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Feb 16 · 747
silica gel
softcomponent Feb 16
There are little pieces of yourself on the kitchen counter.

You find it in your soul to blink and look away,

wiring it all in writing for posterity,

because ink can draw outlines, maybe a little piece of you

will float back.

part of you hopes not,

as if there were

one thing you promised

you'd never do.
Jan 8 · 106
oh ya, I getchya
the capitol is burning .

                      the capital is burning .
Oct 2020 · 45
what I hoped was merited
softcomponent Oct 2020
always offer a second option,

and be willing to fill the will of the optics

*** sometimes deep behind your

eyes you can feel eruptions of meaning, and beauty

of all past, present, and future

tenses spoken like tennis into a word we're all still computing,

post truth is an acute definition in the face of

Silicon Valley rising to a mountain without might,

something designed to sooner or rather than later erupt in a sight

of obvious devastation, tragedy, and existential

awareness and insight on the brevity

and obscurity of human infatuation with

their own genealogy, insights,

or winked eyes replaced in inked lines to

maintain a certain secrecy,

the answer being nothing in particular,

softcomponent Oct 2020
"Curiosity killed the cat."                     

What this really means

is that,

at a certain point of investigation,


can become





Sep 2020 · 45
what doesn't?
softcomponent Sep 2020
I imagine a sign in my mind counting the days since my last seizure as if my body were a worksite.

Hurts to think about, but what doesn't these days?

Trump tells the Proud Boys to "stand back and stand by, but I'll tell you what, somebody's got to do something about antifa and the left." Sounds like ****** to me, just much less articulate and with much less to lose (you heard about his four-hundred million dollar debt, right?)

What a wild generation it's happened to be. I think we all eventually saw it coming, but held it off as apparently impossible like an unlikely apocalypse.

Why can't I cold turkey the liquor? I have no money left to spend, yet I act like I do. Champagne diet on a 'wage' that can only afford water. I'm an idiot in my own ways, just like you.
Jul 2020 · 82
the morning after
softcomponent Jul 2020

sometimes, I just want

to smoke





until I'm nothing


Jun 2020 · 71
softcomponent Jun 2020

they say.

but if it were doom,

would the lights not go out?

would all electricity not freeze in its sockets?

would the thought of future ambition

not simply choke you to death

from the inside-out?
Apr 2020 · 1.3k
softcomponent Apr 2020
the AskIt's have no answer

nor do the heads of the snake

of the state-scene.

they pretended they did the

same way way back

in 1918.
Sep 2019 · 166
mount cloud
softcomponent Sep 2019
The clouds wisp
with shapeless form
above the jagged,
smooth, magnificent
of a still
and                            silent

reminding the rock
that it, to,
is a cloud.
originally written by yours truly sometime in 2011.
Sep 2019 · 142
softcomponent Sep 2019



I mean,

dripping like a wet set of waterworks, I cry

to express my own ****** analogies

on a sidewalk where no one will

ever stop to give a ****,

unless it's in order to call

the authorities


it's true.

What the ****

IS going ON

(use your words,

not your fists.)

Written on September 1st, 2019 at 12 PM in Victoria, BC, Canada.
Jun 2019 · 331
softcomponent Jun 2019
you don't terrify me
as you once did,

the tidal waves lose mooring
slipping closer, sipping closer
to my toes.

hidden, as they are,
beneath loose, easily
wetted canvas (no socks).

I have no company,
and thus sip Company lager
to hwhet-the-hwhistle

(just a little....

just a little).
Written Monday, June 3rd, 2019
at Dallas / Fonyo Beach,
Victoria, BC, Canada
softcomponent May 2019
25 years into life on this planet. A quarter of a ******* century. I've attended more friend's funerals than weddings, a sad typicality of the generation I arose in beautiful concert with.

This strange fact reminds me of the opening lines from Allen Ginsberg's Howl:

"I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked,

dragging themselves through the ***** streets at dawn looking for an angry fix."

I too sought this same angry fix, but removed myself from the clutter once death stalked the corners of my own addled streets. I too was destroyed by this madness, but given the gift of a second chance upon which to reform... and the guilt that stretches its legs so cavalierly, so callously, across the resting stool of my mind reminds me of this every day I do not practice sobriety as a dogma (just as I simultaneously recognize I should never accept it--or anything else--as dogma).

