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Hassan Idris Mar 2020
Even though my pen is broken,
My heart is still in love with her,
And my body is itching to hold her,
Let me take her closer and closer.

I want her to dominate my blood stream,
I'm hers and she's mine.

I want her to shape my heart like she has shaped the minds of billions.

I want to tell the world, I find joy in her world,
My darling...
My body masseuse is her,
And my soul's cleanser is her.
The love of poetry lies deep in our hearts.  Poetry is life and life is poetry.  I say happy world poetry day to all!
silkEN KIng I know
It was you and not ANother
that first fashioned Adamu
and have championed our cause ever since.

Bochica Kukulkan Quetzalcóatl great healer, protector of man .....from the Spite of his Father's hand.

Who smites and annihilates,
sends plagues to his people
and demands their first born?
Who calls for war and blood and keeps man in the dark?

Compared to Yahweh your picture is saintly
yet you bear the blame
Of all evil in this world

The blind shall open their eyes once the truth unfurls.
Another hymn from Hems Heard in Heaven & Haws Heard in Hell

— The End —