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Noone Nov 2023
5416 m, 53 amitone-50, 5023 cigarette butts, 585 days!!!!!
And now I am done!!!
I am over you!!!!
Noone Sep 2023
How sad is it that you are trying to find me in her!!!!
How sad is it that she is trying to embed me in her!!!!
When two people who are not supposed to be together are together....
Noone Sep 2023
You used to call me your "moon"
And you were the center of my universe
My beloved, my Sun...
But little did I knew
Your sky had more than one moon...

*******, B
Do you remember the Sun I used to hang on my window?
It was the symbolic You for me...
It made me feel you were always near
Always by my side..
And whenever I got mad,
I used to take it off my window..
And how much that would bother you!!!!
You would frown and then get a little sad
A little more sad ..
And it would take me that much to put it back again...
But now that you're gone, I have kept it aside
Though of disposing it a lot
I haven't had the courage to do it just yet
The sad thing is you are trying so hard to distort what was ours
And make it new
Look at that windchime hanging on your window
It has the sun , it has the moon
But no I know that the moon is not me anymore
Noone Sep 2023
I don't know if it was easy for you to move on
If it was easy for you to just replace me
I see you have managed to duplicate me
I see you doing all those that we used to to
"Sandwich and Donuts" were our thing
I see you doing that with her now
And I don't know what I should feel
How I should feel?!
She is trying to be everything she is not
What is the necessity though?
Can't you just love her for what she is?
Can't you not try to convert her into me?
You know that it is impossible
Just like us...
Noone Aug 2023
" I will never love anything ever again.."
What was this sentence supposed to make me feel? Happy? Sad? Angry? Disappointed? Loved? Betrayed?
Our last conversation
Noone Apr 2023
I want to **** something inside of me
Maybe it's the love I still have for you
I don't know what to do with it anymore
I could give it to somebody else
But it has your name in it and it is tainted
  Nov 2022 Noone
ok okay
Sometimes I find it hard to speak
As if the words had left my mind
Lost in a gaze
While our eyes meet
All I want is to hold your hand
And kiss you on your cheek
Sometimes this world is cruel and mean
It makes it hard to dream
But when I see you from afar
I remember what life means
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