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  Dec 2014 Pretty Panic
Nadine Swain
I stay awake
until 3 AM
willing into reality
the idea of
me and you
Pretty Panic Dec 2014
someone teach me
how to be
a real human being
Pretty Panic Dec 2014
do you have a story to tell
do you have demons to hide
tell me
how many parts of you
are no longer alive?
  Dec 2014 Pretty Panic
I keep
  falling into love
and walking into walls
tripping over boundaries
    and overstepping limits
I guess the only thing
  you left me
was a diminished
      sense of space.
Pretty Panic Nov 2014
planetary disillusionment
the notion that we are
it all revolves around us
as if we are any more than
a teardrop on a timeline
a bruise on a spine
the universe
sixteen years my lover
has ****** everyone I've ever known
yet still I let her touch me
convince me
that I matter
because if I don't
if I deny the touch I don't want
never wanted in the first place
then the black hole
in my chest will devour me
so I stay in my orbit
planetary disillusionment
  Nov 2014 Pretty Panic
bcg poetry
The story of you and me is my favorite story to tell.
Pretty Panic Nov 2014
the static in my head
has reached a deafening crescendo
like flowers in winter
my bones are wilting
curling tighter into me until
there is only a cold shell
all the life drained away
you were my spring and I bloomed
at your touch
bent toward you as if you were my sun
but the clouds
(a.k.a. my own stupid flaws)
have blotted you out
(pushed you away)
and so I sit alone
freezing to death
in my own personal
perpetual winter
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