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Mar 2021
Blood is thicker than water,
So I had no reason to cry over you any longer.
Simple and rather straightforward excerpt regarding how no matter how many fake friends (especially given this last year) had left, scammed, betrayed and hurt me or even how previous breakups have affected me, my family was always there in the end to help me recover and keep on trying once again.
I often struggle with being cynical and never seeking-fearing even- any outside relationship, friend or romantic, due to the fact of life that in the end, everyone always leaves or may hurt you-
But family, especially my mom, has always reminded me why it's always worth seeking and hoping for again and again and that absolutely no one is worth crying rivers over forever, especially if they never had for you. As well as knowing there are many others out there who are much more important and worthy to give your emotions and energy to, in my case, it is my family.
Take it as you will though. :)
Written by
V  25/F/CO
     Micrography-Mike D, Joey, --- and Joe Quaale
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