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Sep 2014
Little hands explore the world with fresh eyes.
They don't know language or how to count, but these hands are utterly fascinated.

Little hands are wrapped around her fathers pinky,
being directed around the world.
They don't know what pain or suffering is, but these hands want to feel everything.

Little hands trace the path of a raindrop down the car window.
Webs of the tears from above cry against her absentminded fingers.
They don't know a broken heart or the meaning of forever, but these hands are determined to believe.

Little hands are now veined and strong.
Little hands have been through hell and back.
Little hands pushed the monsters away.

Little hands have a mind of its own.

These little hands aren't so little anymore.
Want to be little again?
Written by
     ryn, Juneau, Lexi Dvorak, Antonio, --- and 6 others
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