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Jun 2017 · 2.0k
Kid in a Candy Store
Sheldon Dsouza Jun 2017
There once lived a boy young of age,
Candy he loved so much his teeth had caves.
Not one or two could satisfy his urge,
Tonnes could go down his tiny throat.

This one time to the market he went,
His mother holding him firm in the grasp of her hand.
Seeing him sad she saw him standing then,
"Go get some candy" she said putting two pennies in his arm band.

Off he ran to in search of candy prime,
His eyes moving vigorously from left to right in search of the candy store.
Then he saw it, that glorious gleaming colourful shop,
His one and final destination, his stop.

It was small yet filled with people from all over the city,
Every one, young and old wanted a piece of candy.
The little kid pushed and pulled with all his might,
A piece of candy he craved like the elders craved shandy.

The din and crowd couldn't lower his spirit,
His eyes set on this sugary treat, his favourite.
But till the time he could get to the counter,
The last treat the man in front bought for his little daughter.

The kid got all teary eyed and walked out of the store,
Standing outside he watched all the other kids happily walk out of the door,
Drops started falling to the ground,
The girl from inside watched him all along as he cried and frowned.

The little kid's world had fallen apart for a minute,
Till this cute brown eyed girl decided to do something about it,
She went up to him and asked him if he wanted some?
All she wanted was for him not to be so sore.

The teary eyed kid looked up with a smile,
He nodded in cheer as he wiped his tears.
A huge bit of candy he took as he reached for his arm band.
Searching for the two pennies to repay the little girl.

To his dismay only to realize,
The money had fallen down somewhere in the struggle.
Gulping down saliva he dared to let her know the truth,
"I have no money to give you", he said.

"Its ok", said she with a beaming smile,
The boy nevertheless decided to give her his favourite arm band.
That day those little kids exchanged more than just candy and a piece of cloth,
They exchanged smiles, kindness and pieces of their heart.
Sep 2016 · 1.1k
Love Transforms
Sheldon Dsouza Sep 2016
I've been quite busy of late,
Work and life got me in that state.
Poetry got put on hold for the time being,
But an observation and a chance encounter got the poet bleeding.

This little flower I saw standing strong and shining bright,
Smiling and dancing in the bright sunlight.
From a bud to blooming and bursting with energy,
This little yellow flower making use of the soil and water synergy.

Then came a day where a little worm came her way,
Caressed her delicate little petals and made her sway,
His words rang through her senses and made her petals flutter,
Little did she know his dark intentions were from the gutter.

He talked about the little details of her beauty,
This poor little thing fell for cutie patootie.
Then one day without any warning,
He started nipping at her petals after adorning.

She thought it was not intentional as he pleaded forgiveness,
But then he started nipping, biting and eating with swiftness.
She bore all the pain as he continued with filling his tummy,
She thought he would soon go back to being her lovesick dummy.

Down to the last leaf she was when the wind started blowing,
Off the worm flew , the wind his fat overgrown body overthrowing.
With time her beauty she restored to her past glory,
Took care and made sure she did not fall for the same story.

Along came a bee buzzing his way in,
With her every move his heart over n over she would win.
He tried to make conversation with this pretty little thing,
Tell her how he felt about her and got him buzzing.

Her scars grew red again from her past encounter,
Fearing this moment she had built walls around her.
Her response to this stranger was heartless and cold,
Any advances he'd make she'd curl into herself and enfold.

No matter how much he tried to convince her,
Her walls wouldn't budge, for him to deter.
All he wanted to do was be with her,
But at this point everything was so blur.

She had advanced in life far ahead,
Achieved what she dreamt of in nature's bed.
Confident and bold she had become in this time,
Love was all she was left to fear of that feeling sublime.

The bee continued and never gave up,
Every morning to her sweet face he wanted to wake up,
Seeing his stubbornness something changed within her that day,
A leap of faith she took the walls breaking away.

Had she not, she wouldn't really know,
A fruit she would transform into with a lovely glow.
Love has been given a bad name by a filthy few,
But with the right person it can be sweeter than honey dew.
Jul 2016 · 3.2k
"Her !"
Sheldon Dsouza Jul 2016
This one time I entered a store,
Something to better my body sore.
Partied a little too hard the other day,
Oh so in bed I wanted to stay.

