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promised rendezvous with your
       *** held as a carrot in front
of my wanting
       pelvis it was only later that
i realized the taste of you on my
       chin was tainted with
the stains of a
       lovers who all believed that

you moaned only for them
sweat and smoke obscured
photographs color my memories of the
fleece blanket where you

****** me

as the heavens exploded above us

the burrs that won't wash out no
matter how many times i

they stab me to remind me of what I've always known. 

The things we love **** us all eventually.
whisky no longer held an
     escape everywhere it would take
him he found her there wrapped
     in a ***** sheet waiting for

Written in response to a poetry prompt on Twitter from @_sense_wrds
they hide their sadness differently
each filling their emptiness with

never ending
waves of poor choices and
escalating consequences

he will never find relief in memories
of better times of kind words of moments shared under the moon on a hill where time and again they danced in and out of each other

she will never find relief in a bottle or a twisted piece of cellophane chasing the ghost of better times of kind words of moments shared when their souls and bodies were bare and there were no conceits or pretensions or sarcasms

of a time when they were the world

and the world was them

so they continue to chase
their relief in the wrong directions

when they both know that the
solution is asking to be found

So instead they'll forever carve each other's
names into their

very last


inch of bone
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she hides her sadness with
chemicals and the next



between her thighs and her
painted smile

evidence of last night stained
on the
sheets she wears around

her atrophied heart

as she carves another vaporous hash
mark on the last available
patch of

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— The End —