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My eyes feel so heavy
But I can't seem to sleep
One, Two, Three, Four
I whisper, counting all the sheep

My body feels so drained
But still, it won't shut down
Yawn, stretch, inhale, exhale
Repeating with no sound

My mind feels so empty
But why can't I rest?
Falling, Falling, Falling, JUMP!
Nerves put to the test

My soul feels so restless
But I want to go to bed!
Thoughts, questions, things, people
Running through my head

Too many thoughts inside my head.
I just want to go to bed.
To the world
I am dead.
My creative mind is blistering with ideas, dreams and thoughts.
Don't you dare think another thought
Don't you dare say another word
Just hold still inside this madness
And forget what you have heard
Don't let anyone tell you what to do, think, say, wear, eat, listen too, read or love. Take a breath, and be yourself. You might actually be your favorite person.
First you will need
a couple baby toes
one by one
in you go
Then add the hair
of Rapunzel's despair
You stir and you stir
Quickly then, add the kitten fur
Mix in the chicken feet
But paint the toes first
Then add the ******
From a stolen lady's purse
Add cream of daisy
And ***** willow too
Then let it boil
For an hour or two
Once it is done
Scoop the foam off the top
Ingest ******, daily
Drop by drop
I never understood why
People say it's wrong
Why your kind and mine
Together, we don't belong
Because your a creature of night
And I'm a creature of day
Nocturnal shall I be
So forever yours will I stay
This was inspired by Vampires
Beauty and the beast
Their situation a bit thorny
Please, wait! don't go!
I promise this wont be corny!

This fairy tale is quite disturbing
The plot, quickly, you are learning
About a girl oh-so deserving
And a Beast quite unnerving

Bell, which translates to "beauty"
Had quite the unlucky dad
For he promised her a rose
But came back with empty hand

Now, during his return
He stumbles upon a castle
Where hospitality awaited him
So, who was he to hassle?

While unbuckling his belt
And unbuttoning his clothes
He noticed something beautiful
Something called a rose

The most beautiful one he wanted to pluck
But, instead, he should have ducked
Because the Beast, he had much better luck
And Bells father was forced to give her up

Bell willingly lived with the beast
Where every night there was a feast
There was no passion, to say the least
But their friendship would never cease

Bell eventually became homesick
But the beast had his ways
He said she could see her family
But had to return in 7 days

Before sending Bell on her way
The beast gave her 2 things
One an enchanted mirror
The other an enchanted ring

Use this mirror to see me
Whenever you want to be near
But turn this ring three times
And instantly you'll be here

Jealous of her well being
Bells sisters lead her astray
Wanting the Beast to grow angry
They beg of her to stay

After feeling so much guilt
Bell looks into the mirror
Not only to find the Beast half dead
She uses the ring to see it clearer

The Beast is lying on the ground
His breath is weak, he makes no sound
Belle can't believe what she had found
She Screamed "I love you Beast, I love you now!"

The tears struck the beast
And he transformed into a prince!
He tells her about the fairy
Who turned him into this

I've found my true love
The curse was finally broken from me
My dearest Bell, Darling
Your love has awoken me you see

I used to be angry
So my fate was then sealed
But with your love and your faith
Our true beauty was revealed

You see this story has a moral
In order to live Happily ever after
You must look beyond the growl
And begin to cherish the laughter
Inspired by The Disney Classic, Beauty and the Beast
Thy velvety pink lining has revolted against thy most honorable wishes.

'tis now an angry, burning red!

Much like the doomy pits of hell!

And hell is how one should describe thee.

But why? Why doth thy choose such a path?

could one have followed an alternate?

will thy destiny have changed?

Explosions as mighty as all the worlds volcanoes

oozing pain, thy knees tremble like an earthquake

One can no longer enjoy the purity of ones skin

One can no longer live carefree

If kept a secret, thy shall be no different than a murderer!

A soothing touch.

Although, the rain hath left no moisture.

The grounds crack and ache for a new rain to fall.

Thou shalt not ponder such occurrences...for will it come?

One has high hopes.

As high as the heavens.
My take on ****** Transmitted Diseases during the Shakespeare Era (1600's)
Your reality is altered

My imaginations wild

Together, a pair so faltered

But the efforts worth our while

A blink and then a nose rub

I shift my eyes, oh no

We both know who's lucky

And who's about to go

We smile then we grin now

As the roar of pain grows loud

The kissing over shouting

Is muffling the sounds

Washing all the blood off

They're beating on our door

You help me out the window

Just like we did before

Running, Gasping, Panting

But our grins are ear to ear

How could we get away again?

We're professionals with no fear

This game is far too easy

Were loosing interest now

Should we both confess sins

Exploit, I don't know how

Bars become our wallpaper

He's doing push-ups all in drag

She marked my arm with her name

But a better life, we've never had
Can you say Bonnie and Clyde?
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