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Softly Spoken Dec 2020
With his soul
With his mind, he goes deep
On a path to define what
Seems to be refined, but
steals all the time
But there’s a spark
In his eye, he’s got power
Large as life
And I drown in him
In his eyes and his scent
Under his hand I feel safe
Psyche blessed
And there in the dark neon
We connect
mind to mind
Soul to soul
Softly Spoken Dec 2019
The topography of your face relaxed
Sleek lines of eyes
Your body in repose
The sharp curl of your lips
Slightly parted
A shy smile
Just for me
I watch
As you get lost in my caress
We shiver as Skins heat
Subtle landscapes arise
Tracing the line of my finger
I watch
Your chest shudder
Your breath
Singing whispered songs of desire
I move with you
As you reach for me
Our love moving in time
As you growl
And I sigh
Softly Spoken Apr 2019
Our lives are woven around the stories we tell
His of being not enough of anything and almost believing
Mine of misplaced sexuality and battles with daemons
His eyes devour me when they meet
Our touches ignite something
Our connection stronger than either expected
Bigger than either of us alone
It’s a garden in this city we’ve never known
Where flowers are questions and answers nectar
Rich and verdant with thought
Dripping in silken innuendo
Each honeyed sip crystalline intensity
Each taste a respite from life’s ennui
With each delicate wing beat creating cyclones
We circle and joust like butterflies in the heat
This man has such a delicate intensity about him
Softly Spoken Apr 2019
If in this infinity of people
Something tuned to my existence
Is astonishing in nature
How do I reconcile this being
How do I integrate my heart
With yours so as not to tread on this wisdom
With all your light
Creativity and hard won insights to self
The heaviness I feel at attacks
On one so present with experience
And by nature such depth reveals itself
Touch points and connection
Art, architecture and aesthetics
I feel at points, touched with the recollection
Of the nights ardent caresses
Of its wit, and whispers
Of its easy smiles
Of its lack of duress
Of your scent
The weight of your gaze
As heavy as lead moving through me
Fireflies and electricity
You’re the butterfly on my shoulder
The taste of whisky on my lips
The fingers curled around mine
I see infinity in the gold of your eyes
As we walk through our kiez
I’ll walk life with you
This realness is so easy
So free
But for now, I float with memory
Maybe my muse has shapeshifted...
Softly Spoken Dec 2018
I’m biting my lip
Thinking about him
The height and his presence
The way my stature fits to his
The sinuous span of his arms
Wrapped around my length
But it’s more than that
It’s how we connect
Through his easy smile
Through smile lined eyes
Through his wit; like a knife
How he sparkles when wrapped
With a presence like mine
And in these arms I forget
Outside woes and regrets
Just present with breath
And how love
Leaves us divine
I’m on a roll.. but it’s a good one!
For the first time in a year the words come easy, and the flow is joyful

Ps love you j
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