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 Dec 2015 Sanam ojha
 Dec 2015 Sanam ojha
Then there's a moment when you realize you might just be one of them too
 Dec 2015 Sanam ojha
JG Fletcher
So much for being friends.
I really thought our history
Could make us see
Through our differences.
But in the end
Discourse was too severe
Written in the strife ridden time that comes with trying to fixed strained friendships.
 Dec 2015 Sanam ojha
Anize Orona
No matter how much I deny,
I am still madly in love
With the one who tore me up,
Yet fixed me at the same time.
 Dec 2015 Sanam ojha
after long time
heard her voice
rush to garden..
Fingertips like a ghost, he whose soul you've longed to touch
A whisper in the light of mourning
No darkness.
The baby comes in crawling, a trail of spit leaves a path
Two soft cries in the distance.

He dances with you, a bell of laughter ringing in breathless air
The earth’s moon hears the telephone from miles away
She doesn't pick up though you reckon it's worth it.
Takes you home.

Twinkling bright eyes staring back at you
The day you learned everything, toes on cold pavement
Wished you hadn't.

It's waiting to ****** you when your smiles are erased
Placed with something new.
Trying out my poem writing skills, a scholarship offer is coming up. Anyway, this is about innocence/growing up. All that jazz that adulthood does to you. (cracks knuckles) Getting to it!
 Dec 2015 Sanam ojha
A crush ---- was when I was in need
I honestly thought ---- was a friend indeed

I held on to ---- so strongly that I started to bleed
Drops of pain confusion and Jealousy I don't know what it is

My mind spins around it self trying to think and it says in between the lines read
Pain and jealousy what could that be
Have I Fallen for someone who won't even look at me

I take out a pen and paper and start drawing trees
In between those trees I draw a small seed
So think mind think
between all those beautiful trees why would someone look at that seed

My mind screams for a wake up call
get over this get over this
And everything starts to fall

A close friend was gone
New friends came along and everyone moved on

I thought it was just a Phase but I was wrong
I don't know what it is but I can't go on

I tried to show it I tried to tell ---- but nothing is working out and I'm tired of feeling down

I convince myself that maybe it's for the best and I should move on
But my feelings won't change and it's stuck like a song

Maybe telling ---- and getting rejected would make it all fade and I can move on
And every time I see ---- the world would stop flipping upside down
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