may fail you

if you trust me to love you it would be wise of you.

come to my window open the pane and let the breeze of truth wash through you

breathe this space. come out side legs first into my wisdom

and behold what ever you see is yours to take with you

a seed to plant in your own garden. may the view extend you far beyond the horizon and stars

let there be meaing in your life with out going to far and with out staying so close.

let me touch you with what I know.

let me listen to your excuses and smile.

let me show you the way

you may drop bright pebbles along the way

and come back anyway.

let me be your friend,

I will show you the ways of wise

this is my frienship creed loyal and true

Change is the enemy of identity.

Stagnation is the enemy of growth.

Discernment of what is necessary to change and what should not change

is the friend of wiseness.

But love is the only precursor to all these.

yours sincerely,

1.1k · Jan 2014
S Smoothie Jan 2014
fire burns in love
the wicker dances with heat
till embers fall cold.
1.1k · Feb 2014
funny how it turns
S Smoothie Feb 2014
From light hearted happiness

to straight into the ditch

they **** things up

so easily and they arent even here

that stain wont lift and you dont even bother washing it or coming clean.

so this snap of mine turned into your violent negation

another length of silence,

how long before you miss me this time?

how long before you realise that you are

deaf dumb and mute with out me.

I am your unglamourous purpose

I am your what little meaning you have left in your life

I gave birth to your reasons

and I will surely **** them if I go

question is,

how long do you have before you cant stop me?

how fickle you are about such important things

and how much unecessary passion will you

channel into a pit that is no longer interested in you

because there is nothing to take.

it never was a giving pit.

****** you dry now theres only heartache left to bleed

and it is all of your own making

the fantasy that they thought you were special

that they couldnt live with out you.

but I never could.
S Smoothie Nov 2013
It's dry ice under pressure
It's cold hard deliberate ignorance
And it works so **** well
It's the moment of clarity
The supreme mastery of
I just don't give a ****!
It's a blatant disregard
It's an invisible snicker
And works like a charm
It's the flick of a hand
the a slap in the face
A devastating calm
"What the ****!?"
doesn't even enter into it.
it's omnipotence of being
It's as blunt as it is sharp
And it works ******* perfectly
It's the absolute finite certainty
It's a calmness of exacting cuntism...
Best served with
i just don't give
a ******* ****!

*Author's Notes/Comments:
I feel like I want to write off the world at the moment!
1.1k · Dec 2013
S Smoothie Dec 2013
nothing is more inappropriate
or unjust
of a poem written,
than not giving it
an appropriate title
but rather disrespectfully,
leaving it with out one.
S Smoothie Nov 2013
Small minded nasty
Claiming the self victims of hate
Hating on everything
Selfish ****** wanting what's nice and easy
CAnt work hard
Can't give
Don't get in their self absorbed way
Too busy taking and expecting
Grow up and feed someone else's needs for a while
Maybe you'll grow a pair and eventually lean how to use them
For what they were actually intended for.
Chasing your Rainbows is no excuse
***** please!
This is my rant so please **** out. It is not universal it is directed at a rude *****. Cheers :D
S Smoothie Jan 2017
Oh, **** all this **** getting in the way of our happiness!
I just want to drown gloriously in your eyes like I used to.
To drink you in and be enveloped by your essence ,
to breath in the same air and kiss that kiss so openly begging to be tasted!
The chasm close enough to rue, too far to jump?
the universe conspires against us,
Who the hell is in charge of this ****!?
A fraction of a fraction off, in one calibration
and love is completely ******!
Who writes this stuff?
Get a fuckng clue!

I want a new case manager,
this one is ******!
A different take on star crossed love
S Smoothie Jan 2014
When we chance upon loves opportunity, no wonder in the universe could move us from the inevitable pain and sorrow.  We are casually seduced whole heartedly into the spiraling supernova swallowing up everything in our fusion of love.

Other worlds and other ways are suddenly all opened! A connection unable to be lost by the simplest act of acceptance. It clings. It is a forever thing. Good, bad, ugly or beautiful it will never die in us. it is born in us to grow like an infant and thus return to its infancy. It will transpose to fire and ice and a delightful inbetween but it will not fail to stretch your limits or tear them apart and carve a new dependecy or inspired independence.

