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Apr 2018
This fire inside,
Burns deep within my soul.
It leaves ashes behind,
Of the love we once knew.
The memories that once were,
Fade like a dream..
As if it had never happened...
Just like you never existed.

But you were once here.
I laid in your arms,
Kissed those lips,
And fell for your heart.
What is left is not enough,
I'll keep begging for more.

I know there's no use,
You'll never return.
My soul will keep searching,
Missing the other half that was you.
Wishing you'd have stayed,
Or loved me once more.

I can't remember you're face,
Can't picture your smile.
Imagine your kisses,
Or remember your laughter.

You walked away much sooner
Than you came,
I don't blame you at all.
Next time I think of you,
I'll just see stars.

Your face is fading,
Your hold on my heart too,
However, my love for you burns on,
Even as ash hits the floor.
The ash eventually piles up,
Comes together as one.
Builds itself up, and return once more.

I loved you once,
And still continue to do.
But I'll continue to burn,
If I get to close to you.
The fire will live,
Like a somber candlelight.
As long as I don't feel or touch
Everything will be alright.
Anna Martinez Villicana
Written by
Anna Martinez Villicana  23/F
     Ceida Uilyc, 𝔞, Carly, Latina1813, Patty P and 5 others
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