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Sheldon Dsouza Feb 2015
Its kind of funny how relations can change, in a way ever so strange,
It could even affect those closest you, those precious treasured few.
Drifting for no apparent reason apart, those so close to your heart.
Those far off come near too, some even take the place of those few.

The journey is quite amazing though, the transitions between friend and foe.
Wonder what causes bonds to change, especially in becoming estranged.
Is it the grudge or jealousy that fuels the shift, causing huge valleys and rifts.
Whatever the reason big or small may be, the problem has a long history.

Why does all of this have to exist? why does everyone have this tryst with fate?
Why can’t we just live n love? do what we were sent to do from above.
We have one life to do what we please, so why not spend it in ease.
Do what we always wanted to do, spend it under the sky blue.

This life is not enough for everything to fit in, so why waste it in sin?
Live life in all of its positivity, kick out all of the negativity.
So smile like you never did, all of the sorrows in the world rid.
Poke and joke, in happiness let your soul soak.
Spread light wherever you go, seeds of joy on the way sow.
Accept people as they are, hold them close, don't let them go far.
Live, love, and pray, make this world as good as they say.
Sheldon Dsouza Feb 2015
Value someone who values you not like silver and gold,
Value someone who values you in fact ten times fold.

Value someone who values your smile,
Value someone who in difficult times makes smiling worthwhile.

Value someone who has always been there through the thick and the thin,
Value someone who has held you through late nights and gin.

Value someone who may irritate you till you pull your hair out,
Value someone who would knockout anyone else who tried to in a single bout.

Value someone who catches your every precious tear drop,
Value someone who does everything in and out of the book to make those stop.

Value someone who assures you that not all is lost,
Value someone who inspires you at no cost.

Value someone who protects you from every scratch and rake,
Value someone who spends the worlds time with you putting everything else at stake.

Value someone who holds you when nothing is right,
Value someone who's always there all your worries to fight.

Value someone who stands up for you in every situation,
Value someone who never gives up on you and goes for a vacation.

Value someone who does not care what the world says about you,
Value someone who recognizes the real inner you and believes you are unique in your very own way too.

Value someone with whom you may have the biggest of a fight,
Value someone who still incessantly stands two steps behind you and for you with a smile whether day or night.

Value someone who values you for what you are,
Value someone who continues to value you every minute and every hour, whether you are close or whether you are far...
Sheldon Dsouza Feb 2015
That genuine smile of yours delicate and mild,
Can soothe senses and tempers gone wild.
A raging storm with ease you can calm,
That smile of yours is ever so warm.

It takes you only a few seconds to flex those ****** muscles,
To brighten the days of millions amongst all the hustle, bustle and tussles.
Your smile is so priceless and pure,
For it all pain one can endure.

It’s like the rays from a billion suns shining bright,
Dazzling and sparkling like the brightest light.
It gives that extra glow to your face,
Making everyone’s heart beat race.

It’s like the most pricey jewel one could admire,
Among millions it could spark a burning desire.
Every smile you pass is like a treasure,
Making the few lucky, millionaires for sure.

But when you frown in the saddest of ways,
It’s like the happiness in the world has gone out of gaze.
Dark clouds fill the overhead sky,
Rain starts pouring as the heavens begin to cry.

It’s like the world hits a note so low,
Their happiness takes that heavy blow.
An empty feeling fills the hearts of those,
Who once with your smile happily would rose.

So smile because the world smiles with you,
Cry and the world sobs with you too.
Times may get you down in life,
But don't give up the strife.

Don't let those pearls from your eyes fall,
For someone or something who wasn't worth it after all.
So keep smiling day in and day out,
And brighten the lives of those you move about...
Sheldon Dsouza Feb 2015
I can see every tear you've cried
Up against that cold old wall
Like an ocean in your eyes
Those waves of tears would rise and fall.

On the days you're alone against the world
All the pain and the scars have left you cold
I can see all the fears you faced
All those times you tried to be tough and bold

Through the most lonely days
Ive seen you on that quiet road
Walking without saying a word.
A thousand signs your blank face showed.

When small problems, become extremely big.
When they brought you crumbling to your knees.
When you could'nt express how you felt,
Seen you spend your time sharing thoughts with trees

When nobody notices you
Ignored everything you'd say or do
When a thousand words went unheard
I saw you in that corner, left to rue.

You were never alone
I was and will always be with you
And even if it begins to pour
Will always be there to see you through.

I’ll be right there for you
to hold you when the sky falls down
Ill be there till it all fades away
Will be there to calm your fear and invert your frown.

Never to leave you all alone
Will stay until the sun shines again
Till the brokenness within has healed
And you are freed from all the strain.

When daybreak seems so far away
Will be there holding your hand
Even when the world turns against you
Right by your side I'll stand
Sheldon Dsouza Feb 2015
Out in the ocean,
on a rock,
I sat pondering,
ignoring the clock.

So simple,
yet so intoxicating,
This water body,
surprisingly inundating.

Deep and mighty as it appears,
Yet supports a thousands life forms for years.
It may roar and at times may soar,
All destruction it can cause no short of a war.

Yet it does not do it at will,
If it could it would come to a stand still.
Hundreds of secrets it harbours in its heart,
Hundreds of tears it treasures as pearls in its cart.

For centuries it has served many,
With no sign of remorse or that of envy.
Though it could not appease,
thirst of a weary sailor.
Every curious eye, it could please,
by its incessant glamour.

All pain it kept to itself,
Only to serve selflessly it thought itself.
Man nor beast couldn’t understand its mysteries deep,
Nor could hear it in the darkness weep.

No one to hear its cries or sit aside it in times so rough,
To be with it through every crest and trough,

Yet it learned to get along perfectly with all smiles,
Without any regrets it spans for miles.
Capturing hearts with its endless beauty,
This mighty ocean full of mystery.
Sheldon Dsouza Feb 2015
She walks a narrow path,
over a valley filled with wrath.
One wrong turn,
and in the fire she's left to burn.

She always dreamt to stretch her wings, but never did fearing the stings.
She always wanted to soar high,
but feared the endless predators in the sky.

A smile she wears as the day goes by,
lets no one see the tear in her eye.
The pain in her heart goes un noticed by most,
though it rings from coast to coast.

Her voice no one ever heard,
not a single sentence or word.
No laughs of joy nor cries of pain,
all for herself to contain.

Lonely at times she gazes at the night sky, trying to catch any falling star that may go by.
Wishing for her misery to end,
wishing to enjoy life and its moments with a close one, a friend.

Laughs and cries to herself at times, putting down what she feels into rhymes.
Pushed around forever,
rarely allowed to pursue her own endeavour.

Her goals and dreams,
never morph to reality it seems.
For others she lives,
without thinking her everything she gives.

How long will this go on,
how long will she suffer from dusk to dawn?
All the injustice and spite,
will this continue to be her plight?

Why can't she be allowed,
to rise up and touch every cloud?
To laugh more and less to cry,
all set bounds and limits to defy.

To fight and to resist,
to deal with every twist and tryst.
To have an equal foot on every front,
no more to take the brunt.

Her eyes never to sparkle with remorseful tears,
to do away with all her worries and fears.
Her freedom to life and right to every joy, lets protect and not destroy.

To end her pitiful plight, and let her enjoy her life’s glorious flight...
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