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Prophecy Jul 2017
It's raining outside,
My somnolent soul rejoice all of a sudden,
Enchanted with the pitter-patter ignoring each painful burden.
Mother nature is embellishing like a bride.
Beloved,it's raining outside.
Rain lover#Pluviophile
  Apr 2016 Prophecy
Here am I love
discovering that distance
caught attention of lust
and if our moment infinite
only her eyes I trust.

She was meant for me.
Desire exponentially
grows into a sunflower
where beauty meets its destiny.
Eden in her garden
Aphrodite laying next to me
can’t ignore the Goddess
now ingrained into my memory.

Am I obsessive?
Or were we meant to meet
and become each others possessions.

I need her kiss to now remove the doubt
She needs my lips to end her draught
together lose our sanity
and love each other right amounts.

Overdue this love has been
despite my patience growing thin
I crave for touch of hers on skin
the one who taught me how to love again.
Prophecy Feb 2016
I wanna lose my self in the subdued wood,
where my emotion Oblivions to back to me
I wanna my delightful days of childhood
when my imagination ,with wings of dream flies free.
I wannabe the first ray of sun on the mountain ,icecrowned
to illuminate fuliginous frozen soul
I want to plunge into blue of ocean and to found
the inestimable pearl of smile as a whole
I ,Me ,myself
  Nov 2015 Prophecy
alebastard jones
of the darkest shade of blue,

thy name is you.

of which I can not contain

my oasis from my pain.

Not all stories..
Have a happy ending

"Love" she says,
"Is not worth pretending"

Is not for the faint of heart

Is needed for a fresh start,

Everyday I wake,
I wish I was dead.

I keep my head up and fight instead,

My children
My world, my muse, my flame.

If I give up now ,
I will bring them shame

Daddy is broken,
But is held with glue.

Daddy would be dead if it wasn't for you.

Cuz daddy's worst nightmare has just come true

Mommy told daddy,
"I don't love you"

But take my own life?
I just can not do

Cause that means daddy has gave up on you.

I'll be there through everything,
Thick and thin.

Wipe away my tears and lift up my chin.

Just because we can't be a family

Does not mean you can grow up without me.

For you i will fight,
Keep digging deeper.

"One day we all dance with the grim reaper"
Please don't ever leave,

we've suffered enough grieve and you're all I will ever need.
Useless numbers mean nothing, they've only caused us to suffer,
let's protect each other and correct each other till the very end
we wont ever have to reach another dead end.
  May 2015 Prophecy
If you love someone
You never want to let them go
If you love someone
You’re not afraid to let it show
If you love someone
You’ll cherish the day you both met
If you love someone
You’ll never let them forget
If that someone loves you
Don’t let them go
Be true from your heart
Or they may never know
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