It's been two strange years since Anton passed, and he still haunts me as the interpersonal ghost of the relationship we had together which, with his death, has become embodied as said ghost sans the need for either of our particular presence. Perhaps this felt phantom of our collective essence will continue to waft throughout our globular strangeness we call the Earth until all observation becomes impossible for lack of any remaining observers. I loved you once, and I will love you always, and thus will always love you until "always" becomes as relative as "once upon a time."

"Early 17th century: from Greek exēgēsis, from exēgeisthai ‘interpret’, from ex- ‘out of’ + hēgeisthai ‘to guide, lead’."

I read myself and "it's" or "him's" reality like others read scripture itself.

I am neither hetero nor homosexual. I am bisexual, and many (even within the tight 'gay' community) do not understand this when I give an attempt towards a definition of a monogamous relationship, despite it's polyamorous-ness in its long-term oprative-ness, ability, and identity.

A monogo(mish) identity. Something which proves it's loyalty and is only taken in as an operative contingent of oneself thereof. Couldn't be more favor in their flavor, so this is simply a translation of my multiplicity of romances in my monetary destitution (not that anyone has to pay me for anything lol).
May 2019 · 103
Samsung notepad poem
softcomponent May 2019
The self-imposed comma
Has eluded me
For decades.

It eludes me now
To this day
And I wonder:

When will I be given a chance?

Or will I take it myself
Hoping not to repeat
Churchill's attempt
In vain glory
To conquer Gallipoli?

But first off,
How do I correct

My own mistakes?
Sep 2018 · 230
softcomponent Sep 2018
there really is no necessity to go on living. don't treat it like a duty, treat it as a gift. and don't for a minute think you have to take it seriously.      the point is, if you really want to check out of this experience,            

                                       you can.                    


                                                      you just don't have to.
softcomponent Jun 2018
Twisting my own arms backwards,

heaving myself to the pavement

to let it all go,

let it all out

and become a

self-same sense of

sensation as sensation,

just so I can be

happy with all these

thoughts, at the very least;

it's all I'm ever

asking for.

It's all any of us

are ever


asking for.
*dedicated to no one, because it's still 'someone' too.*

Written Monday, June 11th, 2018 at Fonyo / Dallas Beach,
Victoria, BC, Canada, around 6:30 pm.
softcomponent Jun 2018
it feels like
I can be nothing
more than a
recurring burden
to others.

They all say,
"Get well soon,
friend; let's get
you back on
your feet,"

but my mind
keeps whispering

"It's all too
much, & it's
all too late.

*You might
as well
"Hang me, oh hang me, & I'll be dead & gone,
wouldn't mind the hanging, been
layin' in the grave so long,
poor boy, I've been
all around this world."

Written Monday, June 11th, 2018,
at Fonyo / Dallas Beach, Victoria, BC,
Canada, around 6 PM.
Jun 2018 · 159
Reckless Peninsular Abandon
softcomponent Jun 2018
Three people
stand upon
a peninsular
rock revealed
overnight from
beneath the
rolling waves
looking out
Port Angeles,
each absorbed
in their smart
-phone, save

for rotating

photo opportunities

with the entire


Written Monday, June 11th, 2018 at Fonyo / Dallas Beach,
Victoria, BC, Canada
around 5:53 PM.
Jun 2018 · 159
Pineal Disassociation
softcomponent Jun 2018
Both my inner

& outer companions

cannot accompany me

any further.

Each have their

own lives

to live.
Written Monday, June 11th, 2018
at Fonyo / Dallas Beach, Victoria,
BC, Canada around 5:45 PM.
softcomponent May 2018
Strange artists;

even we wish

to marry the

sentiment. Marry

the "factual"


or "CASH




But if it truly

rules over us,

which, in fact,

it does,

then let's call

its neurotically




what it is:

"The Divine Right

of Kings."

