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Apr 13 · 100
SerenaDuru Apr 13
Why is it that it is when I am most alone, I feel most present?
I feel like an alien on Earth. I do not understand how I was birthed here.

My home is beyond my physical state, my home is beyond my emotions, and even my desires. My home is where none of those things could dream to reach, in all their perversity and incapability. I will not hurry from Earth, but I do know that this does not even slightly resemble my home.

How blessed I am to know what I am not.
Apr 12 · 265
I miss you
SerenaDuru Apr 12
Do not be fooled by my smile,
I am not at peace when I laugh,
I am not home when I am in ecstasy,
I wish to feel the settlement of my heart,
Within the warmth of your hand.

No one has the slightest effect on me,
Like you do.
I always keep you in mind,
Even in the arms of another.
Aug 2020 · 152
SerenaDuru Aug 2020
Someone please take my pen away,
For I cannot even bear to face in words the lamentation of my heart!
I cannot bear to acknowledge that I will never kiss my love again!
Aug 2020 · 264
SerenaDuru Aug 2020
Ye hosts of sadness,
And hatred
Of cruel and selfish nature,
Are not welcome here!

I am a vessel of love,
I am a vessel of love,
I am a vessel of love,
I am a vessel of love ...
Aug 2020 · 157
SerenaDuru Aug 2020
When I draw nigh unto thee,
The warmth of Thy Presence encompasses my body,
And my eyelids may lay to rest;
I need not seek anymore.
Jul 2020 · 115
SerenaDuru Jul 2020
I am a mere spectator,
Of my determined heart.
Jul 2020 · 373
SerenaDuru Jul 2020
To some my heart is dim,
And completely void of splendour,
But in your eyes,
My heart is an illumination of an innocent and indispensable love.

May I surrender my heart to an eternity of your gaze?
Jun 2020 · 279
SerenaDuru Jun 2020
Can we just let the whole world disappear?
And all that is is us right now,
We’ll shut them out so that they can’t even breathe our atmosphere,
How beautiful we are together.

Don’t love me too loud,
They will taint our love with their thoughts,
Let’s just love in this quiet place,
Where only the beauty of us exists.
Jun 2020 · 282
SerenaDuru Jun 2020
in your dream,
My love,
for me.

in your dream,
for me.

I’m not as far,
as you think,
So do not waste,
do not waste,
do not waste,
any time,
I’m not as foreign,
as you think,
For we use,
the same heart,
the same heart,
the same heart.
Apr 2019 · 151
SerenaDuru Apr 2019
I laugh at death
Feb 2019 · 201
SerenaDuru Feb 2019
Even in the darkness of the night
I am still there
There is no escaping me
For without me
You cannot exist
Without the light
You do not exist
So be happy
To know that you have no choice
In dancing your life
In the light of my love
Feb 2019 · 670
SerenaDuru Feb 2019
Your warmth helped me open my eyes
And realise that the stars in the sky
Were an illusion of you
Playing on the sky of my eyelids
Jan 2019 · 188
SerenaDuru Jan 2019
For how can you even say you love
When you love with desire
For desire is conditional
It passes

And, once gone
You will be left in the corpse
Of the body
You stole from me
Jan 2019 · 232
SerenaDuru Jan 2019
Oh God
Tear back the veil of man
So that I may gaze upon
Dec 2018 · 325
SerenaDuru Dec 2018
It’s me again
Have you remembered my name

That you called out
To every star in the sky

Hoping that one would answer
Alas none ever did

You died waiting
So I brought you back to life

For as long as I exist
You shall too
Dec 2018 · 463
SerenaDuru Dec 2018
Am I not
The most beautiful
You have ever
Dec 2018 · 357
SerenaDuru Dec 2018
Be the star
In a sky full of nothingness
Dec 2018 · 300
SerenaDuru Dec 2018
Don’t be afraid to cry
For I am the tears that flow
Let me soothe your cheeks
Nov 2018 · 205
SerenaDuru Nov 2018
And then there was nothing
And then there was everything
Nov 2018 · 517
SerenaDuru Nov 2018
You will be completely encompassed in darkness
To finally see me
For it is on the darkest of all nights
When my light will shine the brightness
Nov 2018 · 332
SerenaDuru Nov 2018
And when you have no one to turn to
You will turn to me
And you will beg for my forgiveness
And I will heal you from your own doings
Nov 2018 · 306
SerenaDuru Nov 2018
Oh my love
Have you realised how silly you are
To settle for the stars
When the sun awaits you
Nov 2018 · 365
SerenaDuru Nov 2018
For though night has fallen
The sun still exists
Despite the inabilty to see it
It lays awake and alive
Nov 2018 · 14.4k
SerenaDuru Nov 2018
I like
Who I am
When I’m with
Nov 2018 · 1.1k
SerenaDuru Nov 2018
“How is it ?” he cried. “How is it that she left me so easily?”

“She never left you.”

“She’s not here anymore!” His fist banged on the table. “I cannot see her, touch her, taste her, hear her, smell her!”

“You mean to say, that she is not of your world anymore. But that is not of her doing. She is not a unique thing. Her vision is a sculpture, her skin is silk, she tastes like strawberries, and sounds like a soft waterful. Her scent is a metaphor of life. If she is not of your world anymore, that is of your doing! If you could only open your eyes and see, my friend, it was not her that left you behind.”
Nov 2018 · 292
SerenaDuru Nov 2018
esrevinu eht fo rohpatem a eb retcarahc ruoy teL
Nov 2018 · 1.0k
SerenaDuru Nov 2018
uoy ssik I yaM
erusaelp taht em evig uoy lliW
Oct 2018 · 652
SerenaDuru Oct 2018
What if I told you
That you
Are not
And the voice
In your head
You are hearing now
Is not
What if I told you
To stop breathing
And let the
Of who you are
And realise
Sep 2018 · 187
Breathe me
SerenaDuru Sep 2018
Have I sparked an interest
Is it time for you know what you are
Who you are
Where your stardust was collected
To form the body I give life to

Leave your skin behind
Let your mind rest
There is only one thing I ask of you
Breathe me

I’ll dance with you
Every step a child of the last
I’ll fill you with flowing grace that represents my presence
And press your mind with the memories of how you feel when I am felt

Every state of insecurity is false
Influence transcendence from these states
Every state of knowing is the truth
For I am the only time you’ll ever know

— The End —