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Kaylee Ann Mar 2019
hate is as strong as a blade
yet, you throw it around like it's a debate
your religion is the false foundation for your hatred
you hold onto your false morals like a trophy
that trophy is not holy
you constructed that as a shield for loathing
killing true religion
creating the theology of hate
Kaylee Ann Feb 2019
Beautiful life
when you can stab anyone with a knife
it is an existence
with constant silence
a poor reality
with stable brutality
all have consciousness
still so lifeless
life is filled with foolishness
though full of ungraciousness
it can be painful
yet so graceful
Life, it has meaning. What is it?
Kaylee Ann Feb 2019
I wish I could tag all the people that left my life. I wish I could tell them how happy they made me, then how much I cried when they left. I wonder if they cared as much about me as I did to them. I wonder if they remember the memories, laughs, and tears we shared. The many times we laughed until our stomachs hurt and tears came to our eyes. The days I would come to them crying. The days when our innocent hugs became my favorite. The time when they said I meant something to them and we cried and smiled. Or did they just push it to the back of their heads? Do they care? Because the memories we shared were so important you can't push them back. They remember, and I don't think they will ever forget. I know I won't. I sometimes hope things will go back to the way they were. I sometimes wish I could see them one more time and talk like we did, laugh like we did, and just have fun. But time is moving faster than ever and we are losing our chance. Soon, my hope will be gone.
Not really a poem but I wanted to share.
Kaylee Ann Feb 2019
Are you the Heaven’s gate keeper?
Is it your calling to terminate?
Have you walked an inch in my shoes?
Do you know my sorrow?
Do you know my blemishes and what developed them?


Yet, you judge
You say I am sinful
You say I am
a fool


I am hopeful

I don't need your flocking.
People will judge when your life is not like their's. Knowing that you are beautiful and have a beautiful future is all you need.
The most intimate action
you can have with a woman
is deep conversation
*** is just the resolution
Kaylee Ann Feb 2019
Did you flinch?
Did you shed a tear?
You made my stomach winch,
my eyes filled with rivers full of tears.
Did you regret?
Or was I your toy?
Because all I could was fret.
I felt anything but joy.
You left me broken.
Used my heart as a token.
Do I ever cross your mind?
I doubt I do, you're too blind.
You're anything but kind.
Having my heart in your fist in a tight clinch.
Kaylee Ann Feb 2019
The joy of your touch leaves me breathless
Your warm air leaves me gasping
The ecstasy of your presence leaves me high
Yet now you are gone
I'm left alone in a cold room
No warmth to embrace
Though the thought of you still leaves me stupid high
My mind is making up for you
All of our wasted
I imagine your
Then I am back in the moment when I am wrapped in your love
Cheesy love poem
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