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Ronny B Sep 2015
Fragile self: bleed.
Abandoned puzzle: incomplete.
No stars shining in the night.
No sun rising in the east.

Forever dawned upon the darkness,
Nightmares; eternity of fear.
Thoughts recurring; creating pain,
Terror nothing can endear.

Don't extend your hand to me.
I'm no damsel in distress.
I need no knight in shining armor.
I know how to clean my own mess.

Don't say you'll be here for me.
Seasons alter; lies behold.
You'll never be able to fix me anyway,
My wounds will heal on their own.

Fingers crossed on broken promises;
Deception in the eyes of man.
People leave; people lie.
I'll save myself while I can.

I will be fine.
I'll be alright.
I won't give up yet.
I can still fight.

I will be my own sun.
I will light up my own day.
I will put stars in my own night.
I will drive my own fears away.

Things will be different.
Things will go wrong.
But life will go on.
And I will go on,

On my own.
©Ronnell Binueza
Ronny B Dec 2014
There are always more bugs in the garden
then the flowers on the soil
Let's cease this ghastly fear afoot
and end this growing turmoil

She can be a daughter, a sister, and a mother
Then why must she always suffer?
Why do we differentiate between he and she
God didn't then why do we?

Among our fellow beautiful women
let there be no gazing eyes
For every minute of everyday
Equality shall rise!
Gender sensitivity to promote anti-violence against women.
©Ronnell Binueza

— The End —