I worked my way to the green aisle,
Sunglasses on, I walked in a zombie style.
Searching for lemons with bloodshot eyes,
Always dreaded “the morning after” exercise.

As I tried to hold myself my rather flimsy frame together,
I heard a sweet voice say "Can I help you sir???"
I raised my head in a confused fashion,
Limes I said spinning my fingers in a circular motion.

She chuckled at me in a rather bubbly way,
This little miss handed me lemons right away,
"Have a cup of coffee it'll do you better!" she said,
Smiling at her over there I stood as my heart bled.

Her apple red cheeks soft and plump,
And her wavy hair was enough for me to stump.
She wasn’t the prettiest of all I agreed,
As she picked up the limes I dropped, I paid all heed.

She seemed to have noticed me right then,
Handed me the limes and blushed again.
I was so charmed with her welcoming nature,
"Let’s get me that coffee?!" I said like a hopeless creature.

Perplexed she stood there for a while,
"I'm working" she said with a hesitant smile.
I knew the store owner there, a good old friend,
For a day's off he agreed to lend.

I told her to get her apron off and grab her bag,
"Let's go" she said as she got off her name tag.
I adjusted my glasses as we crossed the sunny street,
We brushed hands occasionally as we smiled at passer-by’s to greet.

We got our coffee and grabbed a corner seat,
I smiled at her as my heart skipped a beat.
"What do you see in me?", she asked.
"You're beautiful Sunshine!”, I said as in her beauty as I basked.

"But I’m not all that slim and pretty", she mumbled in a sad tone,
"It’s just extra layers of cuteness sweetheart", that’s a fact known.
She cried and cribbed telling me about her situation,
How she tries to fit in a society that treated her case as a deformation.

She stood out of the crowd for me though,
The more we talked the more she raised my brow.
My thoughts and hers were an exact match,
Like old long off friends we did attach.

Intact our frequencies matched oh so quick,
We were left to wonder if it was some kind of sorcery or trick.
I understood her and she understood me,
May be we were meant to be.

I had searched in all the wrong places,
Investing my time in lean figures and noisy places.
Right then I learnt that love is not determined by rules nor is beauty by figures,
It’s that tingly feeling in your toes and in your fingers.
Feb 2016 · 542
Sheldon Dsouza Feb 2016
I don't really believe in fairytales
They don't appeal to me.
So far fetched and finely etched,
Moments of utter distraught transitioning into those of glee.

We’ve watched serials and endless movies
Castles built on mountains so high.
Rapunzel caged in the topmost tower,
only to be found n rescued by a mere passerby?!

Cinderella on the other hand sweating it out from dusk to dawn counting upon a wish,
Then turning into a princess overnight sounds like a major glitch.
How many times have we seen a slave girl,
Working hard for a living but merely surviving,
Their lives changing at a wand's mere swish?

Sleeping Beauty on the other hand enjoying her glorious nap,
Only destined to be kissed by the man of her dreams and live happily ever after,
Reality in this one seems so far fetched,
Who lives a ridiculously lavish life like that in a luxuries lap.

The beauty and the beast is a huge tragedy in itself,
A beauty falling for beast is preposterous,
In reality no beast gets the beauty or the beauty the beast,
The pretty ones always go  first off the shelf.

But look closely at the fairytale and you will find there's more to it than meets the eye,
It tells us how courage rewards the brave few who had the heart to try.
Cinderella, Rapunzel, The Sleeping Beauty or the Beauty from the Beauty and the Beast,
Would have grown old living their old detested life,
If it weren't for the courage displayed by them or their brave, with their broken hearts they would be left to cry.
Dec 2015 · 510
Sheldon Dsouza Dec 2015
He gave her his heart that she may learn to love again.
She broke his heart using the pieces to join hers,  leaving him heartless.
Oct 2015 · 3.9k
Sheldon Dsouza Oct 2015
Island,a piece of land surrounded by water,
So are we  when you actually sit and ponder.

