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Within a small, countryside, two-bedroom house,
It's my ex-lover and I laying on her mother's living room couch,
There, seeing with drool running from her mouth,
I know, it's without a doubt, only because she's high as a cloud,

Though, in the midst of watching her nod in and out,
I begin to realize how much I love this woman right now–
Knowing her life could end any second with this route she persists to go down,

And albeit, a needle in her arm may be all she cares about now,
But still, I remember a time when our love was the greatest in town,
As it feels like it was just yesterday we were going to buy our own two-bedroom house,

But now, I don't know what to do,
As I check her pulse–
Realizing those dreams likely will never come true,
Because with her barely alive now,
A future with her only feels of gloom,

Yet, I thank the Lord for her and pray her life doesn't end in doom,
For at one time this woman was my best friend–
The one I told everything to–
The woman that I tried to give my life to,

Yet, with a tear, then two falling from my eyes,
I tell her "I love you"

Though I hear not a reply,
But still know she loves me too,
Because it's still her–
Just the drug inside of her tells her what to do,
For she means no harm and only wants to live again as normal people do,

Though, the reality within this room,
Is we no longer have space to grow,
But this woman–
I just may never be able to let go,
Because I'm afraid if I do–
If I let her go–
The drug will take her life with her next overdose,

And in this second,
As my thoughts ravage at my soul,
I wipe her drool away and pull her close,
Begin to pray–
Hoping one day she lets this drug go,

But until then,
We'll stay together in this hell with not a way to go–
Holding onto each other and the memories of yesterday's hope
She's beautiful,
And it shows,
But her beauty I love most,
Not in her petals,
But where the roots grow
I wrote a letter,
And called her earlier this afternoon,

With so much building pressure,
I dread what I'm about to do,

Yet, I know she deserves better,
And that's something I can't dispute,

Because no matter how long we're together,
I know she'll never be you
With candles lit,
and with the
of slow dripping sweat
down every
of your
my hands form a grip
as I slowly caress–
where I find
every bit of you
is soaking
from your breast
that I *****
to your oceans
that's left my world
in a wreck,
I float away
within all of your winding curves–
till I find the bending edges
of your riverbed,
as it's under
this ambient light,
our fingers interlock
with not a word
to be said
and we find ourselves lost
where the waters cross
and our emotions
as I'm found somewhere
between your oceans,
and the sweat upon
your silhouette
Words were merely words--
And only that to me,
Until she became the words--
The words to my poetry
Under any light,
I find art within her eyes,
As like stars found in the night's sky,
She's a masterpiece no darkness can hide
Bryan Lunsford Dec 2018
It's that song you used to always play–
Playing, softly, under our words in your old driveway,

I knew you were hurt, and I didn't know what to say,
Though, I vowed I was going to love you the right way,

Time goes by, but some things never change,
As it never mattered, where you were was my favorite place,

You were perfect for me, and I wish you would've stayed,
Though you moved back home–over a thousand miles away,

It may hurt, and this pain might never go away,
Though, I listen to that song, softly, on replay–

Replaying alone, as with this night that's gone astray,
I cry, here, parked in your old driveway
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