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  Nov 2018 sav
KM Hanslik
It breaks my bones every day
I need to get better at being alone
I need to be better at all the things I am not

I am weak
I am stuck in a traffic jam
the noise is too much for me
I am alone and the silence breaks me
I am unfit to give anything life
roses are dying because I forget to give them water
maybe I don't want to
maybe I don't know what I want
  Aug 2018 sav
But sleep doesn’t come for a long time, and when it does, the nightmares are all still waiting.
  Aug 2018 sav
Hazel Hirsch
They run from my eyes,
And down my cheeks,
And off my chin,
And fall on their face.
On the cold
Their story Over,
But not Forgotten.
They tell tales
A Broken
Can't speak.
Stories no one should recount.
More powerful than laughter;
Stronger than steel.

Not everything is ever as it seems.
  Aug 2018 sav
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Youllneverunderstand me
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