Water is what surrounds that piece of land,
And thoughts are what surround us, vast expands.

Exotic, tropical and beautiful expanses they treasure,
Much like the beauty within us beyond measure.

Some discovered and mapped and yet others still untouched,
We too expose ourselves and some still remain  in 'emselves clutched.

Surrounded by a tropical beach some are and others in a dense gloomy fog,
We put up so many appearances, all assumptions and views to clog.

A threat an outsider may pose to the paradise they hold within,
Laying a foundation of trust is what's required before explorations begin.

Every island is unique and beautiful in itself,
Every person is a limited edition model on life's shelf.

An opportunity to experience such beauty needs to be met with gratitude and respect,
Grateful one should be to experience such beauty and not heartlessly deject.

For an island once deemed ugly will set up a fortress of its own,
People will crawl into their shells never letting anyone in their private zone
Jun 2015 · 2.1k
Sheldon Dsouza Jun 2015
Mankind keeps evolving into complications like a pair of strings.
Mar 2015 · 9.2k
Broken Heart
Sheldon Dsouza Mar 2015
Broken hearts are stronger than those intact, for the broken cannot be broken further is a fact.
Mar 2015 · 7.2k
Water Lily
Sheldon Dsouza Mar 2015
It’s the beginning of the monsoons and of the week,
A clouded chilly one with the clouds blanketing the sun.
I’m struggling to get out of bed and into my daily routine,
Running late as always, there’s never time for fun.

The first rains of the season were not welcomed with a smile,
Cars, Buses and mopeds splashing and spraying water all around.
People cursing the rains and others on the roads,
Racing to the office is not as easy as it may sound.

It’s a dark dull day with no sunshine to light my path,
And the rain to rob me of the dryness I had left.  
As a child I remember this being different in every way,
The rain bringing me cheer and happiness, never indulging in theft.

Stopping at a red light, all wet and soggy,
I see this small figure making way between the vehicles standing.
On every window and door she knocked with enthusiasm,
This little girl hopping around in every puddle landing.

Trying to sell the water lilies she had in her hand,
Not letting the frowns or the drops of rain her spirit lower.
She shines off all the hate and the disgust,
Through the muck and water walking to sell this pretty flower.

All of the dullness and gloom she got rid.
A smile on my face and in my heart she brought,
This little girl with those bright water lilies,
Like the flower she sold, all eyes and hearts she caught.

Bringing smiles and spreading fragrances in times so dull,
The water lily blooms in the muck and conditions degrading.
So did this little ******* this dark rainy day,
Returning cheer and happiness drained in the rain by blooming.
Feb 2015 · 3.8k
Swear Words
Sheldon Dsouza Feb 2015
Out on the road in the middle of the night,
I made my way with no one in sight.

Hugging all the tight corners and vrooming on the straights,
Burning tyre rubber at alarming rates.

Little did I know at that hour along the next turn,
There'd be another person.

With the wind in her hair and one of the most lovely face,
She rode her little pink vespa with amazing grace.

I happened to have crossed paths with her in a traffic rule breaking fashion,
A move I made with deadly precision.

Instantly she uttered that lovely swear word with a sweet loud tone,
"*******" she said, raising her ******* alone.

Wrong I was and would've apologized if I could stop,
But in a hurry I was and a high speed it all to top.

Late that night, those stream of events ran through my head,
I pondered on it as I lay in bed.

Swear words! Instantly blurted in the spur of the moment,
Yet originating from the heart's deepest cavity and vent.

Pure to the core,
No hidden meaning they store.

Swear words may have been considered in appropriate and shunned in the world,
Yet they convey what a person feels most appropriately when they are hurled.
Feb 2015 · 800
Realization 101
Sheldon Dsouza Feb 2015
Sitting out here on the perch,
In the deepest depths of my mind I search.
Searching for memories in the past,
Guess good things have never been made to last.

Leaving behind the cherished few,  
I set out on a journey I ne'er knew.
Leaving behind the place to which I belonged,
On a call I waited for and longed.

Was it the right thing to do,
There may have been another option or two.
Back then I had no option or so I thought,
Within myself a hundred voices I fought.

