Raphael Galvan Jun 2017
Once upon a time
A childish boy full of tender and innocence
Loved his father like there was no tomorrow
He had everlasting joy because of his presence
And they played, danced, and sang without a sorrow

Until one day the father left without saying goodbye
And every promise he made became a lie
So the boy was forced to be a man and stood alone
Brave and strong in front but fragile and easily blown

Lost and shattered, he longed for a father
For it was just the boy's lifetime desire
unbeknownst to him, a Light was holding his hand all the time
And that Light mantled him even when he was covered in grime

His desire became a reality
He met the Father of all entity
So the old has gone and the new has come
A little boy no more, for he is Father's son

Then a prayer he made that his father to be saved
For the boy waits for him today so that someday he will be able to say,
"I love you just as He has loved you, Dad. Now and forever."
The end
My Father's Day gift to him and to Him
Raphael Galvan Jun 2017
A frightful spectacle. I was falling towards the bottom of the ocean and a despairing sight of pitch black surrounded me. I was losing hope but then I saw a multitude of starfish glowing radiantly. Then I realized, I was falling in the night sky and the starfish were stars. What seemed frightful turned into something beautiful.
Raphael Galvan Jun 2017
As the wind breezed into the meadow, it spoke, "I can't stay here forever. I have to keep moving forward. This is how I exist. This is who I am."
Raphael Galvan Jun 2017
It started of as a dream
That became a reality
Arrived at our destination
And experienced hospitality

Culture was way different
Yet extremely fascinating
Learning things everyday
It felt really amazing

Wonderful people we met
That became our family
Just like a wondrous comet
That appears occasionally

As September ends today
Good memories were made
Remembering our last day
In our hearts will never fade

Ready to go, we see the sun ablaze
And realized, it has already been ten days.
My Ten Days trip at Medan, Indonesia. Love the country, love the city, love the culture. Such a wondrous world.
Raphael Galvan Jun 2017
I was chosen to be the Moon
And you were named as the Sun
Different yet radiant our time will come soon
That our story to intertwine will miraculously begun

— The End —