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Mar 2017
they hide their sadness differently
each filling their emptiness with

never ending
waves of poor choices and
escalating consequences

he will never find relief in memories
of better times of kind words of moments shared under the moon on a hill where time and again they danced in and out of each other

she will never find relief in a bottle or a twisted piece of cellophane chasing the ghost of better times of kind words of moments shared when their souls and bodies were bare and there were no conceits or pretensions or sarcasms

of a time when they were the world

and the world was them

so they continue to chase
their relief in the wrong directions

when they both know that the
solution is asking to be found

So instead they'll forever carve each other's
names into their

very last


inch of bone
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Written by
S Michael Vandiver  44/M/Between Someday and Never
(44/M/Between Someday and Never)   
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