I travelled far and wide,
Following life wherever it took me.
Lone and lost with no one to confide,
I carried looking for someone to walk by my side.

Flying over a sea of sadness,
Lost as the day goes into darkness.
If I fall would there be anyone to raise me up,
Or will I be the forgotten one?

Words only lead me to the cracks in my disguise,
A mask I once put on to cover the helpless cries.
My flesh a prison for the man behind these eyes,
Wanting to break loose from these ties.

Often the question to me is put,
What changed when here you laid your foot?
What made me withdraw myself into this shell?
I pondered hoping something would ring a bell.

The winds blew hard just then,
I rose and fell  for ten times ten.
Thats when it struck me like a lightning bolt,
Life has changed its pace and Id felt the jolt.

Cribbing and crying I was till now,
Always doubting and raising that eyebrow.
Well life doesn't care not a single bit,
You gotta be fit or thats it.

Be assured you are gonna be tossed and rolled,
May be once, twice or even ten times fold.
Your mettle will be tested no doubt,
Cant afford to let loose or grow stout.

Travelling at speeds never seen before,
Flying into my future and what was in store.
I still cribbed upon the moments I couldn't capture,
The short meetings and departures.

Well I was wrong about that I knew not then,
The moments will come again you know not when.
It aint and never will be in the hands of men,
But you will definitely be greeted by those moments again.

A word you may not recieve from the cherished few,
For long you could go without those moments sweet as dew.
Forgotten you may think you are but you're not,
Always remembered and awaited for by that huge lot.

Right then I saw everything clearly,
I could stretch my wings freely now.
I was back to my old self again,
Finally out of my dark murky den...
Feb 2015 · 742
Cause Analysis
Sheldon Dsouza Feb 2015
"The trouble with loyalty to a cause, is that the cause will always betray you."
-Transformer quote
Feb 2015 · 455
Of animals and humans...
Sheldon Dsouza Feb 2015
Cage a tamed and it will go wild. Set a wild free and it will be tamed.
Feb 2015 · 6.6k
Her Smile
Sheldon Dsouza Feb 2015
Her smile,the best thing to happen to me in a while.
Took the pain,
and all the drops of rain.
Replaced it with a feeling so joyful and unique,
a feeling a man would to the end of time hunt and seek.

Sometimes shy, sometimes just outright joy, sometimes naughty, sometimes just outright fun,
her smile, a combination of all the heavenly feelings in the book put into one.

With that sweet smile of hers,
the sweetest dessert she offers.
Could stay hungry all day, just to have that sweet smile I could stay.

Her smile, her strongest weapon,
could cause wars and offer a peaceful solution.
Her smile is one thing that no one would ever want to miss,
her smile the perfect definition of pure bliss.

So do it with class or do it with style, the truth is your smile is the best thing to happen to me in a while.

Smile once, smile twice, any one would suffice.
Whats that I see, a smile I guess, breath taking I must confess.
Feb 2015 · 2.4k
Sheldon Dsouza Feb 2015
Like I was before I am now.
Reluctant to change I thought I was,
But succeeded to change myself somehow.

Thought you would prefer me that way,
Thought I'd seen hope's ray.
But I was wrong then as I am now.
A ray of hope I hadn't seen,

A mere illusion it had been.
No different than a mirage you were to me,
My minds visualization of a heavenly entity.

Thought I had found joy in a desert of sadness,
Like water in a barren wilderness.
Whoever knew the loneliness I had to go through without you?

Didn't care about it that much,
Who would! after gaining an angel like you as such!

But you never took me seriously,
A joke I was for you clearly.
No matter what I said or did,
You took my words no more than that of a kid.

Hoped for you to be more than a mirage for me,
Hoped that from this loneliness I would alas be free.

But as it had to be,
After chasing you for an eternity,
You disappeared into clarity.

