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Did you overcome hardships with more strength? Did you overcome situations that were stronger than you, with more strength then those situations? No, you overcame them with less. Are you stronger than the mountains you climb? Are your legs and feet harder than the rocky muddy ground? No, they are softer and more fragile, flexible and at it’s foundation is something even more abstract, it is invisible, it is untouchable, it is unshakable unwavering vigor and strength.

- Stevie Ray
Stevie Ray Mar 23

Everything devolves into structuredness because all things revert to singularity. To one entitity. It reverts to a single point of energy charged with infinite potential and pure conciousness.
An All-being dissolved of any structure and definition giving meaning to the No-Thingness inherent in the fabric of all existence.
We are omniscience expressed through a fragmented incomplete experience. More expressed through lesser, yet without this,
potential wouldn't come into fruition. Understanding comes with defining structures painted on the empty canvas of awareness. When we cease to paint, the color of awareness transforms emptiness into spaciousness. That's why through silence we can experience contentment in being. The practice is awareness without understanding.To understand that we are awareness without practice. Effortless. Duality is our illusion, our bounderies are imaginary. We only perceive the paradoxical expression of reality.
Like the notion of distance in the definition of interconnectivity.
Wholeness is incomprehensible presence.
It is the rigidity of our awareness that prevents us from flowing into it. Take water poured into existence, yet it takes the shape of an imaginary bowl. Held together by the tension of it's own convictions. It firmly believes in it's seperation and individuality.
Convinced of it's own shape, it does so against ironically impossible odds. It forgot it's place within No-Thingness yet that does not mean it's seperation. It merely means it does not recognize itself as the wholeness it perceives.
Stevie Ray Jan 26
An apple tree
and a freshwater lake
can provide more than I ever can.
Stevie Ray Jan 23
Unpleasant emptyness
bring me your insanity
and I'll gladly meet it
with total surrender.
Stevie Ray Jan 21
The shutters close.
in empty space.
No smile remains
and no I
Stevie Ray Jan 3
When I’m under the shower.
I got that helicopter view!
Stevie Ray Dec 2020
"Found in the harmony between the kick and the snare"
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