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seasonalskins Aug 2014
losing weight - my body finds it hard to let go
seasonalskins Aug 2014
pardon my inadequacy,
i'm always two steps behind
or a mile ahead,
and yet i find myself drifting
along the sea of people,
catching parts of lost souls
and blurring corners of conversation
title somewhat inspired by temper trap
seasonalskins Aug 2014
please don't escape
i want you here
living, breathing,

you are alive,
seasonalskins Aug 2014
because if you can tell me who i am
with arrangements of 26 letters,

maybe i can call my body home
seasonalskins Aug 2014
her voice
tripped over cobble stones
drifted through waves

her voice
echoed in empty rooms
cracked through walls

her voice,
stays knotted in her throat
seasonalskins Jul 2014
you are not the reason
i cannot feel comfort
amongst people

how can i begin to explain
the deep unsettling discomfort
waiting to erupt from under my skin

when i am among you
i am in the between
neither here or there

i think about things
things that hold me back
things i can't set free

i'm not letting you see me
because i am living
uncomfortably in my own skin

so if shutting myself out
will save you of discomfort,
so be it
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