After all the sweet pain you put me through,
You just spread your wings and flew.
Leaving me in this wretched state,
Like a mirage in a desert great great...
Feb 2015 · 514
Sheldon Dsouza Feb 2015
A simple yes or no will suffice,
go overboard and all doubt you'll entice.
Feb 2015 · 431
My Lady Fine
Sheldon Dsouza Feb 2015
Walking down a busy aisle,
I look at others and pass a smile.
A distinctive thought crosses my mind,
daily I wonder when will her I find.

She could be anyone amongst the crowd out there,  
an elegant, beautiful lady fair.
Or could be a delicate angel flying above,
waiting to fall into my hands and soothe my pain with her love.

Elusive as she may seem,
she's always with me in my dream.
Dazzling in a gown of white,
blinding me with rays of light.

A mere sight of hers sets my heart pounding,  
no one could be as astounding.
Secretly stealing my breath away,
when with ease I watch her sway.

Her sweet voice calms my soul,  
makes me wanna rock n roll.
Her hair like strands of glistening silk,
her skin glowing like milk.

Swiftly eluding my every attempt to grasp her,
laughing away out of my reach she steers.
This chase she so enjoys,
with me oh how she plays and toys.

I wish I could for once,
at her sweet face pass a glance.
A chance her slender, thin hands to hold,
to protect them from the cold.

To caress her softly,
to calm that growing anxiety finally.
How I long to watch her sleep,
her hair off her face to sweep.

How I wish for my dream to come true,
my very own angel to appear out of the blue.
Until then I shall continue this search of mine,
to find my lady fine...
Feb 2015 · 354
Ghost In The Background
Sheldon Dsouza Feb 2015
Standing in the dark alone,
Chilled down to every bone.
Brittle as every part of me may grow,
Lingering in the silence of your mind you will always find me you know.

You may have felt lonely at times and may have also frowned,
Wonder where my promise went of me always being around.

Wishing for a shoulder to cry on,
Wishing for someone to hold your hand and wipe your tears when you are torn.
Cursing me for not being there,
When life has been so unfair.

At that time close your eyes,
Surrender all your worldly bonds and ties.
Call my name like you always did,
And I’ll be there instantly all your worries & sorrow to rid.

Your heart to mend,
With you the world’s time to spend.
Till that smile on your face returns,
I’ll be there holding your hands through all the tough corners and turns.

Till your eyes twinkle again,
Till all the sorrow from your life I have slain,
Holding you tightly I will remain.

Cushioning every blow you take,
Protecting you from every scratch & rake.
You will always have me to confide in,
Every time you find the world around you spin.

Like a ghost in the background,
My presence you may not feel but in the back of your mind I’ll always be found..
Feb 2015 · 496
The World
Sheldon Dsouza Feb 2015
The world was once an innocent place,
one where no one had deceit, treason and
manipulation to face.

Everyone was happy, there was no need to worry.
Then came money,
which instantly became everyone's honey.

With money came power,
everyone to obtain this
had a desire.

Blinded by the lust for power,
people became slaves to a devious empire.

Today the world is littered with devious and manipulative freaks,
with a few left to
tolerate these creeps.
Feb 2015 · 431
Sheldon Dsouza Feb 2015
There is no extent to how low one could get in the conquest to achieve what one desires.
It turns the righteous and truthful into liars.
Have they lost their self esteem?
Yes, I guess, they can bend lower than they seem.

I wonder what fuels their passion for things, t
hat they cut off their own wings.

Fall so low,
start mingling with the dark, lowly life forms below.
The pride in basking of in the glory of their achievements does not interest them,
so basking in another's seems to be the only rem.

Backstabbing, stealing and mutilating others,
glory they find at times to the extent of deceiving their own kind.
Clawing and gnawing, pouncing and fighting, all for what? What's so exciting?

Helplessly they battle each other in the wretched state they are,
but make no attempt to grow wings and fly far instead pull others to that low lying pit of boiling tar.

Passing devious looks,
waiting for the unaware to grab their hooks, stealing their laurels like crooks.
Disgust fills me with a mere thought, once companions now having sunk to that place of eternal rot.

No amount of urging could do them any good,
unless they remember the glory in which they once stood.
Until they regain their sense of pride, until on their own laurels they learn to ride.

