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Safana  Mar 2022
Adamu Adamu
Safana Mar 2022
It's better for you to resign
A professor without attentiveness
I doubt if he is a Professional Prof.

Eyes falling of tears
Empty pocket calling for help
Tears become effigy to the victim
Donating all hands effort
To run away predatory

Oh victim
Predicament isn't permanent
Poverty is like pong and stink
Every one is running from it
When your name wear the cloth
Don't yell because of its  boxing

Poverty is like outhouse
When ever its raining
The fist to demise
Life change
Ease replace suffering

©Adamu Usman Garko
©Adamu Usman Garko
Adamu Danjuma Dec 2020
The society rejected them.
They were ejected from their homes.

Disjointed hands.
Broken legs.
Pitiful faces.
Mournful silence ...
They cried and felt like crying again.
They cried again.
They yawned and felt like yawning again.
They yawned again.

They are the homeless children you are seeing here and there.
They are the hopeless old men and women you are seeing in the mornings and in the evenings.

No one cares to give them a chance to emerge on the surfaces of the earth and win more wins.

They are those beggars and street-boys.
They were long time ago mercilessly molested by the tryrans and their allies.

Today and tomorrow,
And the days, and the years, after tomorrow:
Let them find some places to rest.
Give them a place in your heart to find solace.

They have no sugar.
And they don't seem to have tasted its sweetness.

To drink tea,
They use a handful of their tears.
In lieu of a comb,
They use twigs.

They have no perfumed clothes.
Theirs are torn shirts and hats fumed by the vapour of a cooking ***.

To watch a movie,
They use a mirror.
Through it,
They see nothing than their faces.
They say mirror is their television.

The poignancy of poesy shaped their potentials.
Under the influence of the Poet, a plume spoke:

'I dream of a society where the less privileged ones will enjoy freedom and financial independence.'

With the above in mind, the less privileged ones would be considered as an integral part of the world.

They are capable yet they can do zellions of amazing things.
Give them chances to thrive.

Their yesterdays saw them famished.
They were once hopeless.
God blessed them.
Smiles of courage and hope illuminated their faces.
They were once neglected as well as segregated.
They need to be encouraged and supported.

On their education enough money should be invested.
To enable them learn skills and acquire sound knowledge needed for self-development and progress across the globe.

Adamu Danjuma
Every child counts
silkEN KIng I know
It was you and not ANother
that first fashioned Adamu
and have championed our cause ever since.

Bochica Kukulkan Quetzalcóatl great healer, protector of man .....from the Spite of his Father's hand.

Who smites and annihilates,
sends plagues to his people
and demands their first born?
Who calls for war and blood and keeps man in the dark?

Compared to Yahweh your picture is saintly
yet you bear the blame
Of all evil in this world

The blind shall open their eyes once the truth unfurls.
Another hymn from Hems Heard in Heaven & Haws Heard in Hell
The first that called the game
'Romeo and jullet'
The last that wait for the game
'The dead and grave'
What's the life without the 4 words?
Oh the wrapped and the apparent!
Create a Field in the saucer of blood
Like the rimmed reservoir in the heart

The life is for me and you
The you,you are mine and fine
The gate is open of the recto of the body
Like the felonies running to fall in the titinus cry
But again,and again want to feel drowsy in the field

©Adamu Usman Garko
Your dimple face that dance
Make my face happier

Your beauty face that shine
Make my heart clear

Your slowly voice like the rap soliloquy
Make me feels humble and hale

Your heart,hands and your horse
Make me ride on mat on mouse

©Adamu Usman Garko
Adamu Danjuma  Dec 2019
A Life
Adamu Danjuma Dec 2019
A Life

Let's follow each other.
On Twitter.
Let's follow each other.

What can you handle?
What's your Twitter handle?

Let's follow each other.
My brother.
My sister.
Let's say one thing or another.

The season has changed.
We are here.
Dry Season is here.

In our midst I feel its presence.
The weather is nice.
It makes sense.
Dry Season comes with ice.

Guessing around the hills in solitude,
I realized the droughtiness of the soil.
I cleansed my body with olive oil.
I overheard the songs of a lovely bird from a high altitude.

Away from the constellation of the stars,
I saw the moon standing in jubilation.
My childhood memory came to visit me when I was reciting my morning meditation.
“Oh!, I said, let me go meet a planet called Mars.”

What a life!
Where is Niel Armstrong?
He traveled to the sky; he was strong.
Where is...?
He did that.
Where is...?
He did this.

Beautiful and ephemeral.
Is life.
Live it today: it is your era.
Such is life!

Adamu Danjuma
Yenson Oct 2020
the native laughed heartily
slapping his thighs as if beating a drum
his glossy ebony complexion radiant in the light
look my Omo Oba. he sputtered between peals of ringing laughter
them Wazungu speak so much mumbo jumbos don't they?
These wazungu care more about one dead elephant than they do
for a hundred black men.
why, he asked looking puzzled
surely they can't be scared of our big long spears
perhaps, they are, he added thoughtfully
they will speak all the mumbo jumbos on the continent
to prevent us showing our big long spears to the ladies
Adamu told me so!
He said the ladies love to see them and play with our weapons
you better keep quiet, I said
or they will bring anarchy to you
what is Anarchy he asked, still laughing
Its when mumbo jumbos fight with mumbo jumbos, I replied
I thought their mumbo jumbos is their poetry, he intoned
yeah, that too, I replied
he is still *******, that man will never learn. Bring on the dramatist and start the Neuro-linguistic programming.

— The End —