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Amanda Kay Burke May 2018
Sherlie is the beautiful girl I know
Her eyes light the room like a rainbow
When she smiles, I cannot help but feel great
For this lovely person I could never feel hate.
Sherlie sweet like sugar cane
Love for her could never wane
Makes me smile every day
Without her I do not feel okay
When she is not here, i feel biue
I have not a clue what I can do
I always  make her go to school
Everyone knows that Sherlie rules!
Sherlie is like a ray of sunshine
I am so glad to have her as a friend of mine.
This page is half-full so I'll fill the rest
High school days...
Happy birthday to sherlie
The best person I know
Another year has passed by
You continue to grow
Though we are not as close as before
The love that I hold in my heart
Has only gotten stronger with time
Even when we are miles apart
One from my facebook memories

— The End —