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Deepak shodhan Jun 2015
Girl, are you belong to
De Beers Premier Mine
Come to me, I preserve you
and make you mine
My love is like
Champagne diamond
I've somany colors to put
all your worries behind
Let me be a Wittelsbach
in your crown
So that I can smooch your forhead
Let me be a White diamond
in your ring
So that I can kiss your fingers
I'm sure, being with is like staying
in a Cubic zirconia
My love is more denser;
I will never let you hurt
Girl, you are a Koh-I-Noor;
everyone fights for your beauty
and value..
But I'm Robin hood;
I always fight for your good!

Mariyam Ridha  Nov 2020
Mariyam Ridha Nov 2020
His eyes had dreams I held,
Like the clouds being so enigmatic.

He walked behind all the time
And I ran away from him.
He always had something to say,
When I just neglected,
And walked away.

I walked away without a word,
Like a star without shine.
Just to confirm I'm ain't a bad girl
To my loved one's.

He tried,
Like the moon did to the stars,
He tried,
Like the Stars did to the moon,
I never tried.

Like a sunflowers lost in a dessert,
I was scared,
Like a water splashing on to the sunflower,
He followed me.

He flowed like an ocean,
But I lurked like a moon.

He never asked why,
Like a innocent Little kid,
he had somany questions waiting
To be answered.

Amidst proving,
I forgot to ask,
Why do you still love me
Even after I never spoke,
Even after I never acknowledged your presence,
Even after I just walked away.

He had millions of questions to me,
As if a heavy down pour to the sublime heart.
But I have a single one,
Left without asked,
Just a single one
Which is till haunting me
Like a darkness in the room,
"Why do you love me?".
Some people just come having so many questions just to love you.
But you just can't love back only because of the cage you are in and at the end you are left with that one question.Why?.
Drained to the core there is feeling no more on my mouth has collected somany sores feeling incomplete as I step through the door. A collective of flying insects are berating my skin. So many bites, blisters all from within. Controlling slowly the manifestation of my brain, its been given up donated from too much strain. You may take it all for I ve no use. Built up and let down this earth is no excuse
Demarsa Walpool  Jan 2019
Demarsa Walpool Jan 2019
Jeremy Lowry Aug 2019
why is there so many faces of hate, so many reasons not too but follow the ones who taught you, to, hate. we are not born this way, to live a life filled with angering decay>our first breath was made for love crying for what , so many peopl run from. yet our human path was set, we  the life as good as death. fake plastic people revolveing door in the labor and delivry room , revolving door at the cementary and morgue. We lived this life striving for what?. to be cast down and judged. I fought my whole angasnt your hate and racism. I wonder would it been like if i wasnt hated for the color of my skin. i wonder what it wuold be like if i wasnt hated for the clothes i wear, or the tattoos that tell a story. I wonder what if would be like aif iwasnt hated for being alive.Never will the wounds of your hate and the words you say, beable to removed the scarsof your way. i m fovever changed , marked tattooed internally, emtional brutality , The worl have somany people on it most have different faces, rarely do we see these their faces of love. i wonder what it would be like if i wasnt hated , but loved. A true love like from above yet able to touch . I know i thought i experiecned humans abiblty to love, but it was a dream , a lie i chose to belive . This human race with forever hurt eachother rather then love. Its sounds crazy, that  our humanity uses fear to gain wealth and popularity. for selfish end , the common man , turn thier back and say  **** a friend. what is your price i ask you to think , is your comfortable Hate really what you wan to believe .Take off your mask , unviel your face, take a good look at love in all the human race, for how stupid can you be, to hate a whole race of people, because of a lie you choseing to believe. I wonder what it would be like to live this life not being hated for the color of my skin, i have experienced thier hate, and racist ways. yet i still stand , i still fight.... i will not laydownand walk in the masses of lies,, even though my skin is white. A white man?over privledge, white boy, always has an easy life?Now thats a lie i ask you all to dispize. it would be wise for us rto open our eyes, see the lives, like mine

— The End —