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sophia Jun 2021
do you ever feel like
you’re the most unlovable person
in the entire universe?
that no matter how hard you try,
you’re just a tiny fish
in the endless sea, one of many

do you ever crave for love so deeply
because you feel so broken,
and you just wanna know what it’s like,
how it’s like for someone
to love you unconditionally
do you ever feel the same way?
sophia Jun 2020
history doesn't repeat itself,
and i guess that's the hardest part of unlearning --
letting go of what once was.

it took me so long to grasp the fact that
that was all there was.
i was so blinded by my love for you;
i kept living in the fantasy of you suddenly
coming back to me one day,
but that's not the case at all.

i've been waiting all these years,
when in reality,
there was nothing to wait for
the moment we parted ways.

i have to remind myself that
you won't come back like how you used to.
we've been walking different paths for so long now,
and we won't be meeting anytime soon.
i guess that's the sad reality of first loves. we were only destined to meet once, and then never again
sophia Jun 2020
we are in solitude with the rain,
and that itself makes us feel like we are not alone
each drop embraces us with serenity,
allowing us to rest our minds and our hearts,
even if it’s just for a short while

how comforting is it to know that the sky sheds tears for when we cannot do so ourselves?
the most beautiful storm in which we learn how to walk amongst the puddles and its downpour
sophia May 2019
The last time I wrote a poem;
It was my first chance at love.
A boy who gently stole my heart,
With his profound words
And charming personality.

I will not cut too deep,
As that was a heart-rending wound,
Which eventually healed
As time patiently floated by.

Here I am now,
With my second chance at love.
He’s sweet, he’s kind;
He’s the right amount of honey
Added to balance the bitter taste of tea.

All I’m saying is that
There are different kinds of love
A person will journey through;
It might hurt, it might bleed,
It might even make you cry.

However, at the end of the day,
Love is supposed to make you feel warm;
Like the feeling of drinking hot chocolate
On a cold, rainy day;
Or wearing your favorite sweater
As the weather outside is perfectly cool
With a tad bit of warmth.
This is my second chance,
And I'm hoping that it's the last.
sophia May 2018
engulf me
drown me
submerge me
find a way into every crevice
of my face, my hands, my body

spend time with me
get to know why i'm always awake at 3 am
and why the dark terrifies me

know all my secrets
to the point that i'll feel bare
even when i'm fully clothed

love me
hate me
take control of me
leave me broken and bruised
more than i'll ever be
another kind of love story
sophia Dec 2017
i am not
letting you go,
but i will not
hold on to you, either
the art of staying in the middle
sophia Dec 2017
and now,
we're just strangers,
who love each other,
a little too much
oh how i wish i could go back to the past
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