The world will ne'er understand how the boundaries of love will crush common understanding and prevail through darkness and light, sick depravity and ulitmate compassion. We love this beautiful thing by its very own perameters and inscriptions. Its meaning brings meaning and how tied we are to its presence scraping its essences from cracks and hovering over its residue- we need so much to connect with it again through one path or another.

Our beautiful agapi has an escape like none can ever plan for. And, when I fell into the clutches of this truth, I understood most happily the indemnity was nil and this made it the most beautiful thing of all! I took the leap and I am still falling in a thousand places through a million spaces and an infinite set of times and places. I am completely protected by loving the climb and the fall cloaked in the hope of never understanding...

It all...
S Smoothie Dec 2013
Moon beams dancing on the ledges of your sweet face
captured in the reflections of your eyes
held there before beaming out at me and beyond
a lovely light to see your heart by
how generous of the moon to spare her moonbeams
on such a tired and poorly mess,
and yet how you transform me in the this delicate glow
emanating from me the light of my soul
reaching to bring my love as a warm embrace
and a contentment too fulfilling to bare
so that I must rise and champion myself to carry this sweet burden
when ever it is I am in the charge of your love and care.
Dont hide in the shadows,come to me, in the open.
let me catch those moonbeams forever,
as you have captured my soul's heart in a lunar bow;
Oh, what a wonderous night for moon beams!
Lost in your beautiful glow!
S Smoothie Oct 2014
**** the wind and how it whispers your name

******* love notes all the same.

I don't want your scent to drive me crazy

I don't want my senses all hazy

you're no **** good for me

**** the memories and how I wish for you again

******* not worth all the pain

I don't want you to keep trying to  save me

I don't want to dream about you  but

i don't want you to disappear.

I Know.

I wish it was ******* different too.
1.0k · Nov 2013
The kill
S Smoothie Nov 2013
******* and your lovely ghost of love
Haunting me just when I ******* learnt to let go
I ******* ache for your presence
That low **** thrum of your voice
That devil may care loving in your eyes
That ghostly touch of unwilling passion
Burning through my defences
The warmth of your war
Invading my senses
We were only ever meant for hurting
Striking each other with painful blows
I wish you never told me that senseless ******* word
Wish you never meant it at all
I wish you never tore me to shreds
Wish you never made me whole
Locked me up in your heart,
And we never even kissed
Will it ever ******* end?
The thrill of you?
I'm so ******* lost with out you
My dearest lovely ****
980 · Jan 2014
twisted rhymes two
S Smoothie Jan 2014
Ha ha! Here I am again
It's raining it's pouring
The criticism is soaring
******* I said just went and read
And could figure out why it was boring

This old mam she played ham
She played knock knack with my spam
With a sick sack fatty whack give a
Hog a pen this old mam came
Crowing poems

All around the burning bush
The donkey chased the ******;
The donkey thought 'twas all in good sport
Pop! goes the ******.

Hey ****** ****** a kiss and a fiddle
The cow entered the room
The little troll laughed to see
Such runs as the cheater ran away with a zoom!

Little miss stuffit sat on her muffin
eating her cares away along came a writer
Who sat down beside her and frightened mis stuff it away.
974 · Oct 2018
S Smoothie Oct 2018
Echos and dreams met head-on with reality
eye to eye it all came flooding back
the memory no longer a ghost
but standing in the flesh instead of fantasy
the years did nothing to quell the burning recognition of eternity
iris to iris
held there in time stopped
with the nagging sense of reality
calling back the senses
reality is a *****!
and sure as hell is no friend of mine!
I wish I had forgotten
every detail faded in time
The glimmer flashed
only to burn the wick tracing each memory
through the years of Devine hope
soldered in eachothers hearts
and a myriad of almosts
now sat right beside me
and you and I pretended
we couldn’t remember each other’s names
S Smoothie Oct 2014
once again the light of love has ssmoothed over your indisgressions

barbed arrows and blunt fist blows full of words.

I turned my back to ice.

i fractured.

I turned into scalding water

I seeped into the ground

luke warm is all I am able.

I dont know whether to turn into vapour

or collect myself at your feet.

my love is still a fragile phoenix.

its your move.
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