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Stevie Ray Aug 2021
Digging for treasures,
dusty pits,
shoveling ashes.
Where the dead lie forgotton.
When I put em there
I didn’t bother with caskets.

Old hollow bones
dead men tell no tales
and I sure as Hell can’t remember
what I did to them that got them here.

I dig and dig and dig
with candle light
past lives, flicker and dance in my shadow.
But I’m not here to watch their past amusements

What am I looking for?
In these vast swathes of grey land.
There are no answers in these Ashy oceans.
Waves of dust, skeletons drowned in pitiful regret.
Their last words lie at the bottom
damning those that dare and listen.
The wind howls without whispers.
There’s only silence that has been shed from life.
Meaningless and unimportant.

I need to think!
I shouldn’t doubt! Not here. Not where I am now.
The answer is right in front of me.
So what am I not seeing?

There’s only barren ash
and buried past.
A grey sky, heavy clouds of black thoughts.
I got a parched throat and no water.

I take a deep breath.
And the answer is right there
in front of me.

I stand up. I know what I need to do
to turn this place into Fertile land.
Stevie Ray Aug 2021
When I don't give a **** then I ain't fair.
If you want to hear Black thought spaz out angry poetry;
Stevie Ray Jul 2021
I see Gods, wearing masks of self betrayal.

They spawn on a green surface
where they feast on the carcass of Creation.
A worldwide theater opens and their inherited ancestral traumas
play out their parts to perfection on the stage of current events.
Their projections are as clear as a day of light pollution,
muddling the bright night skies.
It is the atmosphere that reflects the ocean
and I see pockets of plastic black float in oily hues.
You drink the poison in your waters and you turn into acidic cynics.

Earths mirror is soiled and broken.
It's shattered fragments reflects distorted voices,
that are making love to your inner critics.
Silent whispers slowly mold you into discordant individuals,
with fragmented autonomies as parts but stitched together woven incompleteness.

With your heritage you've denied your weakness.
I grit my teeth as I part with tears of shame.
A loud laugh comes forth from a defiant heart.
A storm dark yet no clouds pass.
Why do you brandish scars with bitter flames?
Stevie Ray Jul 2021
There are no words
to describe you.
I've searched for them
in between countless metaphors.
For me, you stand
above comparison.
Words can never describe wholeness.
Thus silence
seems befitting.
Stevie Ray Jul 2021
Fragile are those petals
as they flutter in the wind.
Yet they dance so graciously,
when they let go
and embrace their vulnerability
Stevie Ray Jun 2021
A circle inside a square
depth through silent prayer
a spectator keeping an eye on mind affairs

My thoughts rain, winds howl and scream
but I'm in peace, when I'm asleep
who else can I be but dreams?

Within my hands I've caught a glimmer of the ocean.
Rainbows of light made from a rising sunset.
I spread my roots and grow,
fertile soil is giving me some space
before it's genuine and deep embrace.

A twilight forms from out my feelings.
A brushstroke of sadness that
carries deep commitment
painted as light through black,
from past to present.
My darker hues
stand so proud and true
with uniforms and ancient medals.
Broken boots and blown out helmets.

They remind me of myself
And I realize that you are my reflection

and the one on an inward journey
is the observant you.
Stevie Ray Jun 2021
"She's out of your league bro."
" Only out of my financial league."
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