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I'm just an aspiring writer who gets lost in a sea of words as I try to string them together to create something beautiful.
California    17 year old girl trying to find herself through pen and paper. Happy readings!
Just your average guy, who happens to love IEEE802.3 and poetry.. Haven't written for about five years now, I'll get back to it in time ...
A Thomas Hawkins
Canada    As a child I wrote poetry. As I got older, I got too “cool” for such things. At the age of 40 I finally got ...
Rochelle Angella Conner
Professional Amateur.
Alyson Lori Samson
I'm not who I thought I'd be.
Jon London
In memory of a much loved and respected poet Patrick' Paddy' Martin Among the vibrant shades Of floral displays An angel walks and calls his ...
Michelle E Alba
28/F/Oregon    I write as I breathe, without either I would cease to be.
I was born, Cursed to be a monster a wretched living dream, a metamorphosis of structure a changling stuck in being, the blood is spent ...
nowhere special    I'm not home.... leave a message

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