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 Feb 2019 Sarah
Kaylee Ann
 Feb 2019 Sarah
Kaylee Ann
A crucial decision tears my mind
like a thorn
Pulling forward and back
making me sore
I don’t think
I can endure
My mind is in
an uproar
An internal
 Feb 2019 Sarah
Kaylee Ann
 Feb 2019 Sarah
Kaylee Ann
Did you flinch?
Did you shed a tear?
You made my stomach winch,
my eyes filled with rivers full of tears.
Did you regret?
Or was I your toy?
Because all I could was fret.
I felt anything but joy.
You left me broken.
Used my heart as a token.
Do I ever cross your mind?
I doubt I do, you're too blind.
You're anything but kind.
Having my heart in your fist in a tight clinch.

— The End —