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Odessa Avramidis Feb 2015
When you see your parents fight
Your mom on her knees
Your dad begging please

When you hear your parents fight
As you sit on the chair,
Faintly hearing their cries of despair

"I don't deserve this."
Does anyone do?

You sit across your father
Listen to the story, his side
You go to your mother
Her clothes packed, she's made up her mind

Turmoil stirs inside you
If this can happen to them,
Will it certainly happen to me?

Will I make my children cry?
Bucketful tears, their eyes turn dry
Will my husband fell defeated, lost his cause
Hopeless and defeated?


Could it be

My children seeing clearly
The lack of tears on my face
Again, silently hoping
This is just another phase

Will I see my husband go out
To his car? Drive away
to the sunset, with him
Half my heart.

When you see your parents fight
Both of them on opposite sides
And you struggle to see
Which to go find

You go to your mother
Plead for a second chance
"Don't leave, please stay."
But she's decided so there's nothing to say.

Your dad holds you close
The Lord will fix this,
Just you wait and see."
I, waiting 'til we'll be happy

When you hear your parents fight
No, you don't hear
Don't know how to feel
with the silence, fill
the missing words

You go up to your room
And write this poem
Because there's nothing you can do
When your parents fight
For at the same time, you, too
Want to take flight
Odessa Avramidis Mar 2014
We walk side by side
Under the stars, the pale moonlight
You look at me, so gently and lovingly
Holding my hand tightly

I see a vision of you and me
Nothing was ever clearer
Than what I have seen
Forever and ever, I believe

You weren't prince charming
The bad boy or the beast
You were awkward and endearing
A breath of fresh air, to say the least

I couldn't be happier to have you by my side
I couldn't be luckier to have you mine
I couldn't be better than ever
I couldn't have loved anyone better

But what could be the best of all is..

I couldn't have fallen any deeper.
Odessa Avramidis Jan 2014
Your gentleness that always amazes me
Your devotion that leaves me bereft
Your kisses that leave me breathless
Your honesty that simply blows me away

In time, dear, in due time
I will finally move on
I can finally give myself
To you, unbroken and whole

When we can finally be together,
When I'm ready to take the leap
When I can tell you what I feel
Without reservations, nor fear

When I can look you straight in the eyes
Without timidity but courage
I will be the one to say
And shout it out to the world,

"Attention everybody!
Why you see me now with boldness
And saying this with glee
It's because this man is the reason why I am now free."

I'll run back to your arms
Which has always been opened
And hug you with all my might
And at long last, give you all of me.
Odessa Avramidis Nov 2013
Out of tears.

With the ones I used to shed every night
As we stay awake and do nothing but fight

Out of luck.

The memories when we were happy
Where we only exist in our fantasies

Out of love.

Used to be hugs, kisses, and gentle caresses
And then a wedge that caused us to digress

Out of hope.

So maybe they were right all along
That we were just foolish kids
Who believed in such a thing called 'love'


It seemed so right back then
How we'd spend forever
And despite all, stay together

Out of answers.

Why would you now leave me hanging
Day by day as I stay awake crying
Remembering the promise you said to me:

"As long as you're by my side
And I in yours,
Forever will never be enough."
Odessa Avramidis Nov 2013
You were a substitute
For something I once had
A second - best replacement
To one whom I once loved

I took advantage of your affections
Your sincerity and love
And used it for my own selfish desires
To numb the pain in my heart

You were my perfect revenge to him
To show I've moved on
Because you were loving and gentle
Something he once were

At first, I felt triumphant
Yet empty as it all seems
You were never good enough
The same way he was to me.

You were the exact opposite
Devoted, faithful, and true
But I still wasn't satisfied
Because he wasn't you

And every time I held your hand
Or flirted back at you
All I can think about was him
And what he always used to do

Like when he'd whisper sweet nothings
You would shout it out to the world
He would hold me close and short
You'd prefer to never let me go

Yet why couldn't I
Belong to you like I did to him
Love you as much, even more
Than what I used to give

But his memories continues to haunt me
Though you were always there
And as I look at you
I always see him

I couldn't hurt you any longer
That would just be unfair
To keep comparing you to him
In every way I can

So, to finally end
I'm sorry, I never loved you
Or reciprocated your sincerity in any way
But I would not keep hold of you any longer.

As cliche as it may sound to you
I know it does to me
I'm sorry, just know it wasn't you
It has always been me.
Odessa Avramidis Oct 2013
He was like a zephyr's breath
To my blast of death
A bit of drizzle
Compared to my hurricane

Yet I had no clue
That you'd be able to turn my life around
And make me fall for you
Completely and Endlessly

The selfless, caring, thoughtful guy
Who I know would do anything for me
The things you'd do that'll surprise me
And little did I know, I'd break down my walls

Me, the pessimistic girl you said you love
Who had the most peculiar views about the world
And at first didn't believe in love
I mean, it's just about being emotional

But you slowly and surely let me see
That all along, I was just afraid
To feel and know I had it in me
And like the rest, I was still looking

To whom I'd willingly, without the slightest doubt give it to.
The same way you were able to do.
Odessa Avramidis Oct 2013
Our love story was and wasn't like the rest
Two peas in a pod, very much the same
But instead of it ending happily
Sadly, T'was not like so

Avoidance, we thought was the best
It will be both sides gain
Then why do I feel dreadfully?
Yet, It allowed me to grow

I thought we were done
You said so too
Why suddenly come back?
And convince me otherwise.

I was just getting better
Couldn't you just let 'us' go?
Let me live freely
Without you by my side.

If you still love me, please.
Go on and leave me be
To tend to my wounds
And my broken heart.
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