They will lie in that pit of shame,
with the lowly life forms playing that wretched game.
As long as on others laurels they rest,
such creatures shall I detest.
Feb 2015 · 708
A Simple Someone
Sheldon Dsouza Feb 2015
Not a special friend...
Nor a foe...
Just someone watching your back, while your on the go...

Not someone near...
Nor someone dear...
Just someone to hold your hand when you fear...

Not so sweet...
Nor so sour...
Just someone to walk with you the distance far...

Not someone you'd think of...
Nor someone you'd expect...
Just someone to give you that warm comfy effect...

Not in times of happiness...
Nor in times of glee...
Just someone who's there even when your sailing the saddest sea...

Not someone you'd be aware of...
Nor someone you'd turn around and see...
Just someone who'd be there when you call no matter where you'd be...

Not a comedian...
Nor a clown...
Just someone to invert your frown...

Not a hero...
Nor a angel...
Just someone always two steps behind you in the form of a soul simple...

Not so crooked...
Nor so fair...
But when I got you I knew I'd got more than my share.

Not someone unique...
Nor someone rare...
But a character forever to treasure and care...

Not so close...
Nor very far....
But with you like your shadow I will be my friend, every minute n every hour...
Feb 2015 · 382
Sheldon Dsouza Feb 2015
Its kind of funny how relations can change, in a way ever so strange,
It could even affect those closest you, those precious treasured few.
Drifting for no apparent reason apart, those so close to your heart.
Those far off come near too, some even take the place of those few.

The journey is quite amazing though, the transitions between friend and foe.
Wonder what causes bonds to change, especially in becoming estranged.
Is it the grudge or jealousy that fuels the shift, causing huge valleys and rifts.
Whatever the reason big or small may be, the problem has a long history.

Why does all of this have to exist? why does everyone have this tryst with fate?
Why can’t we just live n love? do what we were sent to do from above.
We have one life to do what we please, so why not spend it in ease.
Do what we always wanted to do, spend it under the sky blue.

This life is not enough for everything to fit in, so why waste it in sin?
Live life in all of its positivity, kick out all of the negativity.
So smile like you never did, all of the sorrows in the world rid.
Poke and joke, in happiness let your soul soak.
Spread light wherever you go, seeds of joy on the way sow.
Accept people as they are, hold them close, don't let them go far.
Live, love, and pray, make this world as good as they say.
Feb 2015 · 2.2k
Value That Someone
Sheldon Dsouza Feb 2015
Value someone who values you not like silver and gold,
Value someone who values you in fact ten times fold.

Value someone who values your smile,
Value someone who in difficult times makes smiling worthwhile.

Value someone who has always been there through the thick and the thin,
Value someone who has held you through late nights and gin.

Value someone who may irritate you till you pull your hair out,
Value someone who would knockout anyone else who tried to in a single bout.

Value someone who catches your every precious tear drop,
Value someone who does everything in and out of the book to make those stop.

Value someone who assures you that not all is lost,
Value someone who inspires you at no cost.

Value someone who protects you from every scratch and rake,
Value someone who spends the worlds time with you putting everything else at stake.

Value someone who holds you when nothing is right,
Value someone who's always there all your worries to fight.

Value someone who stands up for you in every situation,
Value someone who never gives up on you and goes for a vacation.

Value someone who does not care what the world says about you,
Value someone who recognizes the real inner you and believes you are unique in your very own way too.

Value someone with whom you may have the biggest of a fight,
Value someone who still incessantly stands two steps behind you and for you with a smile whether day or night.

Value someone who values you for what you are,
Value someone who continues to value you every minute and every hour, whether you are close or whether you are far...
Feb 2015 · 10.6k
Sheldon Dsouza Feb 2015
That genuine smile of yours delicate and mild,
Can soothe senses and tempers gone wild.
A raging storm with ease you can calm,
That smile of yours is ever so warm.

It takes you only a few seconds to flex those ****** muscles,
To brighten the days of millions amongst all the hustle, bustle and tussles.
Your smile is so priceless and pure,
For it all pain one can endure.

It’s like the rays from a billion suns shining bright,
Dazzling and sparkling like the brightest light.
It gives that extra glow to your face,
Making everyone’s heart beat race.

