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  May 2017 Stan Patty
Star BG
I’m taken care of by my spirit.
I’m taken care of by Gods love.
I’m feel blessings from the angels.
I’m divine to glide like dove.

I’m taken care of inside breath now.
I’m taken care of by Gods hand.
I feel blessed by loving beings.
I’m divine to move on land.

I’m taken care of to fly in dreams.
I’m taken care of by the Divine.
I feel blessed and am a blessing.
I’m divine inside grand rhyme.

I’m taken care of as I bow down.
I’m taken care of to reach out.
I feel my truth inside my heartbeat.
I’m divine as I do shout.

StarBG © 2017
  May 2017 Stan Patty
One last time can we do this dance,
Of uncertainty and shuffling feet,
Of awkward laughing and teasing greetings?

One last time can we intertwine our hands,
Curl into one another
Hold each other’s gaze with unspoken hopes?

One last time can we see each other,
Be near each other,
Indulge each other?

One last time can we make these memories
That will leave my soul filled and my heart empty?
-ALC May 24, 2017
  May 2017 Stan Patty
Savannah Charlish
Truth is I have no idea how you are
I've come up with a million versions in my head
I guess I could call you and ask
I mean I used to call you all the time

But we don't talk anymore
And what if you're doing really well?
What will I do then?
If losing me didn't wreck your world
The same way you leaving wrecked mine
  May 2017 Stan Patty
Star BG
We are,
the divine self-incarnated and eternal
meant to expand the soul and live peacefully.

We are,
the gifted ones that have a birthright
to receive all Gods offerings.

We are,
blessed and a blessing
with angels at our beckon call to assist.

We are,
the sun vibrating with rainbow rays
to open our consciousness so we can feel free.

StarBG © 2017
inspired by Vivi Greene
  May 2017 Stan Patty
Star BG
As I taking a step inside my journey
it reveals within conscious breath
a smorgasbord of possibilities.

Food-like dreams surface to digest
in heart, in mind in self to dance.

Aromas fill moment,
as heartbeat takes center stage,
as sparks of excitement catapult me
into new roads of reality.

Words like can’t, fear, separation no longer fit,
as my 3rd eye view intensifies to create a new life.

No GPS is needed just positive thoughts
and the breath that aligns with heart
is enough to shift me into harmony.

Come along and become the architects of this New Earth,
where a feast of love, is present every day.

Come to create the life you have always dreamed.
Choices are unlimited.

StarBG © 2017
Inspired by Archangel Michael
  May 2017 Stan Patty
Richard Grahn
Rivulets of flame
Lick at the wounds
Of a thousand lifetimes
And countless tears

This flame is a passion
A fire in the mind
It’s lifetime is passing
But it isn’t done lasting

Burning the strife
From a well-weathered soul
It cuts like a knife
Where the malady lies

Its heat melts the ice
Frozen deep down inside
Its light casts a glow
Where the shadows reside

This flame will not die
While the dream is alive
It runs like a stream
Through the channels of my mind

The world may be turning
But the flame keeps on burning
This passionate inferno
Will not be denied
  May 2017 Stan Patty
Richard Grahn
A teardrop rains down
From the crest of the Heavens
The sky is alive
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