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Feb 2018
This is the part where I close my eyes,
And pretend that I do not exist,
But I still hear doubts in my head,
I can feel my stomach start to twist.

I'm waiting, wishing, listening close,
For an answer, nobody is there,
Instead the silence screams away,
Reassuring me the world doesn't care.

I am only an insignificant speck,
Nothing more than blood and skin,
It's useless to waste anymore time,
Hoping for something better to begin.

Everybody is able to make the choice,
To live their life right or wrong,
The consequences that follow,
Either break us apart or make us strong.

There's so many paths to choose,
Roads winding in every direction,
Everyone else is well on their way,
I'm stuck back at the intersection.

I'm surrounded by high expectations,
I can't ever get away,
There's few places I can go and hide,
Where they can't catch up for a day.

I aim to be the person you need, but
I also want to stay true to myself,
The greater the height you try to set me,
The further I'll fall from your shelf.

You keep pushing for perfection,
I can't change who I am inside,
I could work my hardest to please you,
But neither of us will be satisfied.
Written on 8/2/11
To my mother but really could be about anything. Constructive criticism is always helpful.
Written by
Amanda  23/F/Alaska
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