And we already

beat the living



out of that narrative

a long, long while


"Hello? Are you

human & have

you been listening

for the past

100,000 years?"




you have.
Written Monday, May 20th, 2018 between 5:10 & 5:16 PM in Sunset Park, neighborhood of Wildwood, Powell River, BC, Canada.
softcomponent May 2018
Tell me of the mystified Isle's,

the dampening subheader

splotching itself upon

a concrete rug

that calls itself




   A      M     A    Z     I     N    G   G   G  G."
Written Saturday, May 19th, 2018 at midnight to 12:30 AM in Cawston, BC, Canada.
May 2018 · 183
Oil Rigs at Bottom's End
softcomponent May 2018
Solvent catechisms

dripping thru the ashes

of complacency,

like a burnt-out cosmos

weren't enough to convince

a high-ender like me

not to dance along

to the beat

of my own


Written Saturday, May 19th, 2018 at midnight to 12:30 AM in Cawston, BC, Canada.
softcomponent May 2018
Collecting lonely moments

while not technically "alone,"

a recipe for bite-the-bullet recovery

from on high.

The bonds between I & "Other"

seem to strain

to the point that they

ALMOST snap...

whether in collapsing disconnection

or the simple anxious pulse

of "all" in disassociation,

like identity

was nothing more

than a summer lawn

adorned in trampolines,

with ideas of ID's

bouncing up & down

like an ambivalent parade

of helium balloons.
Written May 13th, 2018
in Powell River, BC, Canada
softcomponent May 2018
this town is a skin

I thought I shed

like a snake

in the grass.

But sitting above

my old haunts

as if a vault

of old remembrances

dipped in a soft coat

of nostalgia

has made me find

it is much deeper than that:

it still sits in my

muscles, my irises,

and burrows




Written May 7th, 2018
in Powell River, BC, Canada.
Apr 2018 · 154
scratch-bloody indifference
softcomponent Apr 2018
someone once told me

to purify fire, one must

wash the flame

and sit in darkness, thinking:

"finally, it's the Brand New Testament

                                              I'm reading."
softcomponent Apr 2018
Tell me everything,

but—hey, wait!!—as you do

start way back at nothing,

*** it's still 'something' too.
Apr 2018 · 237
i AM the consumer!
softcomponent Apr 2018
A life seen in wide-angle

is a floodlight

chewing away the collective cataracts

of ignorance

only to spit them back out

and make a stew

with the sloppy remains.


                     just promise you won't eat me

                                                             ­           'til I'm dead.)
Apr 2018 · 158
Last Call, Casanova!
softcomponent Apr 2018
Sad cars stream down/up/down/up highway

like a two-way waterfall

full of salmon Neal Cassady's


Sal Paradise's

on their way to the

spawning sanctuary

to give birth to a strange


fever // dream.
written Sunday, February 4th, 2018
in Rock Bay, Victoria, British Columbia.
softcomponent Apr 2018
the curvature
of the
were enough
to let me know
there were another side
to this great continental shore,
a side
at which you will soon
find yourself
the base
of infant trees
and gnawing them
into the soil floor
as if finally
employed its own services
to stave off
the further destruction
of our single biosphere.

"Does distance
make the heart
grow fonder,
does distance
cause the heart
to wander?"

All I can say to this is:
I hope that while your body wanders,
my heart will be beating
alongside yours
the soft blemished skin
of your chest
and as
they hold each other close
below your rib-cage,
you will hold
mine close
as you freeze
and ache
at the end
of an abandoned
as if

we can


truly leave

each other's






dedicated to my darling, Hannah Clark.

the ocean of land between us can't keep us apart--because we've built our love with our own brick & mortar.
softcomponent Apr 2018
having a seizure
is like
having the rug
basic familiarity
in life
tugged out
from beneath
your mental footing

as your perceptions
whittle themselves
and a
strange penchant
to mistake
the place
you find

... another ...

or start
mixing memories
perceptions thereof
as if both
have always been
and the



perhaps they are.)

This proves
there really is
no difference between
the observer
of the universe
what is actually observed

...except relative to the ubiquitously shared
sobriety of the
of the
human race
its own
cognitive-perceptive bias
through a never-ending
feedback loop
leashed and tagged
with a label that reads:

'Radio Normativity.'

"Tune in to have your bias confirmed!"
softcomponent Apr 2018
so everlasting love was what we wanted,
a universe that sank into a
of itself
like a child
into the pages
of a
well-written book.

but in wanting it,
we admitted to our

we didn't have it.

and so,
as we sought,
the copious


of our



the very same


"   serendipity
                                          has really got me
                                                                                          by the *****.   "
Mar 2018 · 561
existence hurts
softcomponent Mar 2018
there was never much left for me to say,
insofar as I didn't know how to articulate it or,
if I did, I no longer possessed the energy to do so.

Hope comes stranded, like a helium balloon
left to wander the skies once released
at a city parade.

