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Willow Jan 2019
things around here have become somberly dull since you left. almost as if each day i wake i notice the colors around me are drained a bit more than the day before.

and despite me knowing that someday all hues shall return, when we once again collide like the supernovas we are...i can’t help but feel that for now life has lost all color.

W. Be
Willow Jan 2019
what do you see
when you look at me?

do you see the sunken in ribs
and the wilted heart
of a girl
on fire?

i have come to wonder if
i am just some

something that boggles and intrigues,
imploring those to embark
on the journey
of pursuit

yet that is all i am,
a fascination.

and once discovered,
unmarked territory

the fascination subsides

and behind the myriad
the mirage that you created

is just a sad girl
with a desolate frame
and a desecrated mind
Willow Jan 2019
you are gold.

your light within shines so bright it’s blinding
like the moon in the sky,
you captivate all

a mystery
to be uncovered by yourself
and yourself alone.

you are composed of the stars and the dust and the planets and
the universe

you are everything
you deserve everything

never settle for less than what
makes your universe whole
in the most pure way

be you.
be bold.

W. Be
Willow Jan 2019
caught in the crossfire
between the beautiful colossal catastrophe of our love

rapid fire through my veins
like novacane
you numb me

tangled in silk sheets
with you pressed up against

skin on skin
my sweet escape  

I’m in love with the love that we create

W. Be
Willow Jan 2019
you don’t really have
the stars in
your eyes

for they are actually the
fear of fate wrestling
in the wasteland
we call

W. Be
Willow Jan 2019
“be love” she said
the words rolling off her lips
like sweet honey down a
glass jar

he wipes the remnants from her chin and smiles.

through the dusty window pane
opaqued by the loss of you
i muster the strength to look forward
as i always do

now the cobwebs have begun to clear,
and this glass will shine like
it once did
on a sunny Wednesday
Willow Jan 2019
like raindrops on the windowpane
the tears roll down my cheeks
softly pitter-pattering
on the earth below

i follow the trail of my tears
until i realize
i don’t have one

i resided inside of you.

W. Be
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