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Laurel Leaves Jun 2019
steady in their brutality
insecurities dripping down my thighs
I anoint the liquid as it touches the floor
the vastness that was once coddled between our fingers
now descends quicker
an illusion of control
close knit purity
does it matter
deepening in their impatience
while the yellow light
tricks your eyes  
yet,still nothing
no rushing warmth
pouring from inside me
Waitherero  Sep 2015
Waitherero Sep 2015
I don't have any selfcontrol
The harder I want it
The more I need it

The more I wait for it
The more I seem to need it

I was hoping that you'd see it
Help me get it off
But it's underneath my skin

The more the need rises
The more I lose myself

Remember lying in the sand
Feeling the sun our faces
The force runing through you and I

The memories of that day are faiding
But what stays with me
Is the need I feel for you

Needing you and I

Needing and not resiving

I guess I'll keep on needing you
But you'll leave me needy and raw
Selfcontrol  knowing  when to stop.
Taking  charge
Eating for comfort  won't improve your mood
Getting to the point of accepting that  your eating habits iare well out of control.
Facing those demons isn't easy.
One small goal at a time
First 7lbs is more realistic.
kaycog Mar 2017
can I get a judgement call on common accusations
make a chart of the good, the bad,
the "oh no I would never"
side of rationality
tear my
soul to ribbons
tied in neat little bows
upon the miraculous gift
of your presence
for me to open
the morning after
you ripped paper off the walls
scattered selfcontrol on the floor
to hide under beds forever more
you could call it a division, but I'm calling for a recount
Stevie Ray  Aug 2014
One Moment
Stevie Ray Aug 2014
I'm so close to you
my lips barely touch yours
and I'm fighting a battle of selfcontrol
Our energies mix and take over the room
and the world peacefully dissolves around us
We forget that it exists...
my hands move slowly and gently to your face
and when they are as close to you as my lips are
I shift my entire awereness to my fingertips
everything is sensitive my whole essence is
I can feel your energy and body heat through my hands and being
I can feel you breathe, steady but shallow
you exhale ******, excitement and desire
you breath in hope, passion and love
fighting the same battle that I have
..we become thoughtless..
The energy around us starts to devour us
my hands finally touch your skin
loving, savouring and cherishing every inch
I slowly pull you in
my essence shifts to my lips
to the point where my soul is being kissed by your lips
the dance begins..

— The End —