It’s like the most pricey jewel one could admire,
Among millions it could spark a burning desire.
Every smile you pass is like a treasure,
Making the few lucky, millionaires for sure.

But when you frown in the saddest of ways,
It’s like the happiness in the world has gone out of gaze.
Dark clouds fill the overhead sky,
Rain starts pouring as the heavens begin to cry.

It’s like the world hits a note so low,
Their happiness takes that heavy blow.
An empty feeling fills the hearts of those,
Who once with your smile happily would rose.

So smile because the world smiles with you,
Cry and the world sobs with you too.
Times may get you down in life,
But don't give up the strife.

Don't let those pearls from your eyes fall,
For someone or something who wasn't worth it after all.
So keep smiling day in and day out,
And brighten the lives of those you move about...
Feb 2015 · 670
I'll be right there...
Sheldon Dsouza Feb 2015
I can see every tear you've cried
Up against that cold old wall
Like an ocean in your eyes
Those waves of tears would rise and fall.

On the days you're alone against the world
All the pain and the scars have left you cold
I can see all the fears you faced
All those times you tried to be tough and bold

Through the most lonely days
Ive seen you on that quiet road
Walking without saying a word.
A thousand signs your blank face showed.

When small problems, become extremely big.
When they brought you crumbling to your knees.
When you could'nt express how you felt,
Seen you spend your time sharing thoughts with trees

When nobody notices you
Ignored everything you'd say or do
When a thousand words went unheard
I saw you in that corner, left to rue.

You were never alone
I was and will always be with you
And even if it begins to pour
Will always be there to see you through.

I’ll be right there for you
to hold you when the sky falls down
Ill be there till it all fades away
Will be there to calm your fear and invert your frown.

Never to leave you all alone
Will stay until the sun shines again
Till the brokenness within has healed
And you are freed from all the strain.

When daybreak seems so far away
Will be there holding your hand
Even when the world turns against you
Right by your side I'll stand
Feb 2015 · 744
The Mighty Ocean
Sheldon Dsouza Feb 2015
Out in the ocean,
on a rock,
I sat pondering,
ignoring the clock.

So simple,
yet so intoxicating,
This water body,
surprisingly inundating.

Deep and mighty as it appears,
Yet supports a thousands life forms for years.
It may roar and at times may soar,
All destruction it can cause no short of a war.

Yet it does not do it at will,
If it could it would come to a stand still.
Hundreds of secrets it harbours in its heart,
Hundreds of tears it treasures as pearls in its cart.

For centuries it has served many,
With no sign of remorse or that of envy.
Though it could not appease,
thirst of a weary sailor.
Every curious eye, it could please,
by its incessant glamour.

All pain it kept to itself,
Only to serve selflessly it thought itself.
Man nor beast couldn’t understand its mysteries deep,
Nor could hear it in the darkness weep.

No one to hear its cries or sit aside it in times so rough,
To be with it through every crest and trough,

Yet it learned to get along perfectly with all smiles,
Without any regrets it spans for miles.
Capturing hearts with its endless beauty,
This mighty ocean full of mystery.
Feb 2015 · 4.3k
Her Plight
Sheldon Dsouza Feb 2015
She walks a narrow path,
over a valley filled with wrath.
One wrong turn,
and in the fire she's left to burn.

She always dreamt to stretch her wings, but never did fearing the stings.
She always wanted to soar high,
but feared the endless predators in the sky.

A smile she wears as the day goes by,
lets no one see the tear in her eye.
The pain in her heart goes un noticed by most,
though it rings from coast to coast.

Her voice no one ever heard,
not a single sentence or word.
No laughs of joy nor cries of pain,
all for herself to contain.

Lonely at times she gazes at the night sky, trying to catch any falling star that may go by.
Wishing for her misery to end,
wishing to enjoy life and its moments with a close one, a friend.

Laughs and cries to herself at times, putting down what she feels into rhymes.
Pushed around forever,
rarely allowed to pursue her own endeavour.

Her goals and dreams,
never morph to reality it seems.
For others she lives,
without thinking her everything she gives.

