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Matt  Sep 2014
The Beauty of Life
Matt Sep 2014
Alan Watts said the Hindus
Say get lost man

Get caught up in the beauty of life
The Hindus see life as a great drama

What a fun day I had yesterday

I had steel cut oatmeal for breakfast
Then worked out at the gym

At night I was at the putting green
In the distance I see a man slowly disappearing as he jogs away

To my right A mother soothes and holds a baby

Today I was at two different college campuses
I recorded some of Alan Watts' book on the Tao

So many beautiful women
I walked around campus
And saw such beautiful women

Oh my goodness
I could not believe how short
Some of the women's shorts were
They barely covered their tight bottoms

I'm not complaining
The women really love
To strut their stuff at this Christian University I attended

Tonight I was at old junior college
I took classes there ten years ago

First I walked around
I was smiling as I listened to Kashmir
People smiled at me too
I think they saw what a good time I was having

I had my Australian hat on
It is great because it covers the neck

Then I watched water polo
Referee blows whistle
Swimming back and forth

Then I was walking
And a guy with a Led Zeppelin shirt walked by
I told him I was listening to Kashmir
He said, "awesome" and walked by
What a strange coincidence for that to happen!

I was so content
Lying on grass with back against small rock
I saw a young Indian man
Do a side flip
He is skillful acrobat!
I laughed because it was so amazing
I almost clapped for him but didn't

Tao is wise mother
Tao is everyday consciousness

On way back to car
I looked at home across the street
There was big television on

I came home
And put glass of orange juice in freezer
It became like orange slushee

I am watching youtube tutorials on how
To do sideflips and Kip Ups
Maybe I will try to do a Kip Up
But side flip too hard for me!
Also it looks kind of dangerous

Now I listen
To Heart Sutra
As I type

Every Boddhisatva depends on highest perfect wisdom
Because mind meets no obstacle
Because no obstacle no fear is born

Gone beyond all topsee turvey absolutes
Attain Nirvana
Past Present and Future

Every Buddha depends on highest perfect wisdom
Therefore attain supreme perfect enlightment

Sentient beings are numberless,
I vow to save them,
Desires are inexhaustible,
I vow to put an end to them.
The Dharmas are boundless,
I vow to master them.
The Buddha Way is unsurpassable,
I vow to attain it.  

When I was walking today I felt
Like I was walking on air
Matt Mar 2015
I made kodiak cakes this morning
On this beautiful Sunday morning

After I listened to the Gregorian chant of
The Benedictine Monks
Of Santo Domingo de Silos in Spain

Please enjoy some of my kodiak cakes Vicki
They are wholesome just like you
Yummm let's eat them together

Also there are some sliced apples
With a bit of Laura Scudders peanut butter too

These Kodiak cakes warm my heart
Just as your poems do
Quentin Briscoe  Jun 2012
Quentin Briscoe Jun 2012
Sweet.....Sweet Drips of syllables...dripping in your ear lobes..honey....slipping through the wax...Till You brain is under attack...Yummm...makes you Hummm...Old hymms of glory...cause the sweet sweet sounds write your story....You subdue to the pleasures of the words...As they tell you things you have never and out out then in...This suduction as only started to begin...Cuz i can eradicate the old thoughts...and fill the holes with sweet spots...tasting better then before...So you wont think to want no oooo's and my ahhh's turn to your oooo's and lala's ..cuz I can have you screaming out Oh My GODs and Allahs...But Just from sweet nector...That I drop into your flower...Cuz With me I'll help you grow...With my sweet words in steady flow...
Susan O'Reilly Jun 2013
Men are like chocolates
some to soft, some to hard
some sweet and tasty
some dark and nasty
I’ve tried a few in my time
on some I wouldn’t spend a dime
I like the ones that melt in my mouth not in my hand
add a few nuts, yummm, that’s grand
men are like chocolates
some flavoursome, some not
Gigi Tiji  Feb 2015
Gigi Tiji Feb 2015
tumble roll
roll a joint and
pack my bowl and I've got
a bit of mental lag so it's a
little hard to pack my bag 'cause
I'm a little fried maybe a little
charred even, totally
baked, I'm a cake frosted
but I haven't lost it,
Sometimes I'm a little confused
but I'm still baking!
whole wheat **** infused
chai tea orange zest cookies
yummy sativa,
a dash of indica but
mmm they're
dangerously delicious
and one, two, three,
oops! that's four and
one more, they're just
so good! if only I could
but yummm
sat nammmnomnom
Genevieve  May 2015
The Red Robin
Genevieve May 2015
The red robin,
Something we now hear on the radio.


But when I first saw one I was so young.
Instead of a symbol, it was really there.

How rare.

Flocks of birds glided together as the red robin sat on her own.
They chirped and chirped all of them at once.
Like a noisy high school cafeteria during lunch.

It was so peaceful.
And beautiful too.

I couldn’t understand what they were saying.
But they had tones and tunes.

Above planes went by every 10 minutes.
The airport was in close distance.
Another 10 minutes passed then something caught my eye.

The robin was back still on her own.
You could tell by her demeanor she traveled alone.

Neither scared nor frightened by the other birds in sight.
But sat there in peace with all her might.
Matt Jul 2015
10 cats having a ball
Having a ball
With a ball of ice

Isn't it adorable
And isn't it nice?

Licking it
They say yummm

They like cold water
In their kitty tums

They are kitties
Playing with an ice ball!
Like a

you swooped
Edgar Allen

Like a

ebon figures
are full of

Like a cat

Halloween left
you trick
'treats' fat.

Like an

you charcoal'ed
the home
and raised
your fist.

Like a

you sit
in sin by
satan's window,

let me
your soul.

written by me... ..

— The End —