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Scarlet Mar 25
What the young girl once said to her lover.

I used to think
that the darkness was my only light.
That only tears could wash away my pain.
That if I put up my walls, there should be no reason to fight.
That burning in the sun was more painful than drowning in the rain.

I believed that if I hurt myself,
then no one else ever could.
I set all my hopes and dreams up on a high shelf.
So nothing could damage myself as much I would.

I used to wonder if I wished hard enough
would my life come to an end?
Life would never again become this tough
I'd just be another girl following the suicide "trend".

Then one day you came along,
and opened a door.
You played me your favourite song,
Helped me pick myself up off the floor.

You let light pour into my bedroom.
You took my hand and became my guide.
I felt the flower inside of me begin to bloom,
Together this is what we left behind:

All my pain,
and the repeated “I'm tired.”
All the flood from the unbroken rain
It was then that I became inspired.

I've since befriended the sun and forgotten the moon.
Softly she shines a light much more ideal
This is all because of you.
This is for allowing me discover how to feel.
Scarlet Mar 25
Can I ask something of you?
Just a small favor
I want you to take a knife, and cut me.
Allow me bleed out all my insecurities.
Drain me of who I am
in chance that I’ll become who I once used to be.  
Extract my flaws and allow me to shed this **** image.
Guide me towards who I want to be.
Help me
Renew me.
Please just save me.
Can you do that for me?
Scarlet Aug 2018
Take this pen that is my hands
and disassemble its pieces
with my thoughts.
Tug on the strings to my heart
and we shall let the ink from inside pour.
and pour.
Out onto a page that was once blank
but now covered in ink
as I bleed out.
So that when I have finally drained
Our picture will be painted perfect.
Scarlet Aug 2018
You feel defeated by your own thoughts
taken control of
everything in your mind
has just become dominating over you
your storybook has been opened
leaving you to feel exposed
all of your worst emotions are hitting all at once
you're numb inside
but you've been set aflame on the out
you can't feel mentally
but physically you can feel
the flames licking at your body
taunting you
torturing you
until they engulf you completely
leaving behind the ashes of your former self
Scarlet Aug 2018
Let’s create red raindrops
with your words and my hands
the perfect storm will hit
dark clouds will form
soon it’ll begin to pour
it will flood from inside this room
until we’re drowning in the scarlet river with no escape
and just as you see your end
a light will appear inside the tunnel signifying your beginning

— The End —