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Dec 2015 · 259
Thousand Miles
Sanam ojha Dec 2015
I ran thousand miles in search of my happiness
but I think I should return back for that I left behind
Nov 2015 · 11.8k
My Smile
Sanam ojha Nov 2015
I am running  to catch my own smile
That escape from the time  we separate
When my smile follow your steps
and you hide it under your feet !!!
Oct 2015 · 366
For you
Sanam ojha Oct 2015
You are my magical mystery
To ride me in my dream land
Make me feel the coldness of snow
Make me warm with your golden hug
And I wish you could hold me
When I am crying and hold me in my joy
My words are all for you
To say how much I love you
Oct 2015 · 553
Lost Identity
Sanam ojha Oct 2015
I am now flying
Flying to the high
If I could  find
Lost identity of my
Sep 2015 · 683
Father's princess
Sanam ojha Sep 2015
I am cheater for them
But who knows how he treats me
He shows me love
But who knows he do same to other
He is the one who cares me
But who knows he cares other too

Yeah I am selfish
Selfish to love myself
I cant loose the happiness
who is always her papa's princess
Aug 2015 · 762
Sanam ojha Aug 2015
Sometimes I would like to know
who is in my heart
Sometimes I would like to know
if I was in his heart

— The End —