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Jonathan Finch
Thailand    Poems published in many small mags, and by "Outposts". Some won prizes. Short stories also published in small mags. Full-length translation (of an academic text) ...
haiku er min ven
Philip Finch
Asheville, NC    a bird, sometimes a dragon


Belle Mar 2018
A raven flew along, it was a cold winter day.
The black bird soon spotted a struggling bird on the ground and quickly landed nearby.
The raven greeted the fearful animal.
A small, shaking finch responded.
"Oh Raven, you must help me. For I am so alone and I cannot find my way. I will never live through this winter"
Clearly the find was in distress.
Sighing, the raven quickly looked around.
"I will aid you to be stronger, but you must promise me one thing."
The finch perked up, as the raven responded, "you can't give up."
So the birds took to the trees and the raven taught the finch how to fly. For the first step to anything is how to get back to your wings.
Then they went to the grass, and pecked for worms. The raven taught the finch that at times, it is okay to let your guard down, you are safe with other birds around.
And finally, how to make a home. A nest for the winter. They gathered all the twigs together, but the finch grew tired.
"Raven. I must rest."
"No finch, there is no resting until you build your foundation. You must continue."
"But I am tired."
"It does not matter. If you give up now, you will give up all." The raven handed the finch even more twigs.
The finch groaned, but painfully continued.
And they built the most beautiful nest.
In the nest the finch had both comfort, and sustainability.
"Raven, thank you. I now have the tools to be a strong bird. I can now, survive the winter."
"Finch. All you must do for me now, is never give up."
And with that, the raven flew away, in search of others to help.
The finch, awaiting the morning sunrise
lifts its beak in proud anticipation.
Darkness. The sun has forgotten to rise.
The finch waits for it in desperation.

To sing, to wake the world in glory’s song!
Why night, but for the finch to greet the day?
But dawn forgot to come; something is wrong.
The finch is lost, hopefulness fades away.

The sun causes the song of spirit freed,
his morning song in praise of all beloved!
The finch had grown accustomed to this need.
He’d never had to miss being so loved.

The finch misses the only thing he knew,
yet missing dawn less than I’m missing you.
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Justin Griego Nov 2011
Heard a murmur through the slats
so I opened my blinds and saw a finch
brightly colored and full of song
singing tunefully in the dreary dawn

Found a cage, gold and large
I showed the finch and beckoned gently
the finch gazed into the golden room
and then he sang me another tune

  Thank you, Thank you, the finch sang
  but I must decline the shelter you offer and
  for, you see,
sang the songbird, I fly free
  you are a kind soul, and that is plain as sand
  but the open skies and seeds of spring
  is where my heart wants to be

Saddened, I shut the cage door as the finch flew away
I offered food and endless love
and all you had to do was stay between my walls
but now I sit wandering if you're singing under an eagle's claw.
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