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e Sep 2017
This is a heart
It buckles and comes unfastened

By trembling hands that search and *****
For words escaped through languid lips

Whispered promises left scattered in tussled sheets
Turn to pearls and diamonds under the weight of worn heartbeats

Like a single raindrop in a sea of emotion
Bury our sin in the slum of a broken heart

Seduction is love
And love becomes lust.
e Feb 2015
Sometimes I wonder
if aliens actually existed
and why they would be so twisted
as to want to construct
or rather instruct
making poor Egyptians
with no skin on their bones
into crazy conniptions
to build something out of nothing
into the shape of a well
…a pyramid
it drives me insane
all this intellectual debate
because sometimes
I’m only obsessed about my weight
and why I eat so very little yet still manage to gain
and other times I question my own sexuality
do I suffer some sort of schizophrenic duality
because the only thought on my brain
is how awesome it would be
for one night with J-Lo just her and me
but there are times
when my thoughts are flooded
with a torrent of grays
and I’m left in a haze
at the cruelty of Man
willing to **** a cat
for his own amusement
or spread lies
instead of self improvement
it’s weird that we engage in small talk
instead of taking stock
of all the good that we share
we squawk and we gawk
and it leaves us nothing but shell shocked
so I’ll go back to wondering about my UFO’s
and their platform to the stars
maybe you can look tonight
out into a black night sky
see a shooting star
and wonder if it was
simply a bright light
or an acquaintance of ours.
e Feb 2015
All the while
I was holding on
while you kissed me
with open eyes
searching for an exit
trying your ****** hardest
to break the ties that bind.
e Jan 2015
You make a normal day
seem like an impossibility
when every breath
hanging heavy in my room
brings me back to you
and that humid, balmy night
skin on skin
clinging onto something
as the room spun out of control
restless, needing, wanting more.
e Dec 2014
Curtains drawn
and time fritters away
headlights slice into the stillness of night
a lighthouse searching for souls lost in the dark
punctuating the seconds as minutes pass into hours and hours into days
the heat that mingles with the cool night air
create droplets that inch slowly along misted glass highways
oblivious to you and me
rocking in perfect motion
upon an ocean tangled up in sheets
a mess of limbs and hungry lips
and hands that plunge roughly
causing brows to furrow
angry waves on angry seas
searching for Atlantis within hidden depths
a nimbus of satisfaction flirts around your mouth
cresting into a tsunami
brighter than a flash of lightning
close your eyes
I’ll kiss your crown
we don’t need forever
just a promise of right now.
e Dec 2014
Soul Beat
Sometimes, after a lull
my mind feels the need to remind me of you
and I take a shovel to the dirt
digging up buried images of you and I
and I awake
from a frenzied dream
and in the seconds I float between sleep and full consciousness
I taste your scent in the air
your fingers everywhere
the warmth of your skin lingers on mine
sweat soaked
my pulse races
pounding like a hammer through my chest
if only I could take a pair of secateurs
and deadhead the hurt and memories you left trailing
like vines around my heart
suffocating me
leaving me empty
gasping for release.
e Dec 2014
She wears a fine cloak of mist
I take her hand and she leads me
through a forest of glowing eyes
the branches sigh
brushing and scratching against our naked legs
as the stars dance like fireflies
streaking magik against God's velvet canvas
I wonder where we are
and how the moonlight dances upon her silken hair
she stops to stare
and then I realise
it was me
all along
I was the girl with transparent skin
lithe and glowing from within.
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