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30/M/Bangalore, India   
Modern Serenity
Corrupt World   
Kollitiki Vradypodes
I live in a nice tree    I am from South America. Frankly, I don’t like walking. I’m not good at it. I don’t believe in cutting my nails, I let them ...
Kayode Steve Adaramoye Esq
Toronto    drown yourself in existence. twitter: modelb0nes
Molly Gooderham
USA    I like writing. Maybe too much.
Belgium    Hi fellow poetry-lovers I am a belgian guy and poetry is my outlet, my ultimate freedom. I love to just let whatever comes into my ...
27/F    my poetry: not about you, but for me to save ME
Destiny Odeh
26/M/Abuja, Nigeria.    Being whole is overrated. It's the holes that make us beautiful.
Kayley Godek
Jodey Ross
Stuart, FL    Hello. My name is Jodey. (Obviously) We live our lives the way the world says we should, and it goes like this. Birth, school, lover, ...
rodeo clown
19/F/TX    i exploit sunlight
Modelrolex Augustine
27/M/Lagos, Nigeria    An Architect, a rapper and a Poet I strongly believe in writing what's in my heart
Ayodeji Oje
M/Nigeria    Poetry taxes my imagination and creativity.
Nora Rhodes
24/F/California    Homebody extraordinaire
19/M/Lost in poetry    Poems are home to words otherwise left unspoken and feelings left unexpressed.
Odessa Avramidis
Santorini, Greece    Και πάντα θα διερευνήσει τις απεριόριστες δυνατότητες αυτής της ζωής...
James Odell
Perfection is a myth Opinions are a gift Perception is the key Obsessions is disease This is what I have learned in my short life.
Pittsburgh    My life is a series of experiments, and this is one of them. I'm an infrequent poet, with too much to do but too much ...
17/F/Philippines    a well-planned pessimist and an in-the-moment optimist
Skyye Yoder
Akinbodewa Rachael
24/F/Odessa    I believe in a world of making choices... You get to live your life based in the choice you make So choose wisely..XoXo
Amanda rodeiro
Charlotte, NC    it's just words, after all

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