How long will this go on,
how long will she suffer from dusk to dawn?
All the injustice and spite,
will this continue to be her plight?

Why can't she be allowed,
to rise up and touch every cloud?
To laugh more and less to cry,
all set bounds and limits to defy.

To fight and to resist,
to deal with every twist and tryst.
To have an equal foot on every front,
no more to take the brunt.

Her eyes never to sparkle with remorseful tears,
to do away with all her worries and fears.
Her freedom to life and right to every joy, lets protect and not destroy.

To end her pitiful plight, and let her enjoy her life’s glorious flight...
Feb 2015 · 7.4k
Sheldon Dsouza Feb 2015
She is sent from heaven above,
Sent with a mission, sent with love,
With a mystic smile on her face,
She soothes souls with eyes of grace.

Like a fairy from a beautiful fairytale,
She is sort by many, come winter or come hail,
Like first rays of the rising sun,
She makes hearts race she makes em run!

I see her day in and out,
Laughing cheerfully and playing about,
I see her right there busy making someone smile,
Waiting on my chance again to spend with her a while.

I lay in my bed and think about her,
My past memories of her ever so blur,
So far away yet always so near,
She's the reason I am still here.

I await the times when we can talk,
I await the times we can finally hold hands and walk,
To feel her for real... so close to me,
In her arms oh so much I long to be.

Her eyes shine like a million suns,
Shines more brightly than anyone,
Her smile so sweet can help but make me smile,
It stops the world in its feet for a while.

When I have no one to turn to,
And no where I really want to go,
And I am feeling kind of low,
When there is no one here to talk to.

I search deep within myself for her care,
That lets me know she's still there,
It is this that keeps the hope inside my heart,
Even though we may be a few miles apart.

A smile then appears upon my face,
No evident sign of sorrow to trace,
When I heard her voice, so soft and sweet,
It was like the sweetest treat.

Happiness you shall be mine again,
Gone are the days of rain,
Far from me I thought you were,
Until I opened my eyes to see you were always near...
Feb 2015 · 560
The Hammer
Sheldon Dsouza Feb 2015
Of all the tools in the world, the hammer intrigues me most.
Both in war and peace it has been a worthy companion of the host.

A weapon of mass destruction it is in times of war.
In times of peace a effective tool of mass construction across every shore.

It has been used both to make and to break.
The wisest of men have always known what action to take.

Forged both as a tool and a weapon in the heart of a furnace.
For those who bring a wind of change across the surface.
Feb 2015 · 387
This Little Human Heart
Sheldon Dsouza Feb 2015
Amazing is this little human heart,
small n sensitive as a lark.
But has a will most stubborn,
keeps trying n hoping till the last spark.

Never backs down from anything it desires,
kindles that burning internal fire.
Achievable or not it doesn't matter,
until the decided is achieved it will never tire.

But sometimes things don't go the way they are supposed to,
there tough corners n turns in life one has to negotiate.
There may be times of extreme joy n happiness,
then again there are times when you're just not favoured by fate.

The heart can be played with,
hurt and at times broken into a million pieces, all cause expectations are not met,
Its then when it needs to understand that some things are not meant to be,
and some things just aren’t worth the regret.

It must learn that one encounters both joy and pain,
neither of which will forever stay.
It’s no point chasing happiness or for that matter avoiding the fear of getting hurt,
one can never enjoy life truly from the bay.

Its no point shedding a handful of tears,
wasting a few moments for those unfulfilled expectations.
Or for those who weren't after all really near,
for all those moments lost life owes you no remunerations.

Take the joy n good moments in,
little heart never fear from doing anything.
It must be realized that trials n tribulations you will encounter,
but around the corner surely then a larger joy will make you go rig-a-ding-ding.

You understand this and you will be well off sweet heart,
never regret or get upset.
Rather live the moment at hand like you're never going to get it back,
for that moment all your pain n worries to forget.

In life you may not be prepared for one too many things,
sometimes you will sail with ease and yet others you may not.
Don’t get discouraged then or hold on to what has passed,
Move on, the remorse ain’t worth a memory or even a thought...

— The End —