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modelb0nes Aug 2014
Pizza stains stain her rusty old books;
pages dog-eared and smelling like coffee dates and drags of a stale cigarette, she wishes for late night walks and New York subway rides, the green-blue hue of the underground’s lights swirl by like she was casted in an independent movie film filled with drunken stupors and graffiti-filled alleyways.

He walks back to her creaky-old apartment, her college literature class starting at 8:30am tomorrow yet he persists in walking back to her creaky-old apartment, green flannel catches her apartment's door with the broken lock, his beer-induced thoughts infused with the idea of her in his green flannel, laying on a sofa that’s 70% fluff and 20% couch;
I made this up while restlessly thinking about the movie Remember Me with Robert Pattinson.

I can't finish it. But maybe some things aren't meant to be finished?
modelb0nes Apr 2014
she bakes cakes
and probably waits for you;
and you,
you, failing every test
saying your life
isn't the best, and me,
not knowing you, so thinking
you feel the most comfortable when there's a bass guitar in your hand and music notes on your mind.
Like me,
music is the only thing
that you can run to, arms
open wide.
So I guess I don't know you
but I guess in a way
I sort of understand you
because you're just like me.
or maybe your eyes
just said it all and I can't translate it clearly because your mouth,
and your words had little to do with the explanation.
sorry my sentences didn't come out
at all too.
I guess we are alike
in many aspects.
modelb0nes Apr 2014
you left

without a word.
but you had
no words
to say before.

I had no words, at the time
but as your absence increased
more words
came to mind.

I was without you
and you were within me


I talked, and talked and talked
and the words increased, so did
your lack to be here/

and I don't know what exactly to say,
I guess you took those words with you.

so come back,
so I can lose all the words again. so
I can gain, what I did when you weren't here and let's start all over

to the nowhere we were before.
note: listening to 'no room for doubt' by Lianne La Havas makes this poem 10x better.
modelb0nes Apr 2014
you stretched my skin
the light reflected off the wall
the air was light
you took flight, the sun
was my companion that evening.
though if it was up to me,
I'd name you the sunset
and kiss you senseless
and we'd burn the stars
and make them pointless,
my eyes searching and scanning
every point
on your abdomin.
your laugh was cute and
I smiled, thinking that if I wasn't here
I'd wish to be here, right now,
in this very moment,
with you.
note: listening to 'no room for doubt' by Lianne La Havas makes this poem 10x better.
modelb0nes Apr 2014
my fingers fingled and you
coming up breathless and me,
hopeless—ly in love with you—r
eyes and how they smiled at me.
I wanted love; yours mostly.
modelb0nes Mar 2014
I missed the sun fall tonight and
the sunset was you in a day: stubborn
and obnoxious and everything I wished to be.

I wished that I could hold you
in my hands, like a hot cup of coffee.

you drink cheap wine
from expensive stores every evening
in my dreams.

like red dust and I,
easily picked up and thrown away,
I missed you, a lot, I mean,
I missed a lot of things.
the sunset, the moon,
the curve that resembled your smile,
though I missed you the most.

I wanted you
to miss me and I wanted you,
just because.
modelb0nes Mar 2014
after the alcohol
rots our insides and
the morning sunrise
stings our eyes and
the fact that we didn't die
today, after all of that, there's still
smiles to see and
similies to say and
hope that the weather'll change and
the gusty wind won't blow our thoughts away.

well anyway.
there are lyrics mixed in this poem.
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