A child not yet wise to the knowledge
that helium
is lighter
than air
imagines she can let go
to weave her little shoes
into secure knots with
both hands,
so by the time she looks up to find this renegade bulb,
it's nothing more than one of what could be
ninety-nine red balloons
floating in the summer sky.

In this sense,
it could be said hope comes
from all angles,
regardless of whether this
little drip of serendipity
is gifted by accident,
simple curiosity.

Existence always hurts.
But it's our challenge to choose
how it hurts:
will it be a chronic sickness unto death,
inspiring moroseness and jaded apathy?
Or will it feel like gym pain,
as if liquid gold has pooled
into every open crevice
of bone marrow
so the ache is nothing
friendly reminder
of our living vitality
through having
the body,
and soul
in satisfaction?
"The opposite of depression isn't happiness, it's vitality."
softcomponent Feb 2018
Far too often the past few years I've felt as if I were C3PO dragging my robot-feet through the parched, endless dunes of the Tatooine deserts in the opening salvos to A New Hope.

"Oh R2, it seems be our lot in life to suffer."

The past 2 years, though it would be impossible to say each and every contiguous moment was terrible, has, in the aggregate evaluation of retrospect, been the worst 2 of my life so far. Two good friends have lapsed into the realm of death as a result of drug overdoses, I've slogged through episodic epilepsy which has precipitated a full return of my anxiety and major depressive disorder, seen the end of the longest relationship I've ever been in after 3 and a half years following which my ex-girlfriend (probably legally a civil-union 'spouse' by the point of departure) immediately leap-frogged into the newly committed arms of someone I thought to be a best friend less than 2 weeks after our termination as a couple, my compression-of-self to manically pursue academic ends, some of which would never reach fruition regardless of my best efforts, Donald Trump's election to the highest office of political authority in the United States and all that is contingent on this terribly seminal event, my manifest inability to accept that I am perhaps affected heavier by the loss of these two said friends than I often actively feel myself to be within any given moment, aaannnd.... where has it all lead?

This is perhaps the $64,000 question. I feel it is most certainly the reason I write today.

I have been, on many levels, classically defeated by forces of life known to human experience since the beginning of time. I am emotionally, intellectually, and physiologically exhausted.
I desire nothing more than the ability to take a period of hiatus, to retreat and regroup for a few months, let all bleed to paper, a catharsis permitted as energy levels allow. But I'm afraid because I don't have the money to support such a retreat despite my knowing exactly what I need. Rent will still rear its ugly head to guillotine my unprepared neck and truly substantiate a hard, physical contrast between the 'body' and 'mind.' This being said, it is only the dissonant forces of economy which maintain this illusion as a practical necessity.

If economy can't let go of me so I can let my soul soar to express, I often begin to contemplate yet again the only third option between a rock and a hard place: that of suicide, the ultimate and final release. The 'greatest' final "Great Escape."

Just let me go, or I'll do it for me.

Please, convention. Give me the space I need. Because I know, I know, I know I need it.
Written early November 2017.
softcomponent Feb 2018
Castles in the sand, or
Castles in the sky.

There's a whisper of tentative potentials
wafting thru the air like mill smoke.

It keeps us withered and wondering,
starstruck, mutilated in spirit & empowered
in mind.

We chant, "I don't mind. Terror
is an error but no error stems from
a terrified wolf,"
simply reacting
to the terrain like a Ghost
losing the ghost of its mind
in these very same whispers
as they morph into a melody,
a whistle, a beautiful problem
ready to be solved.

(ready to be solvent.)
They asked me what life meant.
My reply was, "Life is meaning itself,
embodied in a compound unity
with no center."

"And we are seamless expressions of this
same strange mystery, this same
absurd dance
where the point
is the point,
and the point
isn't sharp."

Not anymore, anyways.
Jan 2018 · 162
Prefixed in Picture
softcomponent Jan 2018
Test the prefix, nasty "the,"

"the end," "the task," "the mannequin's

freakishly piercing magenta gaze";

What's the MaTtEr?

is matter the MaTtEr?

Don't twist my arm

like a twist-off beer cap,

twist & shout, perhaps

because the void needs us

to scream.

We exist as the amplified feedback

of the Universe-At-Large,

& if sound isn't made,

there can't be consciousness,

or confusion

without the screeching feedback

loop of time.
softcomponent Jan 2018
how much easier it might be
to type these words, not
write & swipe with the
sword-tip of a pen across
the canvas of a page
mashing buttons on a controller
swifting for a combo ****
conclusion to an aperture
of computer "consciousness"
rearranged in form of pixels
with every maneuver, shift,
& dodge across the canvas
of light emitting diodes on
your television set / computer

Macroeconomics, on the DL

(down-low), meticulously

controlled as an experiment

on nothing mellow,

nothing easy,

*nothing soft.
softcomponent Jan 2018
If only there was a way
to explode into an aperture
of terminal ecstasy, massing
an army too small for invasion
at the borders of a conflagration
far larger than our individual bodies
crafted of flesh, bone, and water. Sort
of like oatmeal rising with the addition
of a liquid, expanding to become the last
thought you'd imagine you'd ever hear
spoken aloud in a busy thoroughfare strip
mall lost in the sprawl of cityscape snowed
over in light sprinkles like icing sugar across
the soft top part of our holiday muffin.

location, location!

Look at those palisades
of rock, ice, and tree,
evergreen (  maybe

FOREVERgreen   )

Soak the fire!
we're all about
to spot a light
at tunnel's

Flashlights off.

Eyes closed.

And with your
eyes closed, close
your eyes

-  -  -

*Thank u
for the

Jan 2018 · 411
The Strait of Georgia
softcomponent Jan 2018
The wind is a slack freeze billowing
across the low structures of the ferry
as it floats indelibly towards the coastal
island landmass once known as Quadra
and Vancouver's Island, now maintaining
only the former prefix as if either dub of
the landscape was a 'fix' at all. There is a
Canadian flag tangling with itself in the cold,
wound around a metal cable wire on the top sun
deck reserved for smokers avoiding the crisp air
for the formaldehyde devil they already know.

Waves ripple through the fabric flag above and
the fabric water below, both tossed by the same
heavenly forces forever wafting throughout the
globe as if all the steam ever boiled never truly
left the biosphere nor converted back into liquid
but instead became yet another one of many
of our
oh-so human

yet another
one of many
left to ring in
our ears til we
cease as observers,
thus ceasing to

“It is above as it is below”
“there is no difference between
the observer and the observed.”
Not my thoughts, nor I doubt
anyone's thoughts
in particular.

Snow dusts the caressed peaks,
valleys, and crevices of the
Pacific Coastal mountain range,
each geological mound standing
shoulder-to-shoulder looking
across the withered liquid mounds
in quicker motion atop the Georgia
Strait below as if watching a child
relative playing with new toys
received on
Christmas morning.

I have no words
adequate enough
to express all this

All I can do
is help you
read my mind
and hope
wordless words
poetic telepathy.

The wind is still a slack freeze as I exit the ferry.
There's no one here but all of us,
softcomponent Jan 2018
I did nothing today as pertains
academia. I AM  a mess of a
man. a mess of a manly manly
man. not that I need to be a manly
manly man, but I would like to be
at least moderately successful in my
ventures (I have too many dreams to
hold silent in a space as small as this
skull of mine). Dance with me in this
awfulness, like a she-wolf lone in the
wilderness with nothing but a collar
to tell it that it was once a dog. Tell me
your wrongs and I'll tell you mine.
Together, we'll make it

Together, as I said, we will make it

Lost in an unmapped maze, we are
forced to draw our own from the
narrow chinks in our particular
caverns. Unique in amazement
and pain. Unique in the colors
our blood takes when converted
to paint. Unique in the ways we
slowly **** ourselves. Unique in
the ways we slowly work to build
life's very meaning from nothing
but a blank canvas always declaring
that "tomorrow never comes."
But I think you understand
as well as I do:
**this was the point all along.
softcomponent Nov 2017
bird **** plummets onto the roadway pavement as pedestrian traffic moves through the crosswalk intersecting Johnson and Douglas, vaguely luminescent from the bright of the sun until they transit beneath the awning shadowed canopy of a downtown tree planted on the sidewalk and disappear around the sight-block of an old redbrick corner building now refitted to host a Burger King, its windows grimey with human sweat grease and fast-food fast-life apathy.....

// // ... // // ... . and as I open my eyes, I realize it for the visceral memory it is; a waking memory-dream of the job I once held at a smoke-shop downtown. A job obtusely abandoned with no more than a crisis-ridden "sorry-goodbye-so-sorry-*******-goodbye." These strange internal replicas of days spent in hours sitting, waiting, small-talk drenched in my own irrational impatience at everything-at-once, habitually referencing death as a way out from the hollow auditorium in the back of my head where all my thoughts lose themselves amongst their own reflections in an endless hall of mirrors. These are the only souvenirs I possess from the end of an era.

Life has simultaneously come and gone. Death and birth manifest in every moment. Dapper conventions leave a framework in place while I peep through the wide open margins where walls and windows should be, wondering if the jig is finally up.  

Long before both my birth and the birth of Christ, Heraclitus wrote:
"No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man."
and just as it is in life experienced, so it is in the grand rivers and overlooked tributary streams of memory quite the same.

And though it may not be the same river nor I the same man, the flow of both is contiguous with all. This I know for certain.
Nov 2017 · 276
softcomponent Nov 2017
all those

who lock their gaze

on the study of this world

are the personifications

of confusion, servicing

walls of text to summarize

so you don't

have to.
softcomponent Sep 2017
a friend once told me that I talk too much. always click the 'get directions' button in cases where I'm completely unsure of the water beneath my feet and wait for the next exit to bring me to wherever I've decided home is going to be for the next moment in space-time. I glare at the flashes of sparkling light in the sky and wonder why I haven't thought of this more-- why I haven't placed myself above the pain inside my lackluster lungs and questioned every spoken pettiness for its lack of asking directions. not all those who wander are lost, and not all those who are lost, wander. it's just hard to tell whose who when we're all blind marbles rolling across a flat board-game edition of the earth, bouncing off one another and forever altering the confused matrix of life with our verbal skirmishes of love and hate, *** and war. all the lines blur and static white-noise gives me a chance to listen to our origin on reality TV as I wait and wait for the next notch in the stairs toward the door. I wish I was rich in spirit, and poor in mind.. alas, I'm poor in spirit and rich in mind when I actually find it in myself not to drop it like a heavy treasure chest full of sweet and sour nothings I could use for little more than bragging rights-- "everybody, look what I found!"

sitting on the number 6 bus toward work the other day I had the panicked thought of children-- "will I ever be a father? am I sure I want to live long enough to try?" I've always dreamed of eventually settling with kids, a life-partner, and a modest home in a quiet whereverthehellwefeellike.. books tower on every wall and beg the question to be asked and it's all a joyful redundancy if you realize it only results in more questions, and that's okay. I'd read Alan Watts to my kids and show them how we are all just God playing hide-and-seek.
Sep 2017 · 262
The Battle of Aboukir Bay
softcomponent Sep 2017
everything withers on a vine like
                                                                ­      to
                                                                ­           raisins.
Seeking the power of sublimation,
I grasp the ghost of my sadness
by the scruff of it's ghostly collar
and look it in the ghostly eyes to tell it,
as resolutely as Horatio Nelson
                                                                ­  commands to his fleet to attack
Napoleon's assembled navy
at the mouth of Aboukir Bay
two centuries
19 years before the meanwhile write,
that I can't breathe.
I can't breathe.
I really can't breathe you

*but in the end, my victory is as
assured as Napoleon's eventual
defeat. I will route my demons at
their own little Waterloo...
and even if they return
from exile to rule one last time,
they will find their second attempt
Jul 2017 · 469
"what is a poet?"
softcomponent Jul 2017
as the air slithers thru my barely-opened window,
and the lisdexamphetamine begins its pulsing thru
my veins, I think of my abrogation of poetry for
manic intellectual pursuit at the highest academic
degree. The pace of an angry, deletrious, passionate
mad gift of insanity that will always leave me with
un-relieved pressure in the mind, migrated to the
solar plexus, where it builds and builds and builds
until the steam must exit lest I explode in the trapped
heat and experience a heat-death perhaps not unlike
that predicted for our universe, billions of years from now.

And I asked myself a question I recognize someone has
already asked and answered for me.

"What is a poet?"


I asked, "What is a poet?"

Soren Kierkegaard glances up from his study in the office
I've established for him in my mind. He repeats the question
for clarification, and declares:

*“What is a poet? An unhappy man who hides deep anguish in his heart, but whose lips are so formed that when the sigh and cry pass through them, it sounds like lovely music.... And people flock around the poet and say: 'Sing again soon' - that is, 'May new sufferings torment your soul but your lips be fashioned as before, for the cry would only frighten us, but the music, that is blissful.”
Jul 2017 · 380
the you in you
softcomponent Jul 2017
songbirds twitter within the acoustic enclave of my mind.

only when I've galvanized myself with the looming shadow
of nothingness,
a dark initiative,
something life-denying
and yet
spoken loudly to be spoken away
do I learn the language of redemption.

only when the darkness is embraced
can one gaze beyond its shoulder,
ready to climb the next mountain
and descend into the next valley
with no recrimination
towards the you in you
that's hurting
Jun 2017 · 907
softcomponent Jun 2017
I sat behind the barricade between the street, the bar, and the park overlooking that glistening pause-asteric of the water... my phone was clamped closed at zero battery life so I was alone with the city and the city was alone with me. as subtly as I could, I pulled my pipe from the bottom of my over-encumbered backpack satiated with 6 books (and they tell me knowledge is power, but they'll probably just drive me insane with question after question after question because the study of the world is one in which the brain falls victim to exponential growth 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256)


I couldn't find my grinder, so I tore the bud by hand. More than half a nug was spent, pushed solid in place like a **** mound about to reach apocalyptic ****** thanks to the soft clitoral bonfire of a red Bic lighter.

blaze, set, and fade til you rise again
little stoner boy.
softcomponent Jun 2017
pain, pain,
regardless of the pain
i will be here in the rear-view
skating past and saying
to the passerby's in Jeep's and Prius
and Camry's
and Adidas shoes
all tattered and bled along highways
and back-roads of life.

when Robin Williams died by belt self-suffocation,
i was back in the dark of a previous mind and i cried
*** i saw myself in his suicide.
i saw my darkness colored in with pitch-black pastels,
and infidelity..
toffee from a homeless man
i hand him a cigarette.

my lungs were never my life-force - -
my lungs were never my life-force - -

all the blurry peripheral city lights
dancing in my withheld tears
as i marched from Douglas to Yates
and the old Korean karaoke bar
with the silent tv
dancing asians moving mouth-muscles for nothing
as the song sings someone else to sleep in Seoul..

the unwashed windows 3 floors up the office building are the strangest thing i noticed in this delicate flood of hopelessness, seagulls screeching from spider-men perches
on street-lamp,
construction crane

"I want to be a man again
*I want to be a mannequin."
Jun 2017 · 468
the numberless takeaway
softcomponent Jun 2017
zero in on that second when gravity
takes a small dive into the contrast
that is nothing.
you are left comparing what your
senses still reveal to the soft blanketed
blankness of no-thing at all.

an absence only apparent because
it has been

the numbered becomes numberless
when there's nothing
Mar 2017 · 380
stock poem
softcomponent Mar 2017
insert reference
     to famous artist
                   drinking chardonnay
        on expressionist rockface
  dreaming of a better
                                                                ­               gladder
                                                                ­                                 world.
Feb 2017 · 408
softcomponent Feb 2017
part of me
there were something more
to a super-sonic boom.

something muted;
not another
to be scaled
by the
rock climbers
in one ******* ear
out the other.

it's valentines day,
and I miss her.

there's no plainer way to put it;
what this day
is my
solar plexus,
and the tightness
of my totality
when I try to
focus in
on the feeling;
or, conversely,
when I try
to turn myself

And so I must accept it
in minor tidal waves
across my tired eyes,
just to get caught in the crevices
of my always-bleeding
Feb 2017 · 589
uphill both ways
softcomponent Feb 2017
take off like the bird you are;
beyond the horizon,
looking toward Port Angeles,
in the cold,
in the night--
the sound of chat and crackling fire
wafting across Dallas Beach
as we use the
on our phones to navigate nature's cragged stairwells,
up and down and up and down;
the relief,
the respite,
came from the snowblind-white patches of
that we would then soon decline and hop to softer sand below.
There's a relief in going uphill when
means you must come down;
tho I think of these remembrances,
spasmodic, fragmented memories of 3 and a half years together
I realize you and I had faced a bigger battle
---one that terrified us both--
as to whether we should
part ways
as if it were perhaps

but there's no relief in an incline like that.
We'd have been walking uphill both ways.    

and now we  are
in the dark
with nothing but the
of our phones

walking uphill